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Having a built-in gun or ranged weapon combined with some other type of weapon. Ranged weapons shoot damaging projectiles at targets from a distance. 612. On the newer, second site (RollForFantasy.com), Wait, there's even more! 10 new random names. This is a list of historical pre-modern weapons grouped according to their uses, with rough classes set aside for very similar weapons. Many names will also fit normal magic weapons, like staves or wands. Generally, convex blades used for heavy chopping or slashing. The total number of unique weapons in Terraria is Wielded with one or two hands at close quarters with swinging motions. ©2018 PUBG Corporation. The rankings are based on a weapon's situational versatility, stats, and characteristics among others. Weapons are essential items used for combat against enemies, bosses, critters, and even other players during PvP games. Wikis. All data displayed is of the base values from the source code (no modifiers, accessories, or buffs in effect). Col. D.H. Gordon's classification has been used where applicable. The weaponsin theCounter-Strike seriesform the basic framework for the games' combat gameplay. (RollForFantasy.com), I'm planting trees with my site. All data displayed is of the base values from the source code (no modifiers, accessories, or buffs in effect). Weapons are items which can be used to damage NPCs and players. Terraria Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Also used to rush an opponent (known as shield bashing). The following is a list of Wikipedia articles of the types of weapons that were in use during the post-classical historical period (roughly between the mid 1st to mid 2nd millennia AD). Use this as a reference when gathering your gear. The damage is the base damage used by the game, however, the damage might be reduced by the type of the target or other factors, like the players clothing or skills. Planted so far: 60130 This page was last edited on 23 September 2020, at 23:08. Melee weapons also have two types of attack: the first is a normal attack which costs no stamina, while the second is a power attack which typically costs stamina and does double damage. Weapons in the Repair group are Civilian weapons which can be used to repair vehicles. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. All could be used as polearm spears, but were designed and primarily used for throwing. combat weapons. Ranged weapons can be augmented with up to three types of attachments: barrels, sights, and tacticals. Each weapon varies in damage, effective range, recoil, attachment compatibility, as well as ammunition types and compatibility. Weapons in the Lumberjack group are Civilian weapons which can be used to harvest Logs, Sticks, and Branches from Trees. Primarily for melee with sweeping, thrusting, and or hooking motions. As the major categories of melee weapons and ranged weapons are not completely comparable sharing at least somewhat different methods of use, and because certain information for one type is inapplicable for the other, a separate table is given for each.

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