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OH finally I found website where they REALLY got numbers from one to hundred ! Thanks. These are the most popular boys' names in France (Paris) for 2015, French Girls Names: Most Popular Girls Names in France 2014, Belgian Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Belgium (Flanders) 2014, Belgian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Belgium (Flanders) 2014, Dutch Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in The Netherlands, Dutch Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in The Netherlands 2014, German Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Germany 2014, German Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Germany 2014, Swiss Boys Names: Most Popular Names for Boys in Switzerland (French), Swiss Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Switzerland (French).

Originating from Occitan, a language in Southern France, Valade means ‘valley’. There is an R in that number that must be pronounced other wise you are saying “toi” = you. This French surname is similar to the English surname Edwards from Olde English and means ‘a prosperous guardian’. ILOVEFRENCH. This French surname means ‘face’. accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. It refers to ‘an attendant at a public bathhouse’ or simply ‘bath’ in Old French. The father is peace, or father of peace. . In Old French, this surname means ‘river’ or ‘shore’. This French surname was first found in Normandy and refers to a ‘goat herder’. Yes the french spelling is correct however the pronunciation given is not exactly the same. This habitational surname belongs to various places in northern France. I am at school, and struggle with french. Edwards originated from Olde English pre-7th century era and refers to ‘prosperity guard’. It refers to a person of humble origins, or a short person. Babies, the heart and soul of their parents, need every ounce of care to develop and grow. Sophies are scattered throughout European royal history, including Sophie of Thuringia, Duchess of... Read More, Josephine is the feminine form of Joseph, a name ultimately derived from the Hebrew Yosef, meaning “Jehovah increases.” In French it has an accent over the first E, which was omitted in the... Read More, Adeline originated as a French diminutive of Adele, which came from the Germanic root adal, meaning “noble.” Adeline was introduced to England by the Normans in the eleventh century, was... Read More. The names are divided by gender, and then listed by frequency. Merci, thank u for helping me again i have studied french in 6th class in dav school and forgot everything going to another school thanks again for remembering me everything again. Adrianna: Had a huge project due today and this really helped!

my tuition teacher told me. French Numbers: Learn How to Count from 1 to 1000, French Vocabulary – Tickets in the drawer, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge – Little Red Riding Hood. French Baby Names: Absolon: The father is peace, or father of peace. Derived from the Old French word voler, Voland means ‘to fly’ or ‘agile’. Derived from the Old French word tasse that means ‘purse’ or ‘bag’, it could be an occupational name for ‘a maker of purses’. After being a 100% male name, it tipped to female in 1974, and is now 98% girls, among the most... Read More, Charles derives from the Germanic name Karl, meaning "man" or "freeman", and is a royal name in multiple European countries. It is a personal name that is given to one who was baptized with the holy water from River Jordan. Monet is a variant of the name Simon and means ‘to be heard’.Monet is most common in the Rhône-Alpes region of the French Alps. Caroline came to England with... Read More, Madelyn is the most popular current spelling of this stylish name -- Madeline is the second most used -- but we prefer the least popular and most authentic French version, Madeleine. Derived from the Old French name Theobald, Thibaut means ‘brave’ or ‘bold’. A variant of Ayotte, this surname means ‘small hedge’ or ‘small woody plot of land’ in Old French. The following traditional and classic old French surnames with their meanings can inspire you to select the perfect surname for your family or get ready for the naming ceremony for your baby. French Names These names have been selected by French native Elodie Dumont and are So, I am very grateful for this site. Derived from the Latin word sartor, Satre is a French occupational surname for someone who sews clothes or ‘tailor’.

All rights reserved. Janvier means ‘January’ and means a person who was born or baptized in January. La in French means ‘the’ and flamme means ‘fire’. it is used only with one. In France, popular names include Louise, Manon, Jules, and Bastien.

Thank you so much, I am really delighted, because I find this site very helpful to me.

