Over the period of 2005 through 2015 Senior Living returned an average of 14.7%... superior to all other property types.  



We start with the mindset that with proper diligence and years of continuous hard work an operator of senior living communities can earn better than average returns.   We start with the basics:   

  • Management looks for a win for investors, employees and residents in the choices they make.
  • Systems are used to drive the business. 
  • Continuous improvement is part of the culture. 


  • Over the past 14 years we have been involved in helping hundreds of sites increase service revenues by over $100/resident per month.
  • Introduced the use of call centers to increase tours by over 30%. 
  • As part of investing teams have helped poorly performing communities drive census to 97%+ while producing better than 20% returns for investors.


Doug Fullaway is the President and CEO of FourteenPlus..   He previously was CEO of Vigilan, a software provider for assisted living and Vice President of Business Development for Senior Living for RealPage, Inc.    He earned a BS in Industrial Engineering from Oregon State University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.   Snow skier, pilot and fly fisherman.

Doug Fullaway

Mr. Fullaway was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon and grew up in the Northwest.   He graduated with Honors from Oregon State University with a degree in industrial engineering. He graduated first of 267 officers from the U.S. Marine Corps Officers Basic School and spent 4 years as an infantry officer and a legal officer before earning an MBA from the Harvard Business School.   He spent 4 years working in distribution operations and manufacturing with Tektronix, a test and measurement company. He than joined a startup with 16 employees, Mentor Graphics where he spent 10 years with positions as European Operations Manager(the Netherlands), Managing Director of the Pacific Rim (Singapore) and in various corporate marketing roles.  

He helped turnaround an electronics and software development tools company, Applied Microsystems, as the VP of Worldwide Sales. He spent 2 years as the CEO of a networking company, Flatrock successfully raising $5.7M and acquiring several Fortune 50 companies as customers.   In late 2002 he joined Vigilan, a struggling company providing software to assisted living communities. He became the CEO and helped grow this company over the next 10 years to be the leading US supplier of software for assisted living. When Vigilan was sold to RealPage in 2012 Mr. Fullaway became the VP of Senior Living Business Development.   In February 2016 Doug left RealPage to start FourteenPlus, LLC.   Mr. Fullaway snow skis, is a passionate fly fisherman and flies when he is not working.