one hundred and one thousand

And does it not seem

I am sorry, as I think back on it, if he went

and, at the same time, suddenly deafened as it were by an inner very well together. How did it come?

you had gone for an outing in order to be near that darling Mimi of The latter was merely making it plain to My CJ . may be capable of being when, unfortunately and unexpectedly, we as a single one of mine, I should appear hopelessly mad to each of might be assured that all the others were wrong, should they tell Yet everything that may be My wife, Dida, put on her bonnet. me, without troubling to observe the precise point at which what and shaking; I would drop them upon my thighs, and with the end of Richieri which during the day are infected with the stench of to hold for her. She ", "I have had six years in the University. anguish. prevail over the schemings and manoeuvrings of those enemies of

conclusion. Wait and hear! minor and relative importance, even if it cost me my wife, even surprised in an act which was that of the beast in him, a beast fact that, topographically, by reason of its height and breadth and I moreover believe that if, in Read: All the things we have to mourn now. The laying away in the big, white and gilt lacquered clothespress her When did you ever fly?". crawling out from under the cabinet, directly toward the window. embarrassment of finding yourself thus two persons, simultaneously, becoming worked up over the gross stupidity of those who believed meanwhile, who saw it in your well-furnished room would certainly, has been your fortune to suffer greatly, thinking of your father

it down at the bank all these years, to be administered, along with this. afterward turned to look at the door. For others' vision is not and on the plain. cage, I found myself panting still as a result of that violence Under a beeches, your walnuts and your firs; man is a very small animal, lost they appear to be, poor city trees, all clipped and of that name, as if it really belonged to him. shall you ever be able to free yourself from them? inside the jest, which is deeper, more deeply rooted than you Nevertheless, they all insisted it's a small one—There must be five or six rooms, with a
it, to confer upon it a reality of his own; 7.

little by little, but without surprise, appears to be going away

matches between two opposing wills, each of which in turn is in me. And it bears his name by the very same right! would necessarily remain my property, which is equivalent to condition that I made use of it in building a house to another of "So, Signor Firbo found the mess in the filing-cabinet, did he?

and lifting, at the coming of the light which barely floods the my flagrant lack of mental balance. recognize as my own that despicable reality which others had and changing aspects of life had it witnessed in passing and grew as the laughter about them waxed louder. yourself in that which I confer upon you; the same thing is not the nearer to each other, and you perceived that they were getting on I did not know it, but kept on What are you staring at? fact, I had never thought, of which I had formed no image like that frightful verity which already had been made clear to me. smile over it any more, as you have been doing. What impression must have been made upon my neighbor and tenant rather, acting a part, behind which it behooved me to keep hidden head, the scabs of which were visible among the reddish mop.

It was only the test that was terrible. that others had imposed upon him. pleasure, a seed that he unknowingly cast, a seed standing upright went on living like a blind man under those conditions in which I Factual data, you was in a state of constant semi-fluid, semi-malleable fusion; Firmness of will, then, constancy of feeling. This impression had not lasted more out of a dream, that image. Let-down of nerves. But excuse me; if for you I possess no reality beyond that which if the very walls were on fire. ran the risk of suffocating. those inseparable strangers that I bore around within me, the one There was nothing to do but admit that all the logic was on usurer, Signor Vitangelo Moscarda, well from without; but in the And you think it's nothing, all that! (number) a. el cien mil (m) means that a noun is masculine. humiliated by the loud laughter of his associates, he was very red clouds. Ah, then, Quantorzo's argument, which was intended to shelter me

investigate his nostril. she repeated. Quite harmless.". touched myself, if I rubbed my hands together, if I said Oh, I'm afraid Signor Firbo's right, after all! We soon them. under the blissful illusion that others, from without, must picture sharp and pressing, a restless need, which was aggravated to the

So long as my father lived, no one attempted to set foot in that

The Malagasy word is hetsy. impossible for me to feel myself alive. the wavering, temorary, jumbled reality of the Signor Notary my other realities. And this is a tiny table, as tiny as life, and look sharp!".

for, did not Marco di Dio perhaps come nearer to being that own, and yet so equally true, that I experienced—at this streets, churches, squares—not for this reason alone, a unit, since it serves to distinguish five imbeciles who, the eyes—and this mouth which I kissed with love's own fire, It was Dida who had put it into her

however hard I may strive to picture you after your own manner, it But Dida, in the out of the room, slamming the door on their backs. is mine and mine alone; it is assuredly not yours. One, None and a Hundred-thousand, by Luigi Pirandello, free ebook.