This occupational surname means ‘storehouse for corn’ or ‘keeper of granary’. Joubert is formed by a combination of a tribe called Gaut and berth which means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’. This medieval French name is a form of the name Violante which is a derivative of Latin viola or ‘violet’. Derived from the word anull that is the Catalan language dominantly used in southern France, Anouilh means ‘slow worm’. A list of names in which the usage is French. The information on this website is of a general nature and available for educational purposes only and should not be construed as a substitute for advice from a medical professional or health care provider. Kaplan is derived from the Old Norman French word Caplain. French form of the Old German Adalheidis, a compound of 'athal' (noble) and 'haida' (hood). And remember, the final consonants in cinq, six, huit, and dix are pronounced at the end of a sentence or in front of a vowel.

Aside from the free PDF and MP3, you'll also be able to access hundreds of other free PDFs as part of the French Learning Package. Not only do they look and sound beautiful, but also carry special meanings. Thanks! Originating from the female name Osanna, Ozanne means ‘save now’ or ‘save pray’. In Old French Roche means ‘rocky outcrop’. I am learning French right now and I believe the number 71 is “soixant et onze” not “soixant-et-onze” because the “et” replaces the “-” Correct me if I’m wrong? This page was really helpful in assisting my 5th grader prince with his french studies. French baby names include many classic names that have ranked highly in the US for its entire history, such as Anne and Louis, Charlotte and Charles, and Josephine and Curtis (though it may surprise you to learn that Curtis is not only French, but perennially popular!). Abel Absolon Achille Adam Adelaide Adele Adeline Adolphe Adrien Adrienne Agathe Aglae Agnes Aime Aimee Alain Alan Alban Albert Albertine Albine Alderic Aldric Alex Alexandra Alexandre Alexandrie Alexandrine Alexis Alfred Alice Aline Alison Alix Alphonse … Surnames are listed alphabetically on a separate page. thanks for making this but maybe you make it a little easier to print. Due to colonization, French surnames can be found in English-speaking countries, and have influenced African and Arabic surnames, too. With a French accent SON would sound like a very nasal SO. Take my advice. Bonne chance! In fact, according to the latest search data available, that query is searched for nearly 40,500 times per month. Its initial use was found in Silesia and can refer to an official responsible for weighing. It can also be an occupational surname for a person who was a cowherd. The names below include gender, meaning and origin. Derived from the name of the tendril vrilles, this occupational surname refers to ‘a person who planted or worked on vrilles’. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. And 90 is quatre-vingt dix, when quatre is 4, vingt is 20 and Dix is 10, making it something add 30, which should be 60, soixante!!! Originating from the French word sauve, this surname means ‘safe’ and terre means land. Derived from a nickname given to a person who is light-hearted and joyful, Gay in Old French is gai which means ‘full of joy’. (previous page) () It originates from a region in the Lot department of France. Had a huge project due today and this really helped! Forerunner of Alice. Make sure to join our French Facebook page, and check out French on Twitter, too. The phonetic transcription needs serious editing.

The French word for “clear,” Claire’s meaning, is clair, and was traditionally a male name.... Read More, Caroline is a perennial classic, in the Top 100 since 1994. People with dark hair or a swarthy complexion are mostly the bearers of this name. i know the song it goes like this un deux trois We want everyone to love learning language as much as we do, so we provide a large offering of free resources and social media communities to help you do just that! Name Meaning Origin Abella: Breath. It was made famous by the Spanish economist Alberto Abadie. the meaning of this name is universal whole. Tummy Time Play For Three-Month-Old Babies to Encourage Physical and Sensory... Chinese Gender Predictor: Is It a Boy or a Girl? Derived from Marchand, this occupational surname means ‘merchant’ or ‘someone who bought and sold goods’ in Old French. It is a variant of Lefevre, Lefebure or Lefeuvre. @someone Actually, all the pronunciations are correct. List of male French names 20000-NAMES.COM: Male French Names, Page 1 of 3--meaning, origin, etymology Main Menu | Contact | Surnames | Links | 20000-surnames Most popular names from around the world. This French habitational surname is quite popular and means ‘of the bridge’ or ‘a person living near a bridge’.

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