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The arrest warrant is based on the allegation that senior Iranian officials planned the attack in an August 1993 meeting, including Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, Mohammad Hejazi, Khamanei’s intelligence and security advisor, Rafsanjani, then president, Ali Fallahian, then intelligence minister, and Velayati, then foreign minister.].

Speech to the Iranian Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff (June 30, 1991). Which Islamic country has done such thing? Palestine is the most important issue of the world of Islam. The role of Shia Ulama [Islamic leaders] in the complicated issue of Palestine has steadily moved toward reaching its goal. Do not marry them. Today [Quds Day] is when all the oppressed people armed with the spirit of faith and reliance on Allah would break the back of all unjust superpowers, the Imperialism of the United States and its Zionist servants. No. Palestine will be free very soon inshaAllah.... """Continous resistance will lead to End of Israel. Aside from cutting and removing it, what other treatments are available? Al-Nahar, a Baghdad newspaper, reported that [in the 1950s] Muslim scholars gathered around Imam Ali’s Shrine in Najaf and discussed the possibility of issuing the fatwa of jihad. He reported, “Now, Lebanese are going to become a power. He said, “Since Islam shone in that land, Saudis also should be a part of the jihad.” Kashif al Quta also assigned Syria and Egypt for the reason that they are Palestine’s neighbor. Even though the Americans pushed the British away and inherited its colonialism. Today, many movements based on Islamic ideology are seeking freedom. In describing Imam Khamenei’s revolutionary activities against the Shah’s oppressive regime, the role of his honorable wife has not received due attention. Are they Shia? The Islamic Revolution of Iran would become the mother of all other Islamic revolutions throughout the region. Examining the movement that Shia religious leaders initiated and comparing it with their current day position toward the issue of Palestine proves that Shia Ulamas are among the most persistent and non-compromising Islamic leaders who have shown resistance to the danger of Zionism. We have the issue of Palestine, the concern of the Imperialism of the United States, and plots and conspiracies. It was one of the superpowers, but it no longer exists.

O Muslim nations, [Quds Day] belongs to you as well. It is a religious issue. Then, the Muslim nations will never suffer from hunger, poverty, and oppression. [2], It also includes the Friday prayer sermons delivered on 8 August 1980. The author is “Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Husseini Khamenei,” the “Supreme Guide” of the Islamic Republic in Iran, a man whose fatwa has been recognized by U.S. President Barack Obama as having the force of law. But as much as Iran is focused on regional hegemony in which Sunni states would be brought to heel, as Khamenei’s Palestine illustrates, it is the fixation on Israel and Zionism that really animates their expansionism and aid for terror groups. Why?

Today, Palestinians have risen up. Today—on behalf of you the people of Tehran who have gathered here in the Day of Quds [Jerusalem Day]—I tell the other nations to learn from our experience. Since the first days of his mission and struggle in Iran, our deceased great Imam [Khomeini] gave the first priority to the issue of Palestine. The Khamenei Palestine book is important not in and of itself but because the regime’s obsession with Israel is a key to its foreign policy. You should know that those you inspire, other Revolutions, would come to your help whenever you need them. Allah is my witness that if I were not old and sick, I would be the first person to make jihad against Israel.

The Zionists are retreating.”. All Islamic schools of thoughts agree over this. Inshallah Israel will be distorted vary soon. Improving the place, situation, power, and role of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the regional and international level in order to bolster our national security and national interest, and also supporting Muslims and oppressed nations, especially the nation of Palestine, are important parts of our general policies. He warned the king and the British officials that the only choice they have is to issue a fatwa for Jihad. Today, the resistance line starts from Iran and covers Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, West Bank, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They are striking Zionists unprecedentedly. Today, the resistance line starts from Iran and covers Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Gaza, West Bank, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrein, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Who is Imam Hussain? But Muslims never allow Zionists to carry out their plots: this city belongs to all Muslims, and is the capital of Palestine. While the Muslim world seems to understand that they’re not getting Spain back, the territory that constitutes the state of Israel is something else. [4] Khamenei emphasizes that he does not recommend "classical wars" or desire to "massacre the Jews". From the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran to the present time, Palestine remains a burning issue for the Muslims of the world. Indeed, you would do mischief in land twice and you will become tyrants and extremely arrogant.” [Surah Al-Isra’ 17:4-8]. I would love to read this book what is the link please?

Israel definitely is the oppressor and continuing it's oppression of Palestinians with all its power. In various circumstances, these scholars created obstacles in the way of the colonists and prevented them from reaching their ultimate goal.
Are the Palestinians Shia? We are not such people. All the Zionist superpowers that control the world are defeated, as a poor, unarmed nation has brought them all to their knees. This [Iranian] Revolution in the Islamic and Arabic worlds revived hopes. Ayatollah Sayyed Abul Hasan Isfahani, another high-ranking Muslim scholar, wrote a note to the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad asking Iranians to double their efforts in the United Nations for Palestinian rights. Zionists wrongfully thought that they have swallowed Palestine and everything is in control.

Palestine is the worst misery the Islamic nation has ever experienced. ”. We cannot observe and tolerate the existence and presence of the enemy who has occupied the land. The book and consists of 8 chapters and 416 pages. Until reaching that goal, the duty of jihad is compulsory.”. The reason is that the occupation of Palestine and Quds, which are parts of the body of Islam, is the source of all the weaknesses and problems in the Islamic World. Iran constitutes a grave threat to Neighboring Arab countries that are at least as angry about the president’s embrace of Tehran as the Israelis since their nuclear status would undermine their security. Another reason is that the establishment of this Jewish government, in other words, Zionist government, in this region was to fulfill the first stage of a bigger plan. Even before to the Islamic Revolution, Palestine, the Palestinian people, and the injustice they were experiencing were important issues for Imam Khomeini and the movement he led. The “Second Phase of the Revolution” Statement addressed to the Iranian nation, The full text of the interview with Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah, The Quds Force strategy will be the same as during the Martyr General Soleimani, The timeline of Imam Hussain's (pbuh) uprising. It is currently available in Iran only, while an Arabic translation is promised. In the aftermath of the revolution, Lebanon was a mess. They just used the issue of Palestine for their political advertisements, just to attract their people for political purposes. In his political and spiritual will, Imam Khomeini talked about Palestine to Muslims all around the world and highlighted the religious obligation facet of it. The Muslims should be unite under one banner. Labak ya khomanaie.
In another fatwa, Kashif al Quta, classified the Islamic world and assigned each one of them to perform their duty of jihad regarding Palestine. Sheikh Mohammad Reza Hamedani, who lived in 19th century, in his book, Trqib Ul Musliemin Ela Difa Ul Moshrekin [Encouraging Muslims to resist non-Muslims] expressly writes, “ The purpose of jihad is to preserve the seed of Islam and granting Islam prosperity and superiority. Before we successfully toppled the Shah’s regime, the Islamic world was in a hopeless, passive situation. In response to a question from Mohammad Sabri Abedin, Agha Mohammad Hossain aul Kashif al-Quta, who was the highest-ranking Muslim scholar in Najaf, wrote, “The worst type of oppression is forgetting about Islamic duties and disrespecting the Quran by disobeying its commands.”, Regarding selling Palestine land to Jews and its Islamic ruling about these types of transactions, Kashif al Quta states, “Don’t you even realize that selling land to the Jews in general and being involved in the transaction as agents or the like is tantamount to fighting against Allah and his prophet and destroying the religion of Islam? In one sentence, Imam Khomeini’s purpose of struggle is to emancipate Iran and the Islamic world from the superpowers’ bondage; to restore the honor to Islam; and to establish an Islamic government based on Islamic principles. As I said before, the issue of Palestine is an Islamic humanitarian issue. Improve the quality of your weapons. Instead, he advises "a long period of low-intensity warfare" making life "unpleasant if not impossible" for a majority of Israeli Jews, ultimately causing them to leave the country. No other international issue is more important than Palestine in the World of Islam.

They might ask, “How would you wipe a country, which is under the protection of the superpowers, off the map?” A resolve that comes from faith eases any difficulty; it makes every miracle possible. Our people care about Palestine regardless of sectarian differences. He directly said, “Israel is a cancer gland.” What do people do with a cancer gland? The centrality of Palestine for the leadership of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Muslim world is undeniable.

Because they have been busied with internal problems. Iranian people should always take side with Palestinian fighters.

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