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Possessing both savage brawn and impressive mental prowess, he plots to disgrace Xiro and take his place as king of the beasts. Joe Carey- Noah: An elderly man with the heart of a saint and the main protagonist (for the humans' point of view).

Though he is somewhat low on the food chain, he is surprisingly brave, as he openly shows his hatred towards most of the carnivores.

Some time after arriving back in New York, they signed up for the Ghostbusters Animal Division, along with Alex's Adventure team, Xiro and a newly reformed Dagnino, in Alex's Adventures of The Real Ghostbusters. Though she chosen as one of Xiro's potential mates, Kairel II (who was ordered to screen each of Xiro's potential companion candidates) rejected her because she was "too skinny [and had] no brains"; despite this, Xiro took her along as a companion, anyway. Amy London- Esther: The second of the con artists.

Xiro is the main protagonist of the Argentine 2007 film Noah's Ark or as originally titled El Arca. Bruma was the first choice of love interest for Xiro (much to the dismay of Kairel, the only other lioness aside from Xiro's mother who doesn't count) in the 2007 Argentine film "Noah's Ark" or "El Arca". Throughout the movie, God takes notice of the fact that his religion is the only one (at the moment) to have no book to go with it; thus, he sends his angel to write the Bible. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Though Bombay looks like any other normal orangutan, his pink bow helps him stand out among a crowd. Noah sells his home to the greedy merchants Farfan and Esther for a flock of pigeons to deliver messages to all the animals of the world. Xiro realizes the pitch for the ship's torches will melt the ice, and puts the animals to work spreading barrels of it across the floe.

Deborah Sherman Gorelo- Lily: An orangutan and one of the minor protagonists for the animals' point of view.

He sticks out because of his partly overgrown upper beak, his body (which is mostly covered in green feathers) and his loud voice.

A chance encounter with the gentle and devoted Noah, who purchases the freedom of the enslaved man despite his own poverty, convinces him to give humanity one last chance. It also omits a few scenes from the original 2007 release.

Wayne LeGette- Dagnino: A tiger, realizing all too well that the oncoming flood will mean a new world order, he conspires with several other carnivores in an effort to take over the ark and make himself king.

Xiro's selected companion Bruma I pauses to taunt the doomed Kairel II, only to be smashed through the gangplanks by a toppling hippopotamus. Noah's eldest son Japeth volunteers to rescue him, but quickly retreats upon hearing frightening noises below (which turn out to be the hippopotamus suffering intestinal distress). In the opening scene, animals and humans are seen acting out the seven deadly sins: pride (the peacock), envy (the snake), sloth (the sloth), lust (the hedgehog), gluttony (the toad), wrath (the mandrill), and greed (the human).

Antonio Amadeo- Pity The Parrot: One of the more prominent birds in the movie, Pity is famous as an entertainer in the ark's comedy club "The Dive". She stands out because of her dark hair and white clothes. How she was able to escape the great flood has yet to be answered. Inspecting Noah's cottage, Farfan and Esther notice the ark in the distance. Rob Van Paulus- God: The omnipotent being who created the world and all who reside in it. Receiving Noah's message of the coming apocalypse from Pepe, he calls a gathering of all the animals in his kingdom to warn his people. She was Xiro 's first choice to board Noah's Ark with him, but while taunting Kairel, Bruma was squashed by a falling hippo and supposedly drowned in the flooding waters below. In fact, God takes more interest in the creation of the Bible than he does for the well-being of the mortals who were chosen to create the new world.

First of all, I hated you for efficiency and intelligence.

This edition has both an English and a Spanish audio track, with English subtitles.
A close friend to Xiro, Bombay proves to be a spiritual guide - providing wisdom and advising Xiro on taking a course that will benefit as many people as possible -and a skilled massage therapist. In Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventure series, Bruma has a little sister/big brother relationship with Benny. On the upper deck, Noah has made his way back up to his family, who are likewise now rallied behind him. Having been around humans most of his life, Pity always has a hilarious story to tell.

With Juan Carlos Mesa, Jorge Guinzburg, Mariana Fabbiani, Alejandro Fantino. During the end credits, God and Angel bicker over the contents of God's work-in-progress book. Though he doesn't force the animals to go to Noah's ark (as some animals believed it to be a trap), he made it clear that if Noah's apocalyptic warning wasn't heeded.
Noah's sons fight over the helm and break it.

He grows closer to Kairel, but finds bureaucracy stifling and is still infatuated with Panthy to Kairel II's jealous dismay.

God relents and allows Angel to shut off the rain. This form of God is depicted as a man of African descent with blond hair (as opposed to most other depictions, where God is depicted as a Caucasian man with white hair). Learn how and when to remove this template message, "El Arca (2007) - Juan Pablo Buscarini | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related",, Articles containing Spanish-language text, Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from August 2018, All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

She stands out because of her blond hair and red clothes.

Xiro has been imprisoned directly below and overhears Noah's words of encouragement, mistaking them for a personal message from 'the voice of his lineage.' They are last seen fleeing the hungry polar bears who have elected to remain behind in their natural habitat.

Her shaggy haircut and dark fur help her to stick out amongst a crowd. Before she leaves on her way to the ark, she taunts Kairel, saying: "You can save your speeches for some other time. Todd Allen Durkin- Patricio: A vulture. The taller of the two con artists, she is distinguished by a healthier skin coloration, red hair and earrings.

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