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All Critics (4) The high-school has a weird past where people were murdered by someone that may still be on the loose. It was pretty bad all the way through, although the producer actually pulls of some good one liners. Mobile site. The killer was never apprehended. A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. You're dead, dead people have no motivation!" before there was Scream,before there was Scary Movie, Provides some fun, but really isn't as good as it could have been ** out of 5. The plot is incredibly confusing and it weaves in and out of the old movie-in-a-movie gimmick with a film crew that decides to film at a high-school. Overall this movie is incredibly confusing, it has horrible overacting, the killer looks like a linebacker in a shitty mask, and it has the worst ending I have ever seen. Also, you need to watch the whole thing because there is a twist ending that is pretty cool. Tags Al Fann Bill Froehlich Brendan Hughes George Clooney Maureen McCormick Michael Eric Kramer Pepper Martin Return To Horror High Richard Brestoff Vince Edwards. But the catch is that no one twigs what is happening for ages since this is a slasher movie set. Several points off for the makeup artist’s horrible mullet, but several points added back on for whatever Marcia Brady-cop is doing in her performance. You Honky!" I will be fair and say in 1987 there wasn't a mass killing at a school every other week and it is a good setting for this kind of movie. A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. A few years ago, a mysterious serial-killer caused panic on Crippen High School. One of my favorite parts was the argument about women in horror movies, and how the movie they were making didn't need a rape scene. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. TMDb sort of a disjointed mess, but also sort of fun. The sound acting from the sturdy cast rates as another significant asset, with stand-out contributions from Alex Rocco as cheerfully shameless sleazeball producer Harry Sleerik, Scott Jacoby as pretentious director Josh Forbes, Brendan Hughes as earnest cop hero Steve Blake, Lori Lethin as sweet lead actress Callie Cassidy, Andy Romano as sensitive Principal Castleman, Richard Brestoff as hapless screenwriter Arthur, Vince Edwards as mean, lecherous biology teacher Richard Bimbaum, Maureen McCormick as eager, bumbling, blood-happy Officer Tyler, and Al Fann as merry janitor Amos. Forgot your password? It’s also a comedy of sorts. A movie company, Cosmic Pictures, has decided to make a feature movie about these events -- on location, at the now abandoned school. From here we meet the local police as they arrive at the scene of a grisly sight. | Rating: 1/5, July 25, 2002 (3) Watch any horror film that starts with the first usable letter of the screen name you use. The film "stars" George Clooney despite the fact that he is only in five minuets of it, and Maureen McCormick who you know as Marsha Brady from the original Brady Bunch who plays a horny young police officer. I made this for myself but I thought others might find it useful. Incredible! The makers were obviously trying to do something different and they very nearly pulled it off. didn't think so. At an abandoned high school, a film is being made about a murder spree that took place at the high school a year earlier. Yeah, that is a thing that happened. Honestly, there is a genius and trailblazing quality to this script, which has the film constantly go in and out of movie scenes. If you watch it, just sit back, relax, and enjoy. The film tells the story of a low-budget horror movie being filmed at the closed-down Crippen High, a school where a group of serial murders took place five years before. | I can't believe people actually recommend watching this ridiculous "horror" movie. It seems as if the events that took place years before are repeating itself. You don't see lines like that in scripts anymore. Review Late 70s, 80s and early 90s Coming on Age and childhood movies. The film does have a very complex structure and adds one bizarre twist after another in the last 30 minutes, and ends up not making a whole lot of sense; in that respect, it reminded me of the funny 1976 whodunit-spoof "Murder By Death". But an uninvited guest star -- the killer the film is based on -- makes a cameo appearance on the set. Often, they come together. But even though I enjoyed it overall, I think the movie tried to do too much with the story. Although the end was as stroke of genius, sitting through the film is quiet a task for such a small payoff. Perhaps you’d like to see Maureen McCormick (yep, the one and only Marcia Brady from The Brady Bunch) in a cop uniform, covered in blood, feeling herself up? In the end it comes down to our leading lady and her rather hapless male co-star to solve the mystery while avoiding the chop themselves. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. The directing/editting is certainly reminiscent of _Perfect Blue (1997/I)_ (or more likely the other way around, with Perfect Blue being released a full decade after Return to Horror High). Report this film. The killer wears a cool mask but is let down by wearing yellow rubber gloves, the type you wash up with! Believe it or not you get this and a whole lot more in Return To Horror High, a movie from 1987 that never takes itself too seriously. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Film Reviews. About halfway through I wondered if I accidentally blacked out and clicked on a different movie. The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. Man, did that make me cringe. Well, it is, to an extent. The movie is a complete failure all the way from the beginning to the end. I laughed my ass off, especially as at this point the lead actress storms off the set screaming about how degrading to women all this stuff is. Forget the Clooney appearance, his presence isn't that interesting - I was way more excited about Maureen McCormick's turn as a goofy deputy if I'm being honest. & "You want some of this? It starts with some information against a black screen.

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