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He frequently teams up with Zex in both Brawl and Smash 4, beginning with Apex 2012. He seems to be holding to the notion that he can't be blamed for anything even though the receipts we already have are pretty damning (see his "I'm lawyering up" message). Remember the time he was hesitant to call JonTron racist after his Destiny debate just because he found him attractive and was his type. Williams, Howard, Anthony “Zex” West, Richie “Aros4Sora,” and Joe “Deez” Areas were the original five members of the first “Sky House” — dubbed Oxnard by those who lived there. Life in the Sky House, death threats from Sky. Where are parents in these situations? So weird how toxic multiplayer video game communities are, even compared to typical pro sports (NFL, NBA, etc..). I always wondered why he never showed up anymore.

Think about the scandal-filled world of Western athletic sports, which at least has a sort of academic/school system in its skeleton and DNA, then compare that to the clubs and arcades where hierarchies manifest almost entirely by the social pecking order of whoever shows up to an arcade or event—and then compound that with the inflated sense of self that Twitch adds to esports pros, when their business model revolves around "look up to me and donate money, while I refer to hundreds of you viewers simultaneously as a collective 'chat.'".

Though it was brief, they're clearly disgusted by all of this predatory and abusive behavior,, and they stand with the victims.
Gaming personalities and youtubers were a mistake. Holy shit. Advertisement Sky Williams is a well known personality within both the League of Legends and Super Smash Bros. communities. Several properties served as the "Sky House" during the 2010s. Williams is a Director, Stand-Up Comedian, Twitch Livestreamer & Vlogger, But he Initially Wanted to … Moves into a mansion MOOAAARR!!! Sky Williams. Seriously who makes a bloody poll asking how to respond to serious allegations. JavaScript is disabled. The accusations began after a … The best thing I could possibly say about this dude is that he was criminally negligent. Nintendo did make a statement to IGN. Sky is a smasher from San Jose, California who currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and mains Wario in Brawl and Yoshi in Smash 4, and has beaten top players such as Larry Lurr. Isn’t there even a meme about Dunkey beating Sky in Smash or something like that? This is EXACTLY why Nintendo wanted nothing to do with the competitive smash scene. That's about all their going to do. Smash player, tournament organizer, and content creator Sky Williams is allegedly in heavy debt to multiple people in the gaming, esports, and FGC communities.
Has Nintendo released a comment on how seemingly all competitive Smash players are revolting? Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people.

No one should expect them to do more outside of that. Sky was 100% one of my favorite guests Dunkey had on the channel (definitely not the case anymore). 14 days, 13 hours, 21 minutes, 34 seconds, Screenshots of Sky asking for more money by claiming her Sister was in the ICU. My Ars job involves very, very little interaction with esports competitors or organizers, Smash-related or otherwise.

How in the hell you didn't regularly checked that nothing wrong was going on? “ching chong”/”underage pussy”/”jackie jackie jackie”. Keitaro's incident and Zero's allegations both were alleged to have taken place at Sky Houses. Despite initially denying any knowledge of such claims, Sky eventually responded. Socialized structures mimic and ape what has come before them, and esports doesn't really have a ton of established systems for adult leadership and role modeling. He has recently found himself at … Make sure you're registered to vote and know all your options to vote safely. Ah yes Sky Williams, the owner of the Smash pedophile house. With that out of the way, here's my stream-of-consciousness take on behavior in general, not on any specific allegations: I'm surprised at how large this house of his sounds. Sky is a smasher from San Jose, California who currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and mains Wario in Brawl and Yoshi in Smash 4, and has beaten top players such as Larry Lurr. Sky Williams after making very little attempts to pay it off: MOAR.

It's crazy how ingrained sexual assault is within the Smash community that there was even a Sky Epstein house. Sky Williams operated several ‘Sky Houses,’ or places where professional streamers and those involved in … How did he afford such a big house anyway? You must log in or register to reply here. But nah. I hope Nintendo makes a vídeo where is just Sakurai and he says "Fuck Smash fans". Ah yes Sky Williams, the owner of the Smash pedophile house. Sort of feel like the incel community is very pervasive and I think video game circles and this is the result... Dude sounds super shady and I knew nothing of the Smash community til this week. Ah yes Sky Williams, the owner of the Smash pedophile house.

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