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Note that the small circles on the crossbar show you when to click the mouse. Instructions: Click with the mouse on the arrows to choose your spot, then click twice to determine the angle and strength. , Have you ever been to a terrifying house filled with monsters? He turns on two washing machines to knock a large crate down from a shelf and while he moves it over to a wardrobe to climb up it to reach the doorknob, living chairs and gas tank monsters attack him. Nintendo GameCubeGame Boy AdvanceNintendo DSXbox (cancelled), EU: August 4, 2006AU: September 7, 2006JP: February 1, 2007 (DS).

Not to much to say cause I explained it all. Constance and her husband does not appear in the game, Despite being main characters in the movie. Like many movie games, it lacks the shiny coat of polish that major game productions bring to the table, but for its intended audience, Monster House rises above much of its competition to deliver a fun game that is faithful in every way to its license.

Stoves serve as minibosses between Chapters 4-7 and can attack by shooting smoke.
If the first player makes their shot, but the second player misses, then the second player will gain a letter.

If the player gets too close, they begin attacking by swinging their arms. Boxes containing ammo for the secondary attacks can also be used for refill.

DJ comes after her, but is eaten by a canopy bed in the master bedroom after defeating many monsters and finding a key on it. Chowder looking back to see a Giant Pipe behind him.

DJ in front of a TV in the house's kitchen. DJ finds a key in a chest beneath the stairs and uses it to unlock the door to the kitchen.

18 They will come to life when approached, if the player gets caught in a searchlight, or attacked and can be easily defeated.

Jenny defeats the living TV and encounters the first boss in the next room, a large doll that resembles Constance, Nebbercracker's late wife, which comes to life when the chandelier above falls on it.
Monster House is good but flawed cause it ripoffs other games and uses this in this game.

Jenny coming face-to-face with a TV Monster. Bathrooms serve as save points throughout the game and are the safest parts of the house.

Enter at your own risk. On one screen players see the playable character their playing as, on the other one they see a map of the inside of the house on each floor.

They all then reunite again in the main entrance and narrowly escape the house thanks to Jenny, who pulls down on the house's uvula (chandelier). Updated: October 18, 2020. Chowder on the Carousel in the circus section in the house's basement. For unknown reason, Jenny has 2 water guns in the game even though she only has 1 in the movie, GameCube and GBA versions. Stunt Bike Island is a 3D Shockwave bike game.

It is very easy to beat your computer-controlled opponent in Monster House if you have good timing. Oh no!

Play Free Games Online. After using it to unlock a nearby door, he enters an underground bathroom where a TV passes from behind while he goes through a door.

Chowder fights off the house, the final boss, with a backhoe. Instructions: Click with the mouse on the arrows to choose your spot, then click twice to determine the angle and strength. The enemies found throughout the game are all living furniture. The game follows the plot of the film, except it introduces many rooms in the house that were unseen in the film.

The English dub version of the game has a French dub option, Just like the GameCube and the GBA versions. Welcome to Flonga Games! based on He is able to fight them off and retrieve the doorknob.

3-Headed Wall Sconces are only found in hallways and can attack with their heads when the player approaches them. Monster House is controlled by using the mouse. Chowder in front of the clown face on the carousel in the circus section in the house's basement. Making his way through the labyrinth, Chowder fights two more living TVs and encounters the third boss, again the giant pipe, but has to defeat it three times before he can make his way to the actual basement. He retrieves a key inside the piano and makes it back to the family room where he uses the key to unlock the door to the library. Gas Tank monsters attack by spraying gas at the player. Chowder finds himself in the greenhouse and after exiting the greenhouse and finding a spare light bulb for his water gun, he fights living chairs and wall lamps before arriving in the kitchen and after defeating numerous floor crawlers, he is attacked by a giant pipe, he narrowly escapes the pipe by falling down a dumbwaiter shaft.

The enemies in the house are living furniture that may also serve as bosses in some areas. Help them! Games > Cartoon Games > Monster House.

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