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Ubsunur Hollow • Great Library • For many Roman visitors this may have been the largest building they had ever entered in their life. On the edges of the pool, specifically the northern, eastern, and southern ends, were large columns presumed to have held window frames. Galápagos Islands • A hole was also found at one end of the Bath which might have been used to drain the water into it. Overall, this Wonder rarely sees any play, even more so on high difficulty level, and especially against human opponents, since it is too expensive in terms of both Production cost and opportunity cost, and it relies too heavily on luck. Pyramids • The Bath measures 38.97 by 22.99 ft with a depth measuring about 7.97 feet. Gobustan • The Great Bath at Mohenjo-daro was uncovered in 1926 in Sindh, Pakistan among the ruins of the Indus civilization. They most likely used this for religious practice because there is no sign of a temple anywhere for religious practice. License. Jebel Barkal1 • [5] It measures 11.88 × 7.01 metres, and has a maximum depth of 2.43 metres. Today, the archaeological site lies far from the usual tourist routes in Pakistan, but many still visit the rural location to gaze in wonder at what remains of this ancient, mysterious city. The bath was reached by flights of steps at either end, originally finished with timbered treads set in bitumen. This article was most recently revised and updated by, Sahara el Beyda • Eyeing this structure moves one to think about the features of hydraulic engineering which may have been employed in its function as the city was equipped with its own complex sewer system and almost all the houses present in the city possessed a bathing compartment. The significance of the structure is unknown, but it is generally thought to be linked with some sort of ritual bathing. Great Zimbabwe • Two broad staircases were used to access the citadel with one on the northern side while the other being on the southern side; there are two gaps at the edge of the two stairs that are believed to have had wooden treads. Though much of the life and culture of these people remains a mystery to scholars today, their ability to create this vast, water-tight structure was an impressive feat indeed. Even on high Disaster settings, you would not want to gamble your early growth on something unreliable, 180 Production at this time of the game is huge, it can go towards your Builders, Settlers or military units in case you get rushed by an aggressive neighbor. Bolshoi Theatre •

The Great Bath (Sindhi: مها سنان گهاٽ، موهن جو دڙو‎) is one of the well-known structures among the ruins of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization at Mohenjo-daro in Sindh, Pakistan. It is believed Mohenjo-Daro was abandoned in 1900 BC, at the time when the civilization in the Indus Valley begun to decline rapidly. Amundsen-Scott Research Station • First they made bricks. Updates? Angkor Wat1 • +1 Faith for every time a tile belonging to this city has been Flooded. Indeed, while lacking impressive palaces or monuments, Mohenjo-daro featured numerous baths—most homes had washrooms—and an extensive sewage system, suggesting that a priority was placed on cleanliness and sanitation. Considering the size and proximity to Great Bath, this building is tentatively termed as House of Priests and labelled as "College of Priests".[4]. Mount Everest • Rainwater also may have been collected for the purpose, but no inlet drains have been found. People were not allowed to enter the Great Bath if they were poor or not pure. At the end of the stairs it is widely recognized that the small ledge has brick edging as a coping that extends to the whole pool. There are still many mysteries about the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. Casa de Contratación • Due to the Dam and Aqueduct placement rule, they most likely have to go on these Floodplains tiles, destroying the Faith yield you have in the process. Országház • According to archaeologists, the structure dates back almost 5000 years. Ik-Kil • Kilwa Kisiwani • Terracotta Army • The Great Bath of Mohenjo-Daro could have served for some religious functions as the water could have been used to cleanse and perhaps to renew the health of those who bathed in it.
Statue of Zeus1 • Lysefjord1 • But one thing that archaeologists have discovered about these ancient people is that water was very important to them. SO HOW WAS THE GREATH BATH MADE?

Measuring 12 by 7 meters with a depth of up to 2.4 meters, the tank was made of tightly packed bricks and mud, and sealed with a natural tar. Big Ben • Floodplains tiles along the river containing this wonder are now immune to Flood damage. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Acting as an early Dam, the Great Bath will ensure safety from floods without the fear of Spy offensives flooding the valley. The Great Bath at Mohenjo-daro was uncovered in 1926 in Sindh, Pakistan among the ruins of the Indus civilization. Though much of the life and culture of these people remains a mystery to scholars today, their ability to create this vast, water-tight structure was an impressive feat indeed. The Great Bath, Mohenjo-daro, Sindh province, southeastern Pakistan. Great Lighthouse • Mount Vesuvius • Mahabodhi Temple •

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