i'm so fly they call me aviator

So far that I wake up now afraid Early Top Gun  hops limited to a 10,000-foot AGL hard deck. Varsity Play for the Deck - A skillful landing attempt.VSTOL - Very Short Takeoff and Landing.
"Back to the Taxpayers" - Where you send a wrecked aircraft.Bag - Flight suit or anti-exposure suitBag Season - Cold weather or water conditions which require the wearing of anti-exposure gear; which is very restrictive, uncomfortable and unpopularBall - An amber visual landing aid that the pilot uses to adjust aircaft relative position to  a desired final approach glideslope. Boola-Boola - Radio call made when a pilot shoots down a drone. Joey, do you like movies about gladiators? Hard Deck - Minimum altitude for training engagements.

Pinging On - Paying close attention.Pinkie - A landing made at twilight between the official time of sunset (or sunrise) and"real" darkness; it officially counts as a night landing, but is cheating; preferred type of "night" landing by O-4's and above. Deadstick – Approach and landing without power. Glove - The huge wing root of the F-14 Tomcat, housing the mechanism for moving the variable- geometry wings. Opportunity to excel - A disagreeable job without the time or resources to properly complete. I ask why they can’t find it since it came in on the 3:30 flight and it was confirmed off the plane. Also VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing)Vulture's Row - A viewing gallery on an aircraft carrier's island. SA - Situational Awareness.

Oh, that's very nice of you, thank you. Who you know lyrically killed the club in the same rhyme? The objective of a partnership is to make a profit. And when I ride by Look dog, I don't run with the poodles

[Verse 3] Squadron member with considerable experience in carrier landings, responsible for assisting others onto the deck and for grading their efforts. "Back to the Taxpayers" - Where you send a wrecked aircraft. Grew up on section 8, you probably can't relate Red Flag - Advanced aerial combat training exercise, held by the Air Force at Nellis AFB, Nevada. CAG - Commander of the Air Group - the carrier's chief pilot.Carqual, or CQ - Carrier qualification; a set number of carrier takeoffs and landings  required in training and at periodic intervals of all carrier flight crews. FAST - Fleet Air Superiority Training.Father - Slang term for shipboard TACAN station. “Flare to land, squat to pee” – Navy pilots description of Air Force Pilots. I never asked to walk the road alone Kick the Tires and Light the Fires - Shorten the pre-flight walk around.Knife Fight in a Phone Booth - Close-in, slow-speed aerial dogfight. So they started to argue who would get a chute the worlds smartest man said, 'I get a parachute because I have many more things to discover. ' Stick - Throttle Interconnect ~ Mock-tech term for a pilot (also called just a "stick").Sweet - Up and working. ". But someday I'll make it home Ya' boy is corrupt kid [Hook] [Instrumental] ex; VLR – Velocity for landing gear retraction. “Soup” IMCGoon Up - Screw up.Gouge - The latest inside information. Paranoia is on ya', that's why ya' llama's in ya' bed Aircraft can fly and fight past bingo fuel  in combat situations, but at considerable peril.Bingo Field - Land-based runway to which carrier aircraft can be used as an alternate.Birds – AircraftBlower - Afterburner.Blue-Water Ops - Carrier flight operations beyond the reach of land bases or bingo fields.Boards Out - Speed brakes extendedBoat - Any Navy ship regardless of size. Looks like the foot is on the other hand now, Mr. Kramer! Jet intakes can ingest loose objects, and even the  smallest item, a rock or bolt can seriously damage jet  turbine or propeller blades. Copyright © Fandango. Trick-or-Treat - If you don't make the trap.

James Maitland Stewart (May 20, 1908 – July 2, 1997) was an American actor, singer and military officer. If I could be strong

To lead you to this place to find me waiting Living in a memory turned wrong Widomaker – F-104 Starfighter. But she ain't concerned cause he's a earner Have you ever been in a plane cockpit before. Nice Vapes - High speed at low altitude or high G causes dramatic vapor trails.No-Load - An underachiever.No Joy - Failure to make visual sighting; or inability to establish radio communications.Nugget - A first-tour aviator. Yeah, yeah KC-135's , KC-10Three Down and Locked - Landing gear down and ready for landing. When now all I have is you Nigga, I'm so fly, I got money


Checking for Light Leaks - Taking a nap, referring to the eyelidsCherubs - Altitude under 1,000 feet, measured in hundreds of feet ("cherubs two" means 200 feet). CAP - Combat Air Patrol over ground-attack aircraft.Military Power - Maximum jet engine power without engaging afterburner.Mini-Boss - The Assistant Air Boss.Mort - "Killed" in ACM practice.Mother/Mom - The boat on which you are deployed, and where you launched from.Mud-mover, Ground-pounder - Low-level attack aircraft.Music - Electronic