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Posts about Lillian Lugosi written by Vampire Over London: Bela Lugosi. Vampire Bats And Devil Girls From Mars: Dracula Producer John Chartres Mather Interviewed By Frank J. Dello Stritto. Son of Frankenstein 1953 reissue portrait  lobby-card from the Bela Lugosi family collection – (Universal, 1938/ R’53)  Near-mint unrestored 11” x 14”  portrait lobby card of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff from the 1953 Realart  reissue. Everywhere Lugosi went, people saw a blood-sucking bad guy from Transylvania. His World War II combat service had left him hard of hearing, and he could not easily rely on spoken queues or prompters during a performance. Richard Butler played the role of Johnathan Harker in the 1951 British revival tour of Dracula. Lillian Lugosi is straight. Several more silent roles followed, villains and continental types, all in productions made in the New York area. It even got to him finally, as night after night he had to oversee the fake bats and smoke that always preceded Dracula’s appearance. “Bela’s good about the house, too. She slumped helplessly in his arms as he exposed her lily-white throat and bared his fangs. The name field is required. His body was discovered by his fifth wife, Hope, in their apartment at 5620 Harold Way, Los Angeles, on her return from work. It was expected to sell for up to $2 million,[43] but has since been listed again by Bonhams in 2018. Strangely enough, in the more recent production, there were uniformed first-aid attendants on duty throughout the play, even tho the most horrific bits were inclined to inspire more titters than gasps. Lugosi was proscribed from acting due to his participation in the formation of an actors' union. Richard Butler: I was simply called by my agent to go for an audition. He had a great superstition about this. It was as sacred as Shakespeare to him. In their place was a count's pedigree and a castle in the mountains of Transylvania. (Andi Brooks), Hungarian cabinet portrait ca. “I don’t remember how I ever got to audition for Dracula, but I do know that once I signed the contract, my fears told me I had done the wrong thing. Lugosi's voice had been dubbed over that of Lon Chaney Jr., from line readings at the end of The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942). Arthur Hosking had been an established actor, especially in musicals, for many years. After a few go-throughs, Bela stood close to Ralph, and said with emphasis and loud enough for all to hear: This is your scene, Ralph. How would a world famous star in that smaller part—who would also be directing the rehearsals—take to the newcomer? “That’s the one I’m talking about!”, Bela visiting the home of Famous Monsters of Filmland editor Forrest J. Ackerman and his wife Wendayne. This was all unbeknownst to me, her fiancé, who is visiting her, as she recovers from the vampire attack. Following the blockbuster release of Dracula in 1931, the striving and serious actor from Transylvania would find himself typecast again and again by Hollywood, passed over for more meaty roles and given, almost without fail, the part of the cheesy villain. With that he began operations on London’s outskirts, where the Count in black, reeking of brimstone and tombstone, claimed the blood of the living as his due. with plenty of personal appearances. In the modernized version of Dracula most of the action took place in the asylum of Dr. Seward (Arthur Hoskins) at Hampstead Heath Row. He later appeared in the 1931 film Dracula directed by Tod Browning and produced by Universal Pictures. Although the overall condition of the cape is reported to be good for its age, the taupe-colored silk crepe lining requires attention for some tears due to humidity causing the wool of the cape and the silk lining to expand and shrink at different rates over its life. In 1933 Lugosi married 20 year old Lillian Arch and that marriage lasted 20 years until 1953. Needless to say, his own performance was always full throttle and the customers were enthralled. The Day I Met Bela Lugosi by Derek R. Pickering. The following extract from the book is based on Joyce’s recollection of her husband taking over the role of Van Helsing from the tour’s original vampire hunter, Arthur Hosking. Poster is unrestored, in Good to VG condition, and is from the Bela Lugosi  family collection. The Dracula cape worn by Bela Lugosi in the 1931 Universal classic film failed to sell in the first session of the Icons of Hollywood auction at Profiles in History on December 16th, 2011. Speculation is rife as to what has prompted the 73 Lugosi Jr. to part with his father’s treasured cape, but he has so far not made an official statement. Lugosi eventually grew very bitter over the fact that the general public took him for Dracula. Later, the emotional and physical wounds of the war — not to mention the pressures of Hollywood — caught up with him and he had a very public struggle with drug addiction.

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