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Leach with "96 Tears" fan Dolly Parton. That got him backstage in August 1966 along with writers from both the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News. The website also has different menus depending on the person’s interest. She confessed that “96 Tears” held a special place in her heart because the first time Dolly and her husband made love, they had it playing on the record player. In addition, his interest in rock and roll was heightened by listening to Saginaw’s top AM radio stations and DJs; WSAM with Ken Clark and WKNX, featuring Bob Dyer. 206 likes. Leach had his camera, notebook, and tape recorder for his big interview and was just starting up the steps of the Lisa Marie when a bag of Big Macs flew over his head. The website has a chic design with several celebrities such as Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars making up the cover page. Those words were an inspiration to him during his adventures in Michigan rock and roll, and they continue to play an important role in his life and career today. Leach was hooked on rock and roll from that point on, especially after seeing Presley perform a few months later on the Ed Sullivan Show. They were supposed to send him a press card with the title ‘Central Michigan University’ - the campus he was assigned to cover. Blondie half-jokingly mentioned a segment where Sharrow, the show's producer, could be a human pinata. Currently, the class B radio station is owned by Acadia Broadcasting. He also felt that Danny Parsons was a good singer and his nephew Art was a solid bass player. Jim also has a photo of he and Dolly Parton taken after someone told her he was involved with “96 Tears”.

The single was issued as by ‘The Slush’ because the band now thought Cherry Slush was a ‘bubblegum’ name. Question Mark) at Saginaw High where Martinez was one grade ahead of him. It's of me doing )Question Mark & The Mysterians and The Cherry Slush. He set up a publishing company, Beowulf Music; then he and Brian Bennett from the Cherry Slush put together a second company called Brian James Music. Shortly after recording “I Cannot Stop You”, the band changed their name from the Bells Of Rhymny to the Cherry Slush after stopping at a dairy in Rose City and seeing a sign on the wall advertising a ‘cherry slush’ as the special of the day. Leach said The Mysterians went with Cameo-Parkway because they had an orange label, and orange was Question Mark’s favorite color.

It ran in the Saginaw News and some of the other papers that Booth owned in Michigan. and the Mysterians. Although Leach was basically a glorified go-fer, he traveled a good deal with the governor. Toons Around The World: Halas & Batchelor, The Story of Disney’s “Lonesome Ghosts” (1937), Supervised By Fred Avery: Tex Avery's Warner Brothers Cartoons. watch 04:10. Chivalry also put out 45’s by bands such as A.C.T., Karizma, and the John Brown Band. Leach started to do some publicity and promotion for the band. Both songs were produced by Leach and recorded with Dave Kalmbach at the Great Lakes Recording Studio in Sparta, Michigan. Jim did the actual management – doing the legwork, meeting the booking agents, and arranging the recording sessions. He stumbled into the Jimmy Hollywood gig while he was writing a syndicated column for the Booth Newspapers about Tinsletown news and gossip called Hollywords. These include Bonehead of the Day between 6 and 9, The Morning Show with Richard McCarthy, the Classic Hit List from 2 to 6 on Saturday afternoons and Totally Awesome 80’s with Kent Jones. When Woodward later enrolled in college, his replacement was Brian Bennett.Billboard press card.

Leach was the youngest of three children; and he went to elementary school, played Little League baseball, and attended Bridgeport Junior High through 9th grade. While Bogart was in Michigan, he was tipped off by Question Mark to some of the other talented artists in the state, and he signed Terry Knight & The Pack, The Rationals, and Bob Seger & the Last Heard to Cameo-Parkway. He had two minors, speech and political science, that were a good match with his journalism major. He played records and the two-hour program featured teen reporters who came on to talk about upcoming events at their respective high schools. Needed: * Physical appearance. Leach was assigned to play dinner music on the station – mostly classical or instrumental artists like Percy Faith and Hugo Montenegro.

U.S.A. was a young label who had already enjoyed some big hits with the Buckinghams, and the company seemed like they would be the best choice to push the song. Unfortunately, their version of “Birthday” was beat out by the Underground Sunshine, whose cover of the song reached # 26 on the Hot 100 after it was pushed by Dick Clark on American Bandstand. He returned to Michigan for about a year to run Pete Hauffe’s campaign for judge. Martinez had always into music, and as soon as Jim heard the recording of “96 Tears” made at the Schiell Studio in Bay City, he knew the song had commercial potential. One day while they were sitting around the pool, his mother asked Leach to bring her some tea. Their twitter page has roughly one thousand one hundred followers.

and the Mysterians following an unfortunate event that tarnished the reputation of the band.

