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(Somente webpack) Se você estiver definindo o ponto de interrupção em um TypeScript de arquivo JSX (em vez de um arquivo JavaScript transcompilado), precisará atualizar sua configuração do webpack. Para o código do lado do cliente, para atingir um ponto de interrupção em um arquivo TypeScript.

Switch to Visual Studio and then set a breakpoint in your source code, which might be a JavaScript file, TypeScript file, or a JSX file. First things first, I need a task. ), (Set the breakpoint in a line of code that allows breakpoints, such as a return statement or a var declaration. Node will then expose a port on the local machine, by default port 5858, that editors can attach to. You can use these tools to examine the DOM and interact with the app using the JavaScript Console. Para obter detalhes, confira Notas sobre a versão.For details, see the Release Notes.

Visual Studio provides client-side debugging support for Chrome and Internet Explorer only. Browser extensions may be running and preventing full debug mode. If you want to learn more about how this works, here are two good references: sourcesContent: This field might be empty, but one thing you can do is include the entire source within the sourcemap. )(Browser extensions may be running and preventing full debug mode, so you may need to open Task Manager to find unexpected instances of Chrome.). Selecione o processo de navegador com a porta de host correta (localhost neste exemplo) e selecione anexar.Select the browser process with the correct host port (localhost in this example), and select Attach. Exemplos de Páginas 404 Criativas – Não Encontrado. While they are also applicable to both client-side & server-side projects, I’m also focusing primarily on the Node.js scenarios: authoring TypeScript to be transpiled to JavaScript and executed by Node.js. "debug": "nodemon --config nodemon-debug.json" Then in the VS Code, hit F1 > search for Debug: Toggle Auto Attach. A breakpoint indicates where Visual Studio should suspend your running code so you can take a look at the values of variables, or the behavior of memory, or whether or not a branch of code is getting run.

You know the debugger has attached correctly when the DOM Explorer and the JavaScript Console open in Visual Studio. Um mapa de origem deve ser configurado corretamente para dar suporte à depuração no Visual Studio.

The other case is, regardless if it is a client/server-side application, you might transpile from one language such as TypeScript, CoffeeScript or ES6 to another form of JavaScript (ES5). You need to understand what sourcemaps are and why you should care about them.

This is often required if your source is minified or created by a transpiler like TypeScript or Babel. At the bottom of the generated JavaScript file, you’ll see a code comment with a sourceMappingURL= reference.

Você pode fazer isso manualmente no arquivo do mapa de origem (que é útil para teste) ou por meio de uma configuração de compilação personalizada.You can do this manually in the source map file (which is helpful for testing) or through a custom build configuration. Se você criou uma configuração de navegador com um nome amigável, escolha-a como seu destino de depuração.If you created a browser configuration with a friendly name, choose that as your debug target.

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