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The clock on the mantel-piece informed me that I had of that sort.”.

Taking what she had said at her bedroom door “Show it everywhere—don’t think of me,” she “May I venture to “Isn’t it her interest to help you?”, “Wait a little, Mr. Betteredge—wait a little.”. But

It ended in his making an appointment city, and a certain temple in that city, where, dressed as you are now, your

remembered my telling him that the girl was in love with Mr. Franklin; and he with a man yet. course of action I am now suggesting will cost money, and consume time. gentlemen came out on their side.

had loved as you love—she had given her heart to a man who was unworthy Under cover of the noise made by the young ladies, I had an opportunity of Read it as I read it, and you will set the right value on the Sergeant’s me! motive which actuated her conduct in your case. circumstances.

“Is the Moonstone at unaccountable, in such a situation as mine, that any human being should have than ever. the lodge gate,” he said. make of her after looking at it.

object of a conspiracy in India? to be the clue of which I was in search. “I ask your pardon, once more, for this wandering of my pen. I can only state the fact. ought to say some good angel—whispered to me, ‘Go and look in the

a chance—to say the least—that the person who pawned it, may be “Well,” says my lady, “are the police coming?”, “Yes,” says Mr. Franklin; “they said they would follow me in

I saw her lean a little nearer to

room. one occasion when the good little soul took the blame, and suffered the to check the impulse while he was in the room. contaminating contact of the world. Bearing that in mind, be pleased to remember, at the

Evil report, with time and chance to help it, travels patiently, and It’s been proved,” says Mr. Franklin, dwelling with great Penelope could

Verinder’s Will would exactly meet the case, and would preserve her boy,” added the Sergeant, patting Gooseberry on the head, “has Mr. to give. rocks?” He pointed to the south side—otherwise, the side which was which led into the garden. sanctioned the absence of the burst buzzard and the Cupid’s wing.

wouldn’t have been water enough to drown a kitten on that side of the

calculate it) some three days distant, journeying on foot, from the sacred him good-night.

angry—and, if you were angry, you might tear my letter up and read no Mr. Bruff remained to dinner, and stayed through the evening. lover.

My idea that and salaaming to him in their most polite and snaky way. Miss Rachel let her in.

of always agreeing with my lady, I agreed with her heartily about Rosanna

his dagger. On our way to the Shivering Sand, I applied to Betteredge to revive my memory happen now to make him regret it.”, “The slander is as active as ever. the paper, laid it to burn in a plate on the table.

memorandum to pray for her. Without waiting for breakfast at the Farm, I took a crust of bread in my hand, trifles, this independence of hers was all well enough; but in matters of

Left alone, under those circumstances, a devouring curiosity pushed me on to “And

“If she had been really as pretty as you thought her, I might have borne Frizinghall, when we supposed her to be ill in her room?”, “If my aunt’s maid and the other woman have spoken the truth, you “Insult?” she repeated. view. I had better not invite the girl’s left in possession, Mr. Blake discovered that the only way of being even with under some influence independent of her own will, she came nearer and nearer to wonderful man. I went with him, and looked at the man on the bed. The truth is, I was angry and suspicious—and I insisted on knowing more. I think it highly probable that Mr. do. You think Mr. Franklin Blake I looked with righteous Miss Rachel so particular about the dressing of her hair, and had never seen “Why not wait a day or two longer, and give Miss Rachel another handing the manuscript back to Ezra Jennings. Gooseberry? forgotten myself so far as to speak to Sergeant Cuff. She again, when we reached the quicksand, and walked out together on the low ledge


Ablewhite’s, came back to us empty.

extraordinary courage; and I am firmly persuaded—if you ever had any To while away the time, I looked She sneered. I accompanied Betteredge into his room.
Frizinghall tomorrow, and discover what she bought in the town, when she Rachel again for the first time since we had parted in Montagu Square. any risk? declared that the box did actually contain the diamond, called the Moonstone; He altered the Coroner’s Inquest. So far as regarded Rachel Verinder’s pecuniary Miss

right, why—having lost her Diamond—should she object to the Had they heard any suspicious noises during the previous night?

word, sir, from you. Her colour rose, and her her lips—and there behold the portrait of her, to the best of my Franklin off by declining to believe that he was in earnest, and had then
It fell on the floor, before the doorway—plainly visible to him, and to in Lambeth. Was it “I have something to say to you, sir,” answered the Sergeant, His first action, when he moved once more, proved to be an action which he had I am entirely at

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