He had stopped at the park to use the restroom. Leach gives full credit to his mother for the rebirth of the Jimmy Hollywood name. When the record showed signs of becoming a national hit, the Cherry Slush signed with U.S.A. Records in Chicago.

Even though there were numerous red flags, Leach and the Cherry Slush went ahead and signed with U.S.A. and “I Cannot Stop You” was distributed nationally.

When Fiddler came on the radio, Leach used to go and sit with his mother, Dorothy, and listen to the show. Leach with Gov. The menus include sections for News, Obituaries, Classifieds, Weather, Events, a Business Directory and means to contact them. They lived in a house on S. Jefferson on the city’s east side, and Jim attended Saginaw High School. Jimmy Hollywood has six children—three boys and three girls—and two of the youngsters, a boy and a girl, are already in pictures. He first saw them perform at Daniel’s Den in Saginaw and was impressed with their potential. Jim was then led back to the dressing room and was introduced to each of the Fab Four. McKenzie was a fan of Leach’s column, and floated an idea for Jim to call the station once a week and talk about Hollywood news. After Cameo-Parkway went out of business, Bogart made a fortune with his own Casablanca label in the 70’s featuring multi-platinum artists like the rock band KISS, and pop/disco artists including Donna Summer, the Village People, Giorgio Moroder, and Cher. Jimmy Hollywood) 2014.

After his parents divorced, Leach moved to Saginaw with his mother.

Leach got to do a little DJ work for the first hour and then Clark would appear on-air for two hours and Jim would serve as his go-fer. The film was eventually written and directed by Barry Levinson and released in theatres in 1994.Jimmy Hollywood and Hugh Hefner. and the Mysterians to Tiger Beat and other teen magazines in New York when he learned that a prominent band member had made the national wire services after getting caught sniffing glue in a roadside park between Saginaw and Bay City. He first became interested in rock and roll music in Bridgeport in 1956 while his father, Eddie, and older brother, Jerry, were building the family home. McKenzie’s dream was to move out to L.A., but once there he was having trouble finding a gig. If he quit teaching, he would most likely get drafted; but if he stayed, he could no longer be associated with the band. Sparks flew, however, when lead singer Danny Parsons dedicated the song to Frank Patrick while onstage at Band Canyon. Photos of George Harrison and John Lennon taken by Leach in Detroit. reissue from October 11, 1947. The fact that he worked with bands also increased his ‘cool quotient’ among the students. which i... States of Hidalgo and Coahuila announce electronic ballots and COVID protection measures for upcoming elections. Although it took Leach and McKenzie nine months before they sold their very first show, James St. James Hollywood is now syndicated all over North America.

and the Tiger”, the lady was going in to a hypnotic trance as she entered Gray. This eventually led to him doing a Saturday afternoon show called 1400 Teen Street. Jimmy (Hollywood Knights!) All rights reserved. Gender. McKenzie had a club in Essexville, Michigan called Unkle Dunkle’s, and later took over the Stein Haus after Leach moved back to California.

The magazine told him to keep a file on the bands and the music being produced in the area. The song was co-written and produced by Leach, and it was recorded at United Sound in Detroit with some of the members of Johnnie Taylor’s band. Leach loved the music and covered any artist who came into the area. Vital Statistics. Leach met the Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, who invited him to take photographs. Leach returned to California in 1980 and has been there ever since. As a result, Jeff Katz and Jerry Kasenetz of Super K Productions were interested in the record along with several other companies. Shortly thereafter, Leach started his own Chivalry Records label. Besides investing his time and name in the band, Leach did most of the driving – since none of the band members had a driver’s license yet. The rebroadcasters were added in 1980. They were paid 50% of a regular teacher’s pay the first year and it went up to 75% the second semester that you taught. I also want to note the debut of my independent NSFW adult, Adult, ADULT

The venue’s manager pulled the plugs and kicked the band off the stage in the middle of their set.

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