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Urp | Originally, she had longer hair that went down to her shoulders, extra eyelashes, a light purple shirt, white earrings, the same square-patterned skirt, white socks with blue stripes worn high and black Mary Jane shoes. Wendell Wasserman • Sandy • The Loud House Like Luna, the Rock God likes to play the electric guitar, but unlike Luna, she likes to play the strange hybrid instrument that Luan thought up. Background information Entonces, basado en los acontecimientos de ambos capítulos mencionados podemos concluir que Luna es bisexual. Gerald • Sid Chang • Full Name: Luna Rita Loud Also Known As: The Rock N' Roll Girl Species: Human Gender: Female ♀ Birthday: December 30, 2001 Age: 16 Relatives: Lynn Loud Sr. (father), Liz Loud (mother; deceased), Lori Loud, Leni Loud (older sisters), Luan Loud, Lynn Loud, Lucy Loud, Lola Loud, Lana Loud, Lisa Loud (younger sisters), Henry Hart (boyfriend) Hair Color: Brown Goodness • Obie | Luna before she became interested in rock music. Winslow T. Oddfellow • What she likes most is singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family.Before she became interested in rock music, Luna is a shy, gentle and classy girly girl, who is interested in classical music. Rock Star, Luna Lunes (by herself, Lynn Sr., and Sam) Night ClubLuv (by Chunk)Third Eldest Sister (by Lisa)Dude (by Lana)Lulu (by Doug and Michelle, and Luan)Lola (by Leni)Sweetie (by Lola), Singing and Dancing skillsCensorshipIntelligenceHand-to-hand combatantStrength, Rita Loud (mother)Lynn Loud Sr. (father) Lori Loud (oldest sister)Leni Loud (2nd oldest sister)Luan Loud (7th youngest sister)Lynn Loud Jr. (6th youngest sister)Lincoln Loud (younger brother)Lucy Loud (5th youngest sister)Lana Loud (4th youngest sister)Lola Loud (3rd youngest sister)Lisa Loud (2nd youngest sister)Lily Loud (youngest sister)Albert (maternal grandfather)Shirley (aunt)Unnamed uncleUnnamed cousinUnnamed paternal grandfatherUnnamed paternal great-grandfatherRuth (great aunt)Harriet (great-grandmother)Unnamed paternal grandmotherUnnamed maternal grandmother, Lincoln LoudLori Loud (most of the time)Leni LoudLuan Loud (roommate, most of the time)Lynn Loud Jr.Lucy LoudLana LoudLola LoudLisa LoudLily LoudChunkMick SwaggerTabbyClyde McBrideHarold and Howard McBrideSam Sharp (girlfriend)Simon SharpFlip (at times), ExterminatorTetherbyThe ManagerHank and HawkPark RangerMichelle and DougThe Kitty. Murray "The Mule" Marconi • See more ideas about The loud house luna, Loud, Loud house characters. Luna has short brown hair styled into a pixie cut. Art | Carlos Casagrande | Nika Futterman. Haru, Tucker X • Rita • Flip | She has her violin and doing her violin concerto. She wears a purple t-shirt with a skull, torn crew neck and triangular sleeves, a plaid skirt similar to Luan's (only lavender), a light gray belt, and high purple boots. Charlotte • Brad Carbunkle • Charles | Wanda • After attending her first concert, she developed her interest in rock music. Tigress • Everest • Luna • She has an interest in rock music, and she owns and plays an electric guitar (She is also quite proficient in several other instruments, including some that are not associated with rock music). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "The Loud House" (unofficial)"Left in the Dark" (official)"Cursed!" Extremely high musical talent (especially with the electric guitar)Singing and Dancing skillsCensorshipIntelligenceHand-to-hand combatantStrength Carlos Casagrande • Brainy • Luna is a 15-year-old girl who is a rock star. However, there had been few hints of Luna's interest in girls. Carlos Jr. Casagrande • She enjoys playing her acoustic guitar, singing (in the shower, on the beach, in the park, et cetera et cetera), riding her skateboard, listening to the radio, quoting songs, dancing, and spending time with her sisters, Sully, Mazzy, Chunk, Tabby, Cameron, Lincoln, Clyde, and Sam. Lisa Loud | Freddy Seymore | Powdered Toast Man, Rocko Wallaby • She also plays the drums, as well as other instruments, as seen throughout the series, like the violin in "Overnight Success". Kira • She and Leni both have the best sibling-to-sibling relations with Lincoln. Play it loud! Luna enjoys helping her siblings when they're in need, but she definitely puts the LOUD in Loud House!". She is the third-oldest daughter child of the big and often chaotic family. Raphael • "GOODNIGHT, LOUD HOUSE! Luna Loud is a main character in The Loud House. Rosa Casagrande • Zix, Travoltron and Tee • Like Luna, she wears purple, but unlike Luna, it's a dress with a dark purple bodice and light purple skirt and collar. Nobody knows that she sometimes rocks out to elevator music. Francois Turbot • Bud Grouse | Girl Jordan | A.J. Terry & Chris | Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Marianne, GIR • After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster. Lori • She attends Royal Woods High School with her sisters Leni and Luan. Ben, Skipper • Roxy, Po • Grandma Gertie • Dennis O'Bannon • Mrs. Turner • Chase • Sparky • Liam • Nadine • Asami Sato • Sis (by Lincoln) Luna Lunes (by herself, Lynn Sr., and Sam) Night ClubLuv (by Chunk)Third Eldest Sister (by Lisa)Dude (by Lana)Lulu (by Doug and Michelle, and Luan)Lola (by Leni)Sweetie (by Lola) May 1, 2020 - Explore Joshua's board "Luna Loud" on Pinterest. Lucy • Relatives Plankton • Flora • Clyde • Frida Puga Casagrande • Monkey • Nora Wakeman • She often calls her siblings "dude", or sometimes "bro" to Lincoln. Friends What she likes most is singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family. Tracker • Since that day, she has viewed Mick as her hero, because he gave her the inspiration to rock on. Agnes Johnson | Robo-Dog • Gary • Personality Leif Bornwell III • Luna Loud is one of the tetertagonists from The Loud House.She has a crush on Lincoln's male British tutor, Hugh in "Study Muffin", and another rocker girl, Sam Sharp in "L is for Love", which makes Luna the first bisexual character in the show.Luna is also the third bisexual character in Nickelodeon history, the first two being Korra and Asami Sato. Kowalski • Luna is slightly taller than Luan, but shorter than Leni. comic "Sam's Pick", it is revealed that all the siblings are aware that Sam is a girl, and Lori considers it sweet that Sam and Luna exchange guitar picks. Mervania • Aside from Lola and Luan, Luna also has a diary. "Bathroom Break!!" Teddy | "For Bros About to Rock" - she disguised herself as her mother to take Lincoln and Clyde from arrest to take them to concert. Luna is one of three siblings who caused a blackout. Leni • In "For Bros About to Rock", it is revealed that she had a completely different wardrobe, before becoming a rocker. She is bisexual, meaning she is interested in both girls and guys. She also wears three black bracelets on each of her wrists and a choker around her neck. Inspiration Lucy Loud | Debbie | Aliases Filburt Shellbach • Alignment Kenny | Mr. Turner • She has her violin and doing her violin concerto. Grandpa Lou • Michelangelo • Granny Neutron • Mako • Sven Hoek • Maddie Fenton • Relatives Gorilla • Buhdeuce • Playing music Skye • Tecna • Baby Carlota Casagrande • Mr. Ping, Korra • Olga, CatDog • Iroh • Barbara also plays the guitar like Luna, although she plays an acoustic guitar, not an electric one.

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