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If you don't enjoy this one then I am not sure that a man going round a field clearing stones is really for you. Just a donation. I could not find any mention of stone clearers, but maybe I had a poor translation. I looked for their crest online, but could not find it. Or at the very least get stung by a nettle in a really painful place, like the eyelid. The chapter contains the longest and most elaborate email we have received so far (read it in full here), but also features Richard suffering an injury after having his arm yanked almost out of its socket by Wolfie. The layer of snow on the field effectively masked the stones from Richard's view, with only the peaks of possibly peas poking through. He urged us not to Google it. So I've renamed it to avoid confusion. Plus forgiveness from the stone gods, a rude teenager and finally a chat about the road works... Chapter Fifty-Feven - Hot and Cold Ftone Maffage. Through his evocative language, he also conjures the mental image of Darth Vader using his lightsaber to truncate Hermione's hand at the knuckles. Plus bonus attempt at cupboard unblocking. In this episode, Richard puts forward the theory that the foreskin is designed to protect the glans from brambles. Plus quite a lot of awkward silence. For example, at one point in this chapter, Richard reveals the exact GPS coordinates of his central cairn, thus exposing his entire endeavour. It's before 8am on 17th September 2020, but Rich has already been awake for two hours. Unfortunately, no one has made a computer which can calculate how long this will take, so we'll have to stick with his earlier estimate of 273 years. Sharon Stone is not a real stone. It's 6pm on 24th August 2020 and Rich is confused about how many chapters in he is. At this highest tier, in addition to all previous rewards, you or your business will be named as sponsor in one audio chapter of the Stone Clearing podcast. >> ERROR! Well, no Rich. The snow meant that any covert trips into the stocean would provide footprint evidence. Here's a link to Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People. There was proof (if proof be need be) of the existence of the Stone Gods, who have made stones appear where once there were none. What matters is the fact that the stones are cleared, not the entertainment value therein. Liften to the Ftones. He makes an astonishing archaeological discovery early on, but it's not a stone so who cares. (THE BLAFPHEMY - check it out 8am most mornings at NO. It's July, so Richard decided to go full Hasslehoff and stone-clear in his swimming shorts. Crail is much employed by the Royal Navy for making the paperweights and ashtrays used inside submarines. Help us pay for more Stone Clearing podcasts, and get exclusive stuff! Would it be based on time taken to clear the field? Another podcast plagued by audio troubles, at least to the untrained ear. As a result, he is diverted from the stone pole and is unable to complete the usual ritual. What starts with a beautiful piece of singing from Richard's daughter quickly descends into a frantic game of hide and seek, as Richard evades the attentions of, it seems, half the population of Hertfordshire who are out walking their dogs. If this was the case, she would be duty bound to keep it a secret. He thanks the Stone Gods that none of you would ever do that. Perhaps not. Track your ranks and reviews from iTunes, Stitcher and more. It's July, so Richard decided to go full Hasslehoff and stone-clear in his swimming shorts. is it wheat? The first sighting of a logdog, though the name was not coined until the following episode. It's 6pm on 21st July 2020 and Richard is out for a summer evening clear. The introduction of the "voice of the stones", the identity of whom was initially a mystery. You have a very limited time left to get your witch's finger or dick or lovely numbered membership card so head here NOW This episode begins with a murder. No. I suspect Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who has probably learned of Richard's plans to stop Brexit, and is doing some counter-sabotage. Each individual stone (due to an as yet undiscovered gravtitaional property) is charged with 'negative buoyancy'. The farmer has been sabotaging his own crop and the stone Stasi are quiet, maybe too quiet, but Rich is not put off and manages to clear over 20 more stones in the 30+ minutes of this lesson. I say go for it. He seems to have forgotten that the aim of this exercise is to clear them off the field, not to encourage more of them. It wouldn't be the first "Wolfie" that a terminator has murdered. But it's so peaceful and one terrifying incident aside, we're free of the FF and he feels like he's eaten a whole bag of marijuanas. Apricots (and the stones therein) are organic. If you are a fledgling stone clearer, you are urged to go back to the paddling pool of Chapter One. In his 1983 book, The Meaning of Liff, Douglas Adams proposed the existence of a mineral called Crail: Crail is a common kind of rock or gravel found widely across the British Isles. Sadly, Richard makes a few basic misconceptions in this episode. Hailstones are not stones. Meanwhile, Richard has still not located his trowel and worries that someone in the local village might have stolen it. But despite the setbacks, and with Carolyn Quentin's dismissive comments echoing in his ears, he battles on and does some good path-based clearing. Richard mentions this site in the podcast, and takes issue with the "3D stone sizing system." Hence, there is no need to panic. What's the big... Chapter 69 - Funflower. This did not come to pass but he did lose his trowel, which is possibly as bad (even if it was just a "dog shit trowel"). Richard revealed his plan to gradually replace all his bones with stones, until he is largely a stone-based life form. Who knows? He went on to throw the entire system of stone sizing into disarray, inventing his revolutionary 3D stone scale and creating an entirely new paradigm. There are some new enemies to contend with as well as advice on how to deal with another stone clearer on your patch. Stone Clearing Chapter Fixty Fix - Witch'f Finger or Witch'f Dick? It's... Chapter 62 - Can You Stone Clear Without A Dog? Richard gets demoralised and goes home to clear another day. At this tier, you get access to a physical copy of 'Guide to Stone Clearing', granting you access to its secrets whether you have signal or not PLUS an additional Stone Clearer Scout badge AND every single reward from previous tiers. However, I would like to propose that granular convection (otherwise known as the Brazil Nut effect) might be responsible. It certainly is. Plus an emailer lets Richard have it for his awful felling out. Does he manage to make sparks by throwing one stone onto another? In this chapter Richard transgressed onto a neighbouring field, tempted by the bounteous booty on offer. Richard goes out in the night, torch in hand, risking attack from ghosts and nighthawks. You weren't removing the stones yet. It's just before 8am on 17th August 2020 and Rich is in pensive mood - so much so that he forgets that he is podcasting at one point. Now, if you'll excuse me I am off to see if is still available. By pledging you agree to Kickstarter's Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy. Do you think they have wi-fi up there? An initially disappointing effort at hitting the post, swiftly turned around with a second batch of stones. If a time traveller wants to have secret sex, there's only one place he should go. It's approaching 9am on 11th March 2020 and Spring has sprung, but Richard has been drinking and is not sure he can get round the field without being fick.

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