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It is, however, clear from the Gospels that the subjection to His parents which continued after the incident in the Temple (Luke 2:51) was gently but firmly laid aside at the outset of the public ministry (see above, II, 2, 3). The sum of the matter concerning Mary seems to be this: The mother of Jesus was a typical Jewish believer of the best sort. Mary, the wife of Clopas, is mentioned as being present at the cross with Mary the mother of Jesus, the latter's sister and Mary of Magdala (John 19:25). The name may have originated from the Egyptian language; it is likely derivative of the root mr "love; beloved" [2] (compare mry.t-ymn "Merit-Amun", i.e. Even Judah's international character lasted well until Roman times (Acts 2:9-11, 8:27). In this latter series of statements, we have already made the transition from legend to dogma. This law, they observed, always worked, always worked the same, and always worked the same for everybody (Romans 2:11). The Virgin cult which managed to attach itself to Mary was not originally Marian because it stems from deep antiquity. He usually dies but is revived or somehow changes hands, and the Two Sisters continue, either in the rightful mother of the son (while the other one is heard from no more) or as some purified and revitalized version of the Two Sisters. Even God in his almight can not make a creature hear something if that creature doesn't have the ears for it. Since it can hardly be doubted that James, the apostle, and James the Less, the son of Mary, are one and the same person, the conclusion seems inevitable that Mary, the mother of James, is also the wife of Alpheus. But what of Mary in this incident? When Jesus was crucified, Pilate had a sign fixed to the cross that said: JESUS OF NAZARETH, KING OF THE JEWS. And speaking of such, the nouns מר (mor) and מור (mor) mean myrrh, a bitter and fragrant spice that was originally used to mark the tabernacle, but which came to be used to proclaim, olfactorily, the consummation of marriage. Regimes that are based on grids hate people who won't stand in line. For all who have sinned without the Law will also perish without the Law, and all who have sinned under the Law will be judged by the Law; for it is not the hearers of the Law who are just before God, but the doers of the Law will be justified.

The literature they had access to came literally from all the ends of the earth and the literature they in turn produced remains beyond compare of anything mankind has achieved since. John 19:25-27 presents Mary at the foot of the cross, where Jesus entrusts Mary to John and John to Mary. ), Sons Of Light, Sons of Zebedee, the Essenes, Therapeutae, Zealots, the Fourth Sect, pre-Jesus Christians (those rooting for a Jewish king after the collapse of the Hasmonean dynasty in 63 BC; see John 6:15), Hodosites, Nazarenes (Acts 24:5) and Baptists (John was probably not the only one and had disciples who were thus Baptists), but there were doubtlessly many more schools of advanced though operative in the Empire. Doubtlessly much was rejected, and certainly much was amended. The story of the Two Sisters is one of the Bible's most dominant archetypes.

In the United States, Mary was consistently the most popular name for girls from 1880 until 1961. In the point of central reference the two episodes are worlds apart. Someone who pertains to the anointing is not an anointed, is not in Christ and is a servant. Athens became a world power when the Athenians defeated the Persian army at the battle of Marathon. In Mary we do what we want. It is conceivable, and certainly no very serious matter, that John assimilated his narrative at this point to the similar incident of Lu 7. This, of course, might mean that Mary was idle and listless, leaving the burden of responsibility for the care of guests upon her more conscientious sister.

Mary in Ecclesiastical Doctrine and Tradition: The ecclesiastical treatment of Mary consists largely of legend and dogma, about equally fictitious and unreliable. She is contrasted with her sister Martha, who was "cumbered about many things" while Jesus was their guest, while Mary had chosen "the good part." The vital point is that the attempt of Mary and her household to get possession of the person of Jesus, in order to induce Him to go into retirement for a time, was not due to captious and interfering unbelief, but to loving anxiety. Noun מררה (merera) also means gal. cit., 282a) suggests the possibility that the text of Luke has been tampered with, and that originally his narrative contained no reference to anointing. The "three women under the cross" reflect rather obviously also the three main aspects of social cohesion, known in Greek mythology as the three Graces (see the paragraph on the noun χαρις, charis, meaning social joy, in our article on the verb χαιρω, chairo, meaning to rejoice socially). With all that talk of natural liberation going on, Rome needed a critical mass of people willing to uphold the nonsense of its pantheon. Rome's signature mode of torture — namely crucifixion, which after a day or three led to death by exhaustion — was reserved for uppity slaves and foreigners and specifically designed as a public deterrent. Here, it may be said, the new fellowship, the new ekklesia [ejkklhsiva], is born and Mary has a central place within this communion of love. These Babylonian Rabbis where the first true evangelists, who traveled to Palestine to explain their intellectually impoverished brethren how humanity could survive the Roman imperial onslaught. The explanation of this incident, which involves no such painful implications as have become connected with it in the popular mind, is to be found in Mark's account. The story of Jesus is a story of people.

Mary promotes cooperation that leads to maximum entropy. If that is the way one feels, there is very little to say about it. The subsequent "temple in Jerusalem," which was brought about on the merits of Phoenician skill (1 Kings 5), employed 24,000 overseers (1 Chronicles 23:4), which obviously does not denote some local cult but rather a world-wide effort. It has been well said (Horace Bushnell, Sermons on Living Subject, 30) that Jesus would scarcely make use of the family symbolism to designate the sacred relationships of the kingdom of heaven, while, at the same time, He was depreciating the value and importance of the very relationships which formed the basis of His analogy. People don't concur because they are somehow telepathically connected; they concur because when an item is named, its name becomes an identical brick in every one's personal tower. Jews (including Marian Jews) didn't think so and neither felt like giving into Rome's demands, which is why Rome and its copycat regimes, such as that of Nazi Germany, hated them with such passion. Emperor Constantine the Great was a life-long devotee of the cult of Sol Invictus (the Invincible Sun), and he cleverly deflated the natural liberation movement by applying its signature names and phrases to the core elements of the Roman Imperial cult. An analysis of the incident of Luke 7 with reference to the same points of inquiry discloses the fact that it cannot be the same as that described by the other evangelists. Adjectives מר (mar) and מרירי (meriri) mean bitter. Both Jesus and Constantine came from humble origins, and both Mary and Helena had been abandoned by their husbands (which conveniently explained why there's no Joseph at Golgotha).

Along with this reasonable conclusion has grown, as an excrescence, another for which there is no basis whatever; namely, that the wife of Clopas was the sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Proud member Luke presents Mary as the perfect disciple of her Son, who is also her Lord. Rome is a dead end in more ways than one, and this primarily because its core passions are not supported by natural evolution. The name Ezra means Helper and is the same feminine word as used in God's famous assertion that "It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a Helper suitable for him" (Genesis 2:18). The name of Mary is found at the beginning of a totally new section of the Gospel (see Plummer's analysis, op. In Luke 10:38-42 we are afforded a view of Mary and Martha photographic in its clear revelation of them both.

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