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If a person looks at his production since he was signed by Seattle at age 27 — and compare it to others after that age — his Hall-of-Fame candidacy is pretty borderline. Everyday guys like me keep a scorecard at the stadium and the game’s box-score is worth a peak in the next day’s newspaper. > Ichiro Suzuki Statistics and History. You heard it here first: It will be. My only visit to Cooperstown was long before I knew as much about baseball and its history as I do now, but I still reveled in the aura of the place. I’ve been an Ichiro fan ever since he came over. pic.twitter.com/ii76ACCTCP.

David Ortiz has a whopping 23 homers with a mere .228 batting average. I hope Ichiro makes it to the Hall of Fame… Baseball Hall of Fame, MLB MVP's, MLB Cy Young Award, MLB Rookie of the Year, Rawlings Gold Gloves , … no doubt cheating is wrong. Not sure I agree that it evens out the playing field. He’s also never really been about power, which hurts him with the positional adjustments for Wins Above Average, which expects outfielders to swing for the fences. Full Site Menu. He or Utley might be the most underrated player of the 2000s, and it rarely goes well for these types of players in Hall of Fame voting. He’ll log one more All Star appearance hopefully. The MLB Stat of the Day Twitter account gets the ball rolling. Twenty-one players rank better in this span, according to the Baseball-Reference.com Play Index tool, including Mike Trout who’s only been in the majors since 2011.

Harold Baines, 18723. Ichiro, 50935. I’m really hoping he gets there, b/c that should seal the deal. I like how you compared Ichiro to Happy Gilmore. Pete Rose is the only other player with 10 200-hit seasons, but his weren't consecutive. He played in his final game Thursday in Japan. Considering we are in the steroid era. *  The former will break a Major League record set by Willie Keeler over a century ago, from 1894 to 1901, and also tie him with Ty Cobb for most seasons in the American League with 200 hits. 3 - Ichiro2 - Freddie Lindstrom, Rogers Horsnby, George Sisler. This happens sometimes with outstanding contact hitters. 5 - Ichiro4 - Rogers Hornsby, Jesse Burkett3 - Stan Musial, Joe Medwick, Chuck Klein, Bill Terry, Lloyd Waner, George Sisler, Ty Cobb. And on the day that he does, I’d like to visit Cooperstown again to truly appreciate the legends he would become a part of, having become a little wiser about baseball history thanks to the Baseball Almanac.

They’re from 70-80-100 years ago, when baseball rules were different (fouls weren’t strikes!). He became the first rookie ever to draw the most votes for the All-Star game. In his prime, he was arguably baseball's greatest contact hitter since Tony Gwynn and a fine defensive right fielder to boot. Even for the non-sabermetrically inclined, Ichiro’s decline should be fairly obvious. It’s clear steroids has done nothing to make hitting records easier to break; it’s only the power records that’s been affected.

But Ichiro was a player who may prove to be once in a century. I hope Ichiro makes it to the Hall of Fame. He’ll be a great Hall of Famer, with the kind of plaque people make the trip to Cooperstown to see.

And he will be a Hall of Famer whenever he hasn't played in MLB for five years. Ditto for the recent Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson’s stolen base record, which at 1406 is over 50% more than Lou Brock’s 938 standing at second. He was a 10-time All-Star.

For example, it definitively proves what I had suspected all along, that an unassisted triple play–something I once had the pleasure of seeing live, albeit on TV against the Yankees–is rarer than pitching perfection. A number of players have better stats but lower profiles. Adrian Beltre, 3,07524. And then some statistic you just shake your head in disbelief, like Nolan Ryan’s strikeout record of 5,714 that will never be broken (Randy Johnson is second–a whopping 1000 behind), not because the game has changed (heck, I have his baseball card so he’s not that old), but because he was a freak of nature. We made the requirement at least 300 plate appearances here. He won his league batting title twice. When this happens, Ichiro will be a quick, almost automatic selection for Cooperstown. Ichiro doesn’t get a hit “now and then”; he gets a hit always. Football “box-score” hardly ever receives a mention. In fact, it’s rarer than hitting four home runs in one game, hitting six hits in one game, having a thirty game hitting streak, hitting a home run on first pitch ever, having a three pitch inning, throwing four stikeouts in one inning, retiring the side on 9 strikes on 9 pitches, throwing two complete games in one day, or stealing second, third, then home. Since 2011, though, Ichiro’s career has looked something like Rose’s when Charlie Hustle stuck around long past when he should’ve retired to chase the all-time hit record.

Yeah, he was the batting champion in Japan for 7 consecutive years before he came here I think he turned pro when he was 18 (which is what best players in Japan do), so he was still relatively young when he came to the states. (Who could forget that throw to third base against the A's in his rookie season?). This is Ichiro’s swan song. Ichiro will waltz into the Hall of Fame for his MLB excellence.

Ortiz makes the point. Utley might draw 10-15 percent of the Hall of Fame vote, since Jeff Kent is getting it. “Ichiro Suzuki,” the headlines might read five years from now. Follow him on Twitter: @grahamdude. Other things play into Ichiro’s underwhelming sabermetrics.

Neither is going to reach 300.

Rolen will arrive on the BBWAA ballot in the fall of 2017 and is going to be lucky to receive five percent of the vote. My only visit to Cooperstown was long before I knew as much about baseball and its history as I do now, but I still reveled in the aura of the place. Ichiro Suzuki is done playing Major League Baseball.

But 3000 in the majors will be very tough for him. The MLB Stat of the Day Twitter account gets the ball rolling. When you look at the list of career winners, you realize that the 300 win club may be joining this category after Randy Johnson achieves the feat next season and Mike Mussina retired following this past season because the next closest active players are Jamie “I’ll be in the majors until I’m a grandpa” Moyer with 246 wins and Kenny “I know you can’t believe this, but I’ve pitched a perfect game” Rogers at 219 wins.

I would think hitting records of any kind would be the most likely to be broken this day in age. Alex Rodriguez, 3,11521. Enter your email address to subscribe to The World According to Joe and receive notifications of new posts by email! Si Tacuisses, Philosophus Mansisses ~~ Never Before Has One With So Little To Say Said So Much To So Few, Ichiro and the Hall of Fame, as Understood Through the Baseball Almanac, retiring the side on 9 strikes on 9 pitches, 24 players to blast the increasingly unimpressive 500 home runs, Jim Caple of ESPN noted in a column when Ichiro broke the record, The Legacy of Alex Rodriguez: A Reputation in Shatters, It’s March Again and It’s Madness, Frozen and Fantastic, "Tenet" (2020) is Too Creative for Its Own Good (Part I/II), “Tenet” (2020) is Too Creative for Its Own Good (Part II/II), “Tenet” (2020) is Too Creative for Its Own Good (Part I/II), It’s Been Quite Interesting Being a Conservative in a Liberal Bubble (Part II/II), It’s Been Quite Interesting Being a Conservative in a Liberal Bubble (Part I/II). Ichiro is also on the cusp of breaking two more records, with 9 consecutive seasons of 200 or more hits and 4 consecutive seasons of leading the league in hits. It’s not nearly as bad as Rose’s -13.7 Wins Above Average between 1980 and 1986, one of the worst final stretches in baseball history, but it’s not a whole lot better. I never, in my wildest imagination, thought a Japanese baseball player could be enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

He won three Silver Sluggers in addition to all those Gold Gloves. Carlos Delgado, 18624. His on-base percentage has never been great relative to his batting average. It’s worth noting that Ichiro essentially is moving to first as he completes his swing. What if we go up to 230? But Ichiro was a player who may prove to be once in a century.

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