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To avoid arrest, they hide out in Hull House, unaware that it is haunted by Angela. Type of Villain In the second film, "Night of the Demons 2", it was determined that her body was not found. The original film, Night of the Demons, was released in 1988. Friday the 13th • During their journey back to St. Rita's Academy, it was determined that Shirley had taken Angela's lipstick from Bibi and was then possessed and assaulted by the lipstick inside the dormitory restroom. Shirley Finnerty was admitted at St. Rita's Academy on disciplinary grounds and was a rather spoiled teen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gremlins • Perry (Robert Jayne) held a demon summoning ritual inside the sanctuary, resulting in Angela assaulting him. Carla Lynde (The House That Dripped Blood), Full Name At the end, Melissa stabbed Angela and gave birth to the Lamia form of Angela, which was later ended by Johnny with the help of sunlight. In the second film, "Night of the Demons 2", it was determined that her body was not found. Collect souls to be her party guests in Hell (all failed). Helen's dead body tosses on Angela's car (with Rodger inside), the circumstance of her death are unknown but it's likely that she was a victim of the diabolic haunting. Having seancesMurdering She then performed an erotic dance with Angela Franklin, only to lure others' to come close to her. Shirley along with a possessed Rick and Angela, escorted Melissa to the Hull House to perform a sacrifice. Helen is a side character in Night Of The Demons, the inaugural version. She attacked Terri and kissed her to instill a demon inside her. Occupation However, in her senior year, she becamed a loud-mouthed goth, wearing nothing but black and gaining the reputation of a witch from her classmates. Night Of The Demons Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Police kept a close watch on the house and continued to investigate. At about 5:00 in the morning, Nicole and Jermaine are shown arming themselfs with knifes, rusty and sharp objects, a pair of swords that an armour on the house had and guns, then both of them go out and they are attacked by Jack and Daniel they are able to kill them after a long fight, just with 5 minutes remaining for the sun rising, Nicole and Jermaine try to open the main door, but they are unable too, suddenly both of them remember that Angela is still missing and the last scene shows Angela at their backs, both of them scream and the final scene is shown saying "Happy Halloween" with bloody and gory letters. Later, she began to chant and recite the demonic verse. In 1993, the police culminated the investigation and stoppped watching Hull House. It also contains some movie score. The Night Of The Demons is an American Comedy-horror franchise consisting of four films. It makes its way up into the living room and possessess Suzanne. She then stole Perry's book of demonology and lured the others, including Bibi, Terri, Melissa, Johnny and Kurt to Hull House with her boyfriend Rick. She is later becomes vexed when they had to walk to the Hull House and abandon Stooge's punctured car. Terror struck, Rodger and Helen argue. The Female Villains Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Final Destination • Angela caused a havoc inside the Hull House, but stopped from slaying Melissa on the altar. Evil-doer The Hull House Demon or the Ancient Demon is an evil spirit that possessed the Hull House in the dark ages, then known as just a piece of impure land............ Go to these sites for info or for help with your own wiki! Crimes High school student (formerly)Murderer Police kept a close watch on the house and continued to investigate. People claimed to sight a ghostly figure of a woman in a black dress wandering around Hull House at midnight. She's in senior high school. Nightmare on Elm Street • Reception for the soundtrack was positive and it has 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reception of the film was mixed to positive and many web pages gave it a 4 out of 5 starts rate, it currently stands a 69% at Rotten Tomatoes, this film was better recieved than its predecessor. Once a high school student, Angela hosted a party in Hull House, an abandoned funeral home in which the Hull family were murdered and even before that time, Native Americans called the land cursed. However, she has her weaknesses. With Holloween closing in, Shirley devised a plan to prank Melissa and summon Angela from the Hull House. The legend of Hull House dates back to the age of the Indians. Helen didn't consider Hull House, the most appropriate of venues and was quite frightened during her time in the party.

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