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And I actually think she was kind of genius. Then in 2005 I went with Rhymefest when he was nominated for writing [Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks”]. If they come and talk about [Late Night Feelings], they’re like, “This got me through the hardest breakup.” It’s a different kind of language, and neither one is better than the other. I want to know how kids are listening. Because producing isn’t only sitting in front of a drum machine or Ableton and making a beat. It has a wide musical breadth, and it feels modern, in its own way. He still sounds so great, so he certainly doesn't need me to bring him back.

I want to apologise for generalising, and I want to apologise for comments that were looked at as anti-Semitic.'. Did you know they'd be as massive as they turned out to be? Very fair.

“We were talking about anomalies before. Ronson, who produced Wiley's top 40 hit Cash In My Pocket, wrote in a separate tweet: 'Jews do not run the music business from some secret cabal (and if they do it's mad f***ed up I haven't been invited yet). I heard Miley sing “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” on SNL’s 40th-anniversary show — it was the first time I heard her do that raspy thing. And there are other times where it's just like, you know who'd be a good person to finish the song with you? And I think moving here from England, when I was eight, and, you know, you're teased by kids so you shed the accent to kind of fit in. I don't know his story and how influenced he was by the song. We’ll see. I've never made something by accident I thought was a piece of shit and it went on to be a success. It added: 'Going forward, our different communities must come together, talk more and show the solidarity that binds us together rather than pits one against the other. As her stage name implies, Mikaela Straus, otherwise known as King Princess, is a study in contradiction: a songwriter who mines the history of classic rock and a Twitter virtuoso fluent in the evolving language of now. There’s Billboard Awards, American Music Awards, tons of awards for sales, popularity, cultural relevance, great pop tunes. In your recent documentary How to Be: Mark Ronson, Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age described you as a conduit. Honestly, I just got sort of lucky that I came up with something nice while they were workshopping. So I kind embrace both.

A Star Is Born came out.

Me and Miguel had a song [on that soundtrack] called Vote. I was like, we're just making this amalgam of turning Amy's brilliant songs into a little bit of an influence of all the things that we love. You can't really tell if people are gonna like it or not, you can just tell if it gives me the feeling of my hair standing up.

You've worked on some pretty epic albums. “Old Town Road” has gotta win like a shitload of stuff, obviously. Now when you search it on Google your name comes up. Obviously Kacey took home all the big awards last year, but I think that was just because she had the best record. Do you think the most brilliant stuff always happens quickly and spontaneously? ‘Lovecraft Country’ Finale Recap: Spells and Prayers and Potions, Oh My! I have a lot of friends with kids who are just like, "God, sometimes I want to kill you." I think about the '80s, I think about it a lot though. We were like, listen, we've all been lucky, let's just make this go away because, you know, we didn't take anything from that song, but I don't want to go around bad-mouthing The Gap Band, so you know we just did what we thought was taking the high road. Smirking Health Secretary is pictured in the back of his ministerial... How Sheffield, Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees and York could get £55million between them if they are plunged into... Bolton Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi is taken to hospital suffering with pneumonia two weeks after being... Top chef Yotam Ottolenghi joins hospitality workers protesting against 'devastating' Tier 2 London lockdown... Flybe planes are set to fly again after new owners agree rescue deal for collapsed airline. Of course in rap it’s different, because in the post-Kanye-Drake world, rap has become the most emo genre on the planet. So maybe he can play my next one. And then, obviously, in 2008. ‘Cause I’m going to DJ our party, maybe Lady Gaga is coming by?” It was Mr. Collipark, and dude was so sweet, in the middle of his set, he sent it to me. There was a big controversy when Arcade Fire won Album of the Year, or when Beck did. Myself included. Given your history as a producer, would it be accurate to say you tend to vibe more musically with women than men?The stuff that I’ve made with Kevin Parker, Bruno, and Queens of the Stone Age has just as much resonance with me.

He's doing fine. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. And still wish I'd never heard it. With someone like Amy, who first of all, is that talented and then you really believe your first idea is the one -- and your first idea is good enough to be the one. I promise my own record contract contains ALL the same standard s****y terms.'.

But then I've worked with Bruno [Mars] and Jeff Bhasker [on Uptown Funk] when maybe the initial moment of inspiration is quick and that's what's the seed of the idea, but then you work for months and months to hone it, and an extra hook, and how do we really steel-plate this tune to give it a shot? Ronson cowrote the duet Shallow for the film A Star Is Born, for which he and Gaga won an Academy Award. So even if my thing is a little bit more conventional -- at home, you know, I put a record on and listen to whatever. I think the '80s is an amazing era and had so much great music whether it's Prince, Duran Duran, Grandmaster Flash or Run DMC. 'They should not have been able to remain on Twitter and Instagram for so long and I have asked them for a full explanation,' she said. I don't think so. They've mastered everything since Steely Dan, Asia and Outkast. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

That's one thing.
But when I think about it, I think the '80s gets a lot of shtick because people have funny hair spray and, you know, it's looked as not as credible. Sometimes I make the beat, sometimes I come in and play some chords, sometimes I just know how to put the right singer with the band and set the mics up well. I think it’s amazing. And when I look at the really big male pop artists, I don’t really see a lot of that vulnerability.

So to find a new baseline in 2019 that's like groovy and not a ripoff always feels like, if you get that, you're like, job done. Are you always on the lookout?Always, always.

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