Testing for Covid-19: Good News for Senior Living!

In the October 2, 2020 Wall Street Journal there was a very enlightening and encouraging article written by a professor of economics from Boston University and a professor of epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health that explained how Cornell University got Covid under control. By conducting intensive testing, they drove the positive cases per week from 60 to 3. They suggest that frequent testing at home which produces a digital passport for those testing negative could quickly allow life to return to normal. Senior living is home for seniors. Imagine tests done every 3 days on every staff member, every resident, and tests for every visitor. And now that all appears to be becoming possible as the White House announced the shipment of 150 Million test kits being shipped to skilled nursing and assisted living communities in the coming weeks. The test produces results on the spot in minutes. It may be time to adopt the “thermostat” approach being used at the Harvard Business School. Every student, teacher and staff member are tested twice a week. And they let the students and staff decide what they will do… stay home and use Zoom or show up in person. If the Dean believes there is an outbreak in process, he asks people to stay away. Everyone adjusts the thermostat for their own circumstances. It has been working for months so life continues. Senior Living Operators should seriously consider changing to this model as soon as they get the new test kits.
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