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HootSuite Media. Hands down the only Twitter plugin I'd trust to babysit my kids, If this plugin was an ice-cream it would be my favorite flavor. Uncovering and explaining how our digital world is changing — and changing us. (July 10, 2011), "Plume (Touiteur)." Facebook, at least, does some automatic labeling of posts that appear to be about voting information, pointing readers to vetted sources. While Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube might remove a post if it could cause physical harm or interfere in an election, the platforms generally don’t ban misinformation itself. January 23, 2010. It’s important to remember that Facebook in 2018 shifted its algorithm to prioritize posts from friends and family over public content in the News Feed, which means that if you don’t adjust your settings, a conspiracy-curious Facebook post from your mom might get higher placement in your feed than a reported-out story posted by the Associated Press Facebook page. Furthermore, even when the social media platform is having an outage, your feed keeps working because of our smart backup system. Head to Twitter and make sure you’ve got the username right. And, of course, you can unfollow or block pages if you spot them sharing misinformation. Preparing for misinformation might mean decluttering your feed, or making some … This Plugin is the best I have tried. (July 11, 2011), "TweetDeck." Plenty of outlets have written guides to spotting misinformation on your feeds — some great resources are available at The Verge,, and the Toronto Public Library. Smash Balloon is the perfect WordPress social media feeds plugin for YOU. If you’re in a group that keeps posting misinformation, consider leaving that group. If you want to get ahead on fact-checking, you might consider following fact-checking organizations directly, ensuring their fact-checks are in your feed. That may strengthen wrong beliefs. By signing up via email or social account, you agree to our, How to Add a WordPress Social Media Plugin to Your Website with Juicer, 6 Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress, 2 Simple Ways to Embed a Twitter Widget on Your Website, Embed Facebook Feed: The Easy Way to Add Facebook To Your Website, How to Embed Instagram Feeds on Your Website, YouTube Widget Adds Video to Your Website Fast, How Your College Can Use Social Media to Elevate Your Marketing Strategies, Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Dental Practices, How To Integrate A Live Social Wall Into Your Marketing Campaign, How to Evolve an In-Person Event Into a Successful Online Event. vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, obscure sites into the mainstream discourse, Princeton political science professor Andy Guess, a list of news or journalism organizations, for state- and government-affiliated media sources. Best part is that your website stays, blazing fast! Moderate and change your feed through the Juicer dashboard. You can even display feeds from multiple social accounts, facebook groups, etc. February 7, 2011. Millions rely on Vox’s explainers to understand an increasingly chaotic world. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This helps us minimize the number of API requests, so your website is always fast. May 6, 2010. (July 10, 2011), "Twozaic." This billionaire built a big-money machine to oust Trump. (July 10, 2011), "Echofon." Why does my Web browser display some book-marked sites with a custom icon? (July 10, 2011), "Twidroyd." One of the first things any Facebook user can do is set your account to prioritize 30 reputable sources — meaning trusted news organizations and fact-checking outlets — in your News Feed. (January 10, 2011), "Manage Flitter." However, there are other sources out there that may dispute some of the facts and dispute some of the stuff that you’re talking about.”. (July 11, 2011), "SocialOomph." We're focused on building for the long haul, and to us that means making decisions that are win-win: good for our customers and good for us. Fact-checkers can’t easily find content that’s shared in private groups and messages, and the tools fact-checkers have to flag misinformation are limited. Sometimes, the company will choose to elevate content from specific fact-checkers or news organizations that refutes a trending but false narrative. All Twitter. The Custom Twitter Feeds WordPress plugin has been created from the ground-up with mobile devices in mind, so that it's touch screen ready and looks great on any screen size and any device. Naan Studio. (July 11, 2011), Dickison, Stephanie. One way that Twitter makes controlling who you follow easier is through Lists, which are “curated groups” of accounts, like a list of news or journalism organizations. Ubermedia. The easy feed setup process just requires you to login into your social media account and the plugin will do the rest. Display customizable Facebook Feeds in WordPress, Display customizable Instagram Feeds in WordPress, Display customizable Twitter Feeds in WordPress, Display customizable YouTube Feeds in WordPress, Get the All-Access Bundle to use on Unlimited Sites for only $598 $299 (July 11, 2011), "Twizzler, the Jailbreak Answer to your Twitter QuickBar Blues." "Birdsong." Our custom social media feeds are 100% mobile responsive and look beautiful right out of the box because we automatically adapt your WordPress theme fonts and styles. March 5, 2011. Repetition also makes us more likely to believe something is true. Become an advertiser. ZD Net. Next, head to We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. 6 Social Media Feed Plugins for WordPress; 2 Simple Ways to Embed a Twitter Widget on Your Website; Embed Facebook Feed: The Easy Way to Add Facebook To Your Website; How to Embed Instagram Feeds on Your Website; YouTube Widget Adds Video to Your Website Fast; How Your College Can Use Social Media to Elevate Your Marketing Strategies (July 9, 2011), Kendrick, James. January 2011. Those sources have particular motives of their own and can skew events in a particular way. Quick and Dirty Tips. Twitter Cards help you richly represent your content on Twitter. (July 10, 2011), Know Your Mobile. “[I]f it contains a claim that it has a secret, the media, the government, big business, whatever doesn’t want you to know about and that they’re the only one who has access to this information, that is a big red flag.”. Zooble. That might show you that you’re in a group where such misinformation is posted, or if your frequent commenting on a particular account is boosting its presence in your feed. 2011. Next up is Twitter. March 5, 2011. SocialOomph. SocialScope. (July 11, 2011), Lai, Richard. Tripwire Magazine. But here’s some good news: Most people aren’t seeing outright misinformation on their feeds on a regular basis, which means that the best use for this guidance may be sending it to a loved one. 2010. The only plugin that could beat Chuck Norris in a street fight! 2011. "Top 5 Twitter apps for Windows Phone 7." Colleges and universities are no exception. SMedio. Over a … (July 9, 2011), Sherman, Aliza. That also means clicking through an article — and looking for evidence — before actually sharing it. It’s essential that all Americans are able to access clear, concise information on what the outcome of the election could mean for their lives, and the lives of their families and communities.

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