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In 1953, the Winfield Arms Co. bought the Netherlands’ remaining Johnsons as war surplus and shipped them to Canada, where they were refurbished for sale in the United States. Category. All NPC guns were produced in … Any pictures? The rarely-seen Chilean models may command a 25% premium. in 1952, 27% of soldiers held this opinion)[citation needed] was that the M1 Garand's distinctive clip ejection sound, the well-known "M1 Ping", presented a danger when fighting an enemy force, as the sound purportedly signaled to the enemy that the solder's M1 Rifle was empty and they could no longer fire in defense.

in Prov./ Cranston, R.I.. Back in the 50’s as a young man went around local Gun Shop with my father an uncle seeing these Johnson’s after they went out of business hanging on racks around “asking” $50.00 each. Unfortunately, the order was never completed due to the Netherlands’ self-imposed embargo on its colonies, which were in danger of falling to the Japanese. anyone know? 5/3/2019 The M1941 Johnson Rifle is an American short-recoil operated semi-automatic rifle designed by Melvin Johnson prior to World War II. Melvin Johnson was a gun designer who felt that the M1 Garand rifle had several significant flaws – so he developed his own semiauto .30-06 rifle to supplement the M1. My Grandfather bought it and it was stored after his passing that year.

They were eventually sold in the surplus market in 1953.[13]. 30-'06 SEMI-AUTO. The fact that only 773 of the 21,988 Johnson rifles manufactured were acquired by the Marine Corps means the probability of any particular undocumented example being one of the coveted USMC rifles is about 3 percent—not very good odds! I have a 1941 Johnson rifle. The M1941 competed unsuccessfully with the U.S. M1 Rifle. The M1941 Johnson Light Machine Gun, also known as the Johnson and the Johnny gun,[1] was an American recoil-operated light machine gun designed in the late 1930s by Melvin Johnson. Ernesto "Che" Guevara notably used a Johnson in the Cuban Revolution. Johnson developed a recoil-operated firearm mechanism he believed to be superior to the Garand’s gas-operated system. My rifle also shows signs of a wood patch just behind the rotary magazine. I had an M1 Garand in the Corps and bought one when I got out. If you are interested, I will send you contact information.

The gambit failed. Was the scoped LMG your father carried issued with the scope? Because it was produced in relatively small quantities the Johnson rifle has become a highly sought-after collectible by World War II collectors looking to complete their collections. Johnson's curved, single-column magazine attached to the left side of the receiver; company brochures list a 20-round magazine as standard. However, this resulted in a bayonet that had little utility on, or off, the rifle, but it did satisfy the design parameters, which called for a bayonet. Despite repeated requests by the Marine Corps to adopt the rifle,[8] the Johnson rifle lacked the support of US Army Ordnance, which had already invested considerable sums in the development of the M1 Garand and its revised gas operating system, then just going into full production. Johnson 1941 Complete Mag Assembly. ]—there are no verified cases of an enemy using the "M1 Ping" sound to their advantage up through the Korean War. It used a fixed 10-round rotary magazine, which could be fed by 5-round standard stripper clips or loose individual cartridges.

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