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When that husband died, he found a new one for her. Under the protection of Pope Pius VII, Pauline took up residence at the Porta Pia in the Villa Paolina named for her and decorated the villa in the Egyptomania style popularized by Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign. For some reason, he is considered attractive to both sexes due to his androgynous, sexy style. He took an important part in the coup of 18 Brumaire (1799); by boldly haranguing the troops while the council was about to outlaw Napoleon, who had lost his nerve, Lucien succeeded in dispersing the Five Hundred. Nevertheless, thereafter, she was so self-conscious of her ears she refused to show them and went to great lengths to hide them by either wearing a band over them or styling her hair low. When abroad, Pauline had the latest dresses, bonnets and shoes delivered from Paris, sometimes in diplomatic bags, and thought nothing of sending urgent orders to Constantinople for shawls. Sadly, given my brother’s disappointing lack of ambition, these modest dreams are doomed to failure. Living areas are in both wings, while the center has a grand salon, library, and dining room. Photo courtesy of Museo Antonio Canova. Although there was no truth behind Madame de Coutades’ accusation, you could not convince 19-year-old Pauline Bonaparte that what Madame de Coutades said wasn’t true. Perhaps, she didn’t want to go because she once stated, “Here, I reign like Joséphine; I am the first.”[10]. first marriage, in 1797, was a happy one with General She also points out a “P” and a “B” (Pauline’s monogram) in sterling silver on the doors to what was her bedroom. She had long-lasting issues caused by Dermide’s birth, health difficulties from her time on Saint-Domingue, and, perhaps, because of her free-loving attitude, venereal disease.

Her eyes were charming and very lively, her teeth were admirable, and her hands and feet were of the most perfect model. Pauline was Napoleon’s favourite sister, so when she was 16, he held a contest to see which French general looked most like him.

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He died in Italy. She always said that she was ill, out of sorts; when she had to go up or down stairs she had herself carried on a square of red velvet having a stick with handles on each side, and yet if she was at a ball she danced like a woman who enjoys very good health.”[15]. “We’re about two seconds from town, but we’re in a totally private and secluded area,” Pardini says. Her constant gynaecological problems required her to spend much of her time persuing cures in the most fashionable spa towns in Europe. Of It was particularly necessary to outshine her sisters Elisa (Grand Duchess of Tuscany) and Caroline (Queen of Naples), and of course, the odious (Empress) Josephine. The swimming pool, which is almost as long as an Olympic pool. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Nach der Herrschaft der 100 Tage lebte sie, getrennt von ihrem Ehemann, in Rom und Florenz. Courtesy of Wikipedia. loyalty to Napoleon was limitless and she was the only one of his The pair had a special bond that allowed the emperor However, he also realized that she needed to wait until November to avoid breaching mourning protocol. A friend, Laure Junot, Duchess of Abrantès spoke with Pauline in hopes of persuading her to go. Princess of Italy 1780-1825. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the second most important man in France was gay, nor the fact that he flaunted it. In the process, she came to be regarded as a Notorious Woman (or “legendary slut” in the vernacular tongue). Brush up on your geography and finally learn what countries are in Eastern Europe with our maps. After Napoleon’s Hundred Days and his loss at Waterloo, Pauline Bonaparte moved to Rome, as did her mother. Then she did interviews for said album with a stuffed blue dinosaur. an incurable disorder has snatched him from you. Pauline decided to outshine everyone at the ball and succeeded splendidly. Will Anyone Rent This Apartment for $100,000 a Month? Whether or not Pauline posed nude was controversial, but when asked how she could have sat around with nothing on, she reputedly said that she was kept warm by a stove in Canova’s studio. Here Are the Cultural Events That Will Light Up 2018. Are Miami Beach’s Luxury Towers the Future of Climate Resilience? When Napoleon made the pope a prisoner, Lucien attempted to flee (1810) to the United States but was captured at sea by the British and interned in England. What do you do if you’re young, attractive, witty, fabulously wealthy and your brother is Emperor of Europe? ( Log Out /  Her enormous list of lovers included her doctor, her husband’s secretary, a minor German prince, a famous Parisian actor, innumerable cavalry officers, Alexandre Dumas’s dad and any stray musician that passed within a 3 mile radius of her. There’s also an airport for private planes about 15 minutes from the house.

In fact, her interests were frivolous and mainly involved her appearance, which generated much excitement with the public each time she appeared: “Whenever she went to the theatre, every opera-glass was turned towards her. Mon Dieu, how grieved I am! From his humble roots growing up on a farm, Jimmy proved what you can become if you apply yourself. There she did much to stimulate arts and letters and encouraged the recovery of the classical treasures of Pompeii and Naples. For instance, Clemens von Metternich got to know her when he was Austria’s ambassador to Paris.

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