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Analyse or compare instagram accounts side by side to get detailed reports and find out your negative and position points to make any necessary improvments. Creating good content for Instagram isn’t easy – you constantly have to improve your content strategy to keep your followers’ attention. New brands emerge every day, and many of them will rely on Instagram to develop a fanbase. You can use Hootsuite to create a … Weekly Instagram analytics report will be emailed to you automatically to keep you updated.Best way to automate your Instagram reporting. Hootsuite. It is ideal for smaller businesses who want to get to grips with metrics and analytics and who want to progress from … While we may be the ones bringing you this list, there’s no denying Sprout Social’s … Sprout Social. Why is understanding your Instagram analytics so important for successful Instagram marketing?. Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights provides more basic metrics than some premium analytics tools but is free and included in Instagram. HypeAuditor. Compare Instagram Accounts. HypeAuditor is a vast database powered by artificial intelligence that’s indexed nearly … Key specialty: Post scheduling and team collaboration.

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