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[3]:18, The council had its purpose in replicating the British House of Lords as a restricted "house of review" in a colonial context. In the event that there is a conflict between the two Houses over legislation, the South Australian Constitution lays out a mechanism for how these deadlocks can be resolved.

[19], In the event of a casual vacancy, members of the Legislative Council are filled by an assembly of the members of both Houses of Parliament. ABOUT PARLIAMENT OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA - HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY.

Parliament of South Australia; Parliament of Tasmania; Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly; Parliament of the Northern Territory; Belgium.

[13], Another distinctive aspect of the history of the South Australian Parliament was the "Playmander", a gerrymandering system that instituted a pro-rural electoral malapportionment introduced by the incumbent Liberal and Country League (LCL) government, and in place for 32 years from 1936 to 1968. The Legislative Council (or "upper house") is made up of 22 councillors (MLCs) who are elected for the entire state by the Proportional Representation single transferable voting system (with optional preferential voting) to serve for a term that is usually 8 years. Frank Pangallo, elected 2014:

The term for the House of Assembly is a fixed 4-year term but the state Constitution does allow the Governor to dissolve the House early and call for a fresh general election under certain circumstances.
[14][15] John Dawkins was expelled from the Liberal Party in 2020 after successfully running against the party's nominee for Legislative Council President. "[5] The House of Assembly contained some progressive Liberals, and its membership would usually abide by the party line. The upper house has 22 members elected for eight-year terms by proportional representation, with 11 members facing re-election every four years. These seats are intended to represent approximately the same population in each electorate. [3], Labor managed to win enough parliamentary seats to form government just once during the Playmander against the odds − in 1965. 24 votes as a majority are required to pass legislation.

Members of Parliament. 11 members facing re-election every four years, Constitution Act Further Amendment Act 1881, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 2018–2022, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 2006–2010, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 2002–2006, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1997–2002, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, 1993–1997, List of South Australian Legislative Council appointments, List of South Australian Legislative Council by-elections, Parliaments of the Australian states and territories, Members of the South Australian Legislative Council, "South Australian Colonization Commission", "An Act to provide for the better Government of South Australia [30th July 1842]: Anno 5o et 6o Victoriae", "History of South Australian elections 1857-2006, volume 2", State Electoral Office of South Australia, Women’s Suffrage Petition 1894:

The development of an elected legislature — although only men could vote — marked a significant change from the prior system, where legislative power was in the hands of the Governor and the Legislative Council, which was appointed by the Governor. When a Labor government was eventually elected in 1965 and began introducing social legislation that was anathema to LCL councillors, they would delay, obstruct and modify such bills. The councillors, however, saw their actions (in the words of MLC Sir Arthur Rymill) necessary to "oppose... radical moves that I feel would not be in the permanent will of the people. From inception to 1882, it had 18 members elected by a single colony-wide district. New Electoral System Adopted for the South Australian Legislative Council: Antony Green ABC 9 August 2017, 'White-hot anger' sees John Dawkins expelled from SA Liberal Party after taking presidency, Final Results of the 2018 South Australian Election: Antony Green 4 April 2018, 2018 Legislative Council election results: ECSA 23 April 2018, Third time lucky: The Poll Bludger 18 March 2018, Dennis Hood dumps Cory Bernardi's Australian Conservatives to join SA Liberals: ABC 26 March 2017, "We didn’t realise the power of Family First": Fallen Conservative rues botched re-branding: InDaily 20 March 2018, "They're dickheads": Darley kills off power-sharing deal with X-colleagues: InDaily 23 April 2018, "Dunstan, the Council, and Electoral Innovation", "John Curtin Memorial Lecture: Electoral reform in South Australia", "Community access to the electoral processes in South Australia since 1850", Australia's Upper Houses - ABC Rear Vision, Elections and referendums in South Australia,, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 September 2020, at 02:43. Get Directions +61 8 …

