kent state shooting interview

the mainstream opinion at the time in that I was more for the war than Do you think the shootings were accidental or not? Sandwich Elisa Principle, attitude to the school. Horse Stables Near Me, And don't think that -- you weren't threatened with that -- but you knew that was the sword. regarding his thoughts and perception of the event was conducted on November It's an automatic weapon, it holds twenty rounds.
Try it free! Interview with Mark Maedeker about the Kent State Shooting by Constance Rambo, November 2006 . Moins d'une heure après, les gardes nationaux les dispersent grâce au gaz lacrymogène.

I did a lot of jeep patrol, and I remember walking through campus -- in fact that's where I walked over from where my meeting was today -- I walked over. And a lot of thoughts ran through my mind. They called some of us to go and do some things, you know, some details. I don't know. It was a gorgeous day, if I recall. Because we'd been out of the jeeps, we'd patrolled, it was evening, it was dark the night before of course, and things were pretty well settled down. What is your story of that? Avery 90 Day Fiancé Instagram Ash, We were armed, and we had, uh, uh, bullets. They were coming up literally as far as we are -- four or five feet away -- shouting, yelling, throwing things at us --, [Interviewer]: Now, we have been at Main street prior to that ... and now we're still moving toward Main street --. [Interviewer]: And you teach. Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. [Ohio National Guardsman]: Brennan. It would blow out several places, you couldn't pick it up. This is the point where we got hit with rocks, human feces in plastic bags -- uh, we were given the finger, we were yelled at. You know, you see the little pictures that are real nice, of the young lady putting the flower in the barrel -- to me that is such a paradox of -- lucky she got the right guy. We go to golf outings, we get together socially. And I wanna say this -- that when I went into the National Guard, I signed -- and maybe I'm a little old fashioned -- I signed a contract for six years, and I honored that contract. Don't move!" [Interviewer]: Yeah, he died. The Governor was running for Sandra Lee Scheuer; âgée de 20 ans; située à 120 m des gardes; blessure fatale au cou; décédée en quelques minutes d'hémorragie. Uh, when we confronted the truck drivers and all, they were probably -- had better weapons and more weapons than we did. If I see them today, I would know their faces. And I did. Un bâtiment d'entraînement des officiers de réserve est incendié. When I was firing a person, and this lady said, "You know, I could have a gun in my purse," she was known for carrying a weapon, "and I could kill you." Yeah. We came around to fall back in the group. I would prefer it that way. We had marched up on the hill once. Alright, I think that's important. The Kent State shootings, also known as the May 4 massacre and the Kent State massacre, were the killings of four and wounding of nine other unarmed Kent State University students in Kent, Ohio, by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970. [Ohio National Guardsman]: Well, you gotta realize that at this point in time, we were still -- after this occurred -- interviewed by FBI, there was a lot of [indescernible]. The M1 was a still-jacketed 30-odd-six high-velocity straight-shot round.

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