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“It feels like a lot,” she says anxiously of the coming year, “but I’m just excited for people to see what I’ve been up to.”. Her Peabody Award–winning HBO series has featured independent and Los Angeles–based artists such as Saweetie, SZA, Blood Orange, and so many more, thanks in part to the Solange Knowles–curated soundtrack and Rae’s passion for spotlighting promising young talent.

“You wear stuff like that and you wonder why,” she jokingly admits to me later. In July, 34.3% of the acting nominees for the Emmys were black, and Insecure was nominated for eight, including Rae’s nomination for lead actress. #2020VISION, The rapper threw his hat into the ring late and made the ballot in only a few states, the New York Times reported. It was really sad. This was the first time I was able to dive into a novel. Yeah, that’s a lot of baskets. I moisturize a lot, all over because, again, I'm a very dry person in general and I just find that as long as I'm moisturizing my skin, it helps the glow. To the uninitiated, the 35-year-old’s rise to the top of Hollywood appears immediate, as though she exploded on to TV screens and into critical acclaim in just a few years. IR: Protecting my time and boundaries. “I was like, ‘A lot of people have to know who I am for that many people to get the joke!’ I also realized that’s why I was so attracted to him—we look alike!”, It’s been five years since HBO ordered the pilot for Insecure, the comedy series starring Rae as Issa Dee, a professionally and romantically frustrated woman living in South Los Angeles. “And we’ve had so much success there just in terms of putting them on the radar for the industry. That’s why I wanted to get involved.

There were a couple of ideas that we previously through out there that were excited about, but we’ll see. But while the show devotes a lot of time to Issa’s work and her relationships with men, including the polarizing Lawrence—a “good guy” boyfriend who puts zero effort into the relationship—the love story at the heart of the series is the friendship between Issa and her best friend Molly, played by comedian Yvonne Orji. Until recently, the area was a virtual coffee desert, save for a few Starbucks. And I have dry hair and it can be brittle — this restores my hair to help it feel healthy again.

Yet it is, by Rae’s own admission in a 2016 interview, “a show about regular black people being basic”. But, Rae confesses, “I think people are just expecting me to be funny, and the character just lost her mom, so she’s going through it. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. When she launched Insecure in 2016, she took care to compose a team chock-full of creatives. Insecure is Insecure because of the producers, the cast, and the costume designer, all the way down to the soundtrack and the designers Issa wears in the show. We keep each other grounded and lift each other up. If they don’t, I might not. AVC: Season four was obviously an intense time for Issa and Molly, but it was also a really prosperous time for Issa as an individual.
Over the course of our hour-long conversation, I learned that this tendency to challenge herself is how Issa operates best. She founded her niche in community organizing, had these really lovely familial moments with her brother and her mom, and explored herself while she and Molly were on pause.

Here, she discusses Insecure’s new season, her love of South L.A., and embracing feminism—despite its “tinge of whiteness.”. The updated range is coming on the scene with the Salon In a Box ($75) collection, which includes the H.A.P.I.

Fans, black fans specifically, don’t simply watch Insecure, we live-tweet it, we argue about it, we create petitions for it to be extended to one hour, much to the chagrin of its creator. This past fall, she inked a deal with Atlantic Records to launch her record label, Raedio, and became the co-owner of the black-owned and -operated Hilltop Coffee shop in her hometown of Inglewood. I agree.”. Shampoo ($18), which gently cleanses your hair without stripping it, Dew Magic ($18), a leave-in conditioner, Plant Power ($22), a deep treatment that softens your hair while adding a dose of protein to your strands, and Lock & Seal ($22), a hair oil that adds moisture and helps seal your cuticles. Rae was making a name for herself. I see my hair growing and being healthy and for once, that goes for skin too.
There’s still a constructive feedback element that I’ll always value in my work. “And we’ve had so much success there just in terms of putting them on the radar for the industry. And before that was her first web series, Dorm Diaries, a satirical look at black life at Stanford University in 2007, where she majored in African and African-American studies.

And I've had to really give people a cut off and protect my weekends. There’s no denying that in Hollywood, white talent is the default. It’s a criticism that has been levelled at Rae herself, as well as her co-star Yvonne Orji, despite being raised in the US, since Orji’s parents are Nigerian and Rae is half-Senagalese. So, my styles are more story-driven as opposed to, "I need Issa to have this braid and it needs to go to the side like this."

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