Anyone undertaking lobbying activities with the South Australian government must be registered. This page was last edited on 7 October 2020, at 07:33. Legislative Councillors may serve shorter or longer terms than the usual 8 years in the event of an early dissolution of the House of Assembly. It is elected in a similar manner to its federal counterpart, the Australian Senate. In 1938, the Assembly was reduced to 39 members, elected from single-member districts. The Liberal Movement, in 1975, was the first minor party to have members elected to the council, and its successor, the Australian Democrats, held the balance until 1997 when independent Nick Xenophon was elected. All members face re-election approximately every four years. From 1857 to 1933, the House of Assembly was elected from multi-member districts, commonly known as "seats," with each district returning between one and six members. [3]:112, In 1913 the franchise extended to the inhabitant occupier of a house (but not their spouse) and the council expanded to 20 people, four from each of five districts, with the Central district being replaced by Central District No. The entire province was a single electorate for the Legislative Council, electing 18 members. The House of Assembly has had 47 members since the 1970 election, elected from single-member districts: currently 34 in the Adelaide metropolitan area and 13 in rural areas. 2" and followed by the long title "An Act to establish a Constitution for South Australia, and to grant a Civil List to Her Majesty") establishing the constitution of the Parliament of the Province of South Australia.

As Australian MPs almost always vote along party lines, almost all legislation introduced by the governing party will pass through the House of Assembly. In 1938, the Assembly was reduced to 39 members, elected from single-member districts.

If the member whose seat has become vacant was elected as a member of a political party, the assembly must, if possible, replace them with a nominated member of that party. Community See All.
The circumstances for such a double dissolution are outlined below. It sits in Parliament House in the state capital, Adelaide.

[3]:127 "Contingency voting", a form of preferential voting, was introduced from 1930. [8], Following the similar Senate changes which took effect from the 2016 federal election, as of the 2018 state election, South Australia's single transferable vote in the proportionally represented upper house was changed from group voting tickets to optional preferential voting − instructions for above the line votes are to mark '1' and then further preferences are optional as opposed to preference flows from simply '1' above the line being determined by group voting tickets, while instructions for voters who instead opt to vote below the line are to provide at least 12 preferences as opposed to having to number all candidates, and with a savings provision to admit ballot papers which indicate at least 6 below the line preferences.

[14] It consisted of 26 low-population rural seats holding up to a 10-to-1 advantage over the 13 high-population metropolitan seats in the state parliament, even though rural seats contained only a third of South Australia's population. The purpose of the Legislative Council was, as with the 19th century House of Lords, to safeguard the "longer term interests of the nation rather than just reacting to short term ephemeral issues of the day". House of Assembly.   Dennis Hood ^^ defected from AC/FFP after 2018 election, elected 2014: David Ridgway It was expanded slightly in 1843, when several prominent landowners were allowed to join. [9], At the 2018 election, the 11 of 22 seats up for election were 4 Liberal, 4 Labor, 1 Green, 1 Conservative and 1 Dignity. The Legislative Council, or upper house, is one of the two chambers of the Parliament of South Australia.Its central purpose is to act as a house of review for legislation passed through the lower house, the House of Assembly.It sits in Parliament House in the state capital, Adelaide.. The Legislative Council was elected by property owners only, while the 36-member House of Assembly was elected by a full male franchise. [6], The new council was designed to be deadlocked, and for a party majority to be hard to gain. [7], The proportional system used in 1973 was party-list proportional representation, but this was modified in 1985. If half the chamber has served at least 6 years at the time of a dissolution, then they go up for election, but if all Legislative Councillors have served less than 6 years, only the House of Assembly faces the people.

Rob Lucas [12], From 1857 to 1933, the House of Assembly was elected from multi-member districts, commonly known as "seats," with each district returning between one and six members. Russell Wortley As Legislative Councillors have been elected using proportional representation since the mid 1970s, the chamber features a multitude of parties vying for power. After the changes, it consisted of 24 members, four official (filling what would be today ministerial positions) and four non-official members, both nominated by the governor on behalf of the Crown, and 16 elected members. From inception to 1882, it had 18 members elected by a single colony-wide district.

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