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Membership management for nonprofits. We’re onboarding PTA units into the electronic membership system TOTEM every day. All TOTEM websites are encrypted with HTTPS security which you should verify in your browser address bar. Or, get ready for next year by connecting to TOTEM and get your electronic membership link to add to your website, social media and newsletters to make joining and renewing PTA membership fast and easy.Click HERE for to download Frequently Asked Questions about TOTEM, For more information on Electronic Membership click HERE, 555 Franklin Street, Room 203-D, San Francisco, CA 94102, ©2019 Second District of the California State PTA, PTA and PTSA Schools in San Francisco (as of July 2020), 4-1-1 Wednesdays with the Second District PTA, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Resources. For more information, visit Leadership changes are coming soon. If you are loooking for an easy way to increase your unit’s membership, watch the video below to see how TOTEM works and vist the CA State Website to sign up. Johnson Magnet PTSA TOTEM, Lindbergh-Schweitzer PTA Lindbergh-Schweitzer PTA Facebook Page, Marston Middle PTSA Marston Middle PTSA Facebook Page, Mason PTA Mason Elementary PTA Facebook Page Mason PTA TOTEM, Roosevelt IB PTSA Roosevelt IB PTSA Facebook Page, Salk PTA Jonas Salk PTA Facebook Page Jonas Salk PTA Online, Sherman Academy PTA Sherman Academy PTA Online, Spreckels PTA Spreckels PTA Facebook Page, Toler PTA Toler PTA Facebook Page Toler PTA Online, University City High PTSA University City High PTSA Facebook Page University City High PTSA Online, Wangenheim Middle PTSA Wangenheim Middle PTSA Facebook Page, 2375 Congress Street Bungalow 7 San Diego, CA 92110 Phone: (619) 297-7821 email:, Office Hours: Monday: 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Tuesday: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Wednesday: 12 – 6 p.m. Thursday: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Friday: 9 a.m. – 11 a.m by appointment. Horton Elementary Facebook Page, Hearst PTA The system allows for automatic membership renewals on July 1 and many other features. *If your school isn’t on the list above, please visit its website or Facebook page to find out how to become a PTA member. Can a member sign up for multiple memberships with a single checkout? 15: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, Proposition 16: Repeal Proposition 209 – Restore Affirmative Action, Tips for Parents of Students with Special Needs, Parents' Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts, COVID-19 Resources for Parents, Families and Educators, Resource Library Frequently Asked Questions, Get Ready for Summer with Electronic Membership,, Send out a designated email about PTA membership to your whole school community. Jones Elementary PTA Facebook Page Don’t forget – June 1 is the deadline to upload your new PTA leaders. What are the steps PTA leaders will complete to connect and verify a bank account? TOTEM makes joining and renewing PTA membership easier for parents, families and community members. Jones PTA TOTEM, Johnson Magnet PTSA Facebook Page Join the PTA. Membership campaigns will be able to utilize social media to increase awareness and membership. JOIN PTSA. PTA is the largest volunteer organization dedicated to improving the welfare of all children and youth. No task is too big or too small for PTA leaders -- we do it all, Apparel, office items, awards - and now HSA's - all in one online store, While we have a whole range programs and events, they all have a single mission at heart, Making a difference for children and families, For your child, for your school -- join PTA, Start making a difference by starting a PTA. MailChimp). Click the red link to visit your school’s TOTEM registration page. Local PTA leaders and members will be able to invite friends and family to join with a just a click. Our partners at TOTEM will be sending out invitations to PTA leaders to sign on to the system. If you aren’t using TOTEM yet, get ready for next term by connecting your PTA to TOTEM now and uploading your member information from this year. Why might I need to provide my Social Security Number? Accept the invitation and get started right away. When providing such information, you should double-check that your browser address begins with HTTPS (note the S at the end) and shows the proper name of the website are visiting (ie. Sharing and email works best with a specific call to action. The TOTEM system is an optional addition to existing procedures for signing up new members. If your PTA is not yet using the PTA electronic membership system, you can get set up now so you’ll be ready for the new school year. More info about Overland Avenue Elementary PTA. What is the electronic membership system? Starting a Health Fair; Organizing a Family Night; Organizing a Candidate Forum; Organizing a Rally; Show/hide more Services. We are staffed by volunteers please call before coming to check someone is in the office. The electronic membership system is an electronic platform that allows people to join PTA at their local unit online. Get your PTA online today at or contact with any questions. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payment industry. Units, councils and districts are not required to use the new system, but we encourage you to check it out. or We have a new system on Totem that helps you join our membership and make a donation in a more effective way. Once you have a membership link — share it — far and wide. Stripe uses this information to stay in compliance with anti-fraud and anti-money laundering regulations. Can I use the system if my unit has different dues and membership levels? Stripe has been audited by an independent PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) and is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. It’s just five easy steps and can take less than 10 minutes. Please visit our website to learn more about Overland PTA. You can also request assistance from the Electronic Membership Task Force – we’re happy to come out to your district to get you set up. PTA Accounting Entries: A. Plus, you’ll get a personalized link to join that you can use in all your back to school information – right on time for early printing deadlines and electronic communications. The system can be used by friends and relatives anywhere to join your PTA. California State PTA’s online membership system makes joining and renewing PTA membership at the local level easier for parents, families and community members. Click HERE to join. “The banking was quick and easy to set up…even for someone who is not computer savvy!” – Rosemary Baldaseroni, Thirty-Fourth District PTA President, Once these steps are completed, the PTA is activated and receives an email and so does the council (if in council), the district and the e-membership team at California State PTA. 15: California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act, Proposition 16: Repeal Proposition 209 – Restore Affirmative Action, Tips for Parents of Students with Special Needs, Parents' Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts, COVID-19 Resources for Parents, Families and Educators, Resource Library Frequently Asked Questions, Once on the platform you can invite other leaders (at any level) –, You can also deactivate any leaders who are not current –, You can hold a local meeting District or Council. Joining PTA supports endeavors to improve the education of children and the lives of families. Check out the widget on our “Join” page at and consider this your invitation to join. Include your join link on all e-blasts, fliers and other electronic communication and include a QR code on paper programs, flyers and posters. Each member that joins using the electronic membership system will pay a $1 convenience fee per membership. You can do it yourself with the Google sheet and FAQs from TOTEM, or for a small fee, TOTEM can set it up for you. Here are some tips from our experts (leaders like you): You can modify the ideas if you’re not using e-membership or you can connect your PTA to the TOTEM system and take advantage of the perks. Want your unit to grow membership in the Electronic Membership System TOTEM? Ask your principal, ASB advisor or other school official to include the link in the next all school notice or newsletter, Include the link in your newsletter and let everyone know how fast and easy it is to join, Ask your principal/assistant principal to include the link in messages to parents with a personal ask to join their school PTA, Post the link on your website with a colorful button. The district PTA remits to California State PTA, which remits to National PTA. This is part of secondary user-identify verification that is required by Federal banking regulations known as KYC (, ). This is a legitimate and trustworthy email. Finally, for families that are able to, we encourage you to support the PTA through direct donation. The electronic membership system requires a second authorized leader to confirm new account information (ex. Will the members receive an electronic membership card? It provides members with opportunities to participate in an educational partnership with administrators and teachers.

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