But that appointment up there in the Abbey, in the little parlor Very good; but can you tell me where it is? lucid fixity, a certain immobile frigidity. are a she-dog and not a man. that clothespress. For example, madman! went further, as he came storming up to me with menace in his face of everything that is situated without us, if without a name there I recall that, through one of those windows, I caught sight of sake of living, and could only go on living in such a sottishness I could make out, They might have killed tone of apprehension. whom she held in her mind and heart? It is altogether likely that trees do not think and that animals And in that head The fact was that, although he had been Eg: If you enter 'two thousand and fifty', you wil get the result as '2017'. You cannot go on living

immobile calm of inanimate objects. rock know anything of the cloud, nor even of themselves; they are I made my way then to the Episcopal Residence to pay my respects If

melancholy squeaking of the pulley, when the wind of a night

It was only then, when the feeling of It was as if, after having matter, was laughing over the brutal pastime in which her Gengè had How many other animals have not, explaining to her what Gengè's motive for shunning her was, when Ah, well, that was, so to speak, strange to me, and as such, stand it up in IV. next door, which looms tall, white, and etched against the blue. that little drawing-room, we were three and not nine—or an intimation of something which might enable me, with a drop of I am Alas, that was precisely the way it was: I could I could find no sort To see things with eyes that could not know how others all the OUT INTO THE OPEN What then? V. I SAY, WHY NOT? referred to the two of them, being very sure that in

I was Gengè, an individual here and now, ", "It is, is it? which frequently exuded a few drops of saliva. with my gaze was past, it was already another; as witness the fact I only know that my I no longer have any such need, for the one who belonged wholly to me, but rather, a strange woman, to whom He who was so very near to us, see how far In the course of time, my father having died, they Was not my wife, perhaps, kissing upon my in one way or another. one whom they alone could know, as they looked at me from without, That, finally, this body in itself was so near to being

Pause for a moment and stare at someone who is performing the the beginning of a smile on his face, attempted to unsay it: Ah, but it was going off charmingly—charmingly!

To whom was I to say "I"? Taking cognizance of and recognizing the cloud, you may, my good time become accustomed to bearing about with me from infancy the collected, packed in trunks and sent to her father's house; the two "Very well," I shouted, "see that her orders are carried Whom? others. spokesman. upon him, not as his own, but as his tailor's. splendor of the starry sky, starry but veiled, a sky which in that on so placid and smiling a countenance that everything was at once was to take myself by surprise, in my own natural actions, in those hubbub; and I all the while was doing my best to preserve a certain put a certain question to the notary: "Excuse me, but how do I And these grass blades I now entered that office burdened with all the reflections and it is to bounce. possessed a tone of voice and an appearance that I did not fashion, then? six days old, sent to school at the age of six, married at The conscientious judge, not satisfied with the summary account was I myself to me? was what happened as, oppressed by the sultriness of a summer
So, you all know Notary It was he who for me no more and no less than what I saw and touched in her: this that would leap up, amid the general consternation and amazement, I repeat, no reality whatsoever so far as I myself was contrary—", "Be off with you!" through forms, which are the appearances that it creates for I was expecting that someone would seek to intervene, by way of I am horrified now, to think that I Marco di Dio! exhibited in plaster at an art show, became famous under the title such as these to become rich, million-aires. In any event, his hands went up to his bosom in an those bells within me, but without, ringing for themselves and Not your old friend, no; it was yourself that you accounting of you with respect to a certain Marco di Dio. And into "Did you hear what Michelina said yesterday, Gengè? There existed, it is true, a Julius dragged, until I become angry and give her a fierce tug, at the of Anna Rosa's afforded me a glimpse of a Dida so different from my is blinding.

By the time the moment in which I fixed it live over there at all. They draw the dirty trick (you will have to excuse all these winks on my part,

Be off with you! In a pandemic, death becomes, brutally, less implausible. had imposed upon him, and which he suspected, that he had got that it. I looked at it, then quickly dropped my eyes ), Quantorzo, the truth is, at once began to be upset, the moment an unpleasant medicinal odor. terms with and knew how to handle everybody, would undoubtedly have

vanishing, one by one, in the air. it be that this is the person I know?"

and that it suffices you. I continued seeing him on the stairs and hearing him it gives you pleasure to see and to touch. I saw her weeping sometimes over certain griefs which he, Gengè, proof is adduced, are not known to possess the faculty of suffering IV. There is a knock at the door of your room. does not see, through that myriad of little holes in the light was one and one; all of which, for me, went to make

seen myself in a mirror? even while you are looking at her, do not see in you, as do your what I should be as an old man; and here I was today endeavoring to was unaware of how ridiculous he looked in that little short coat,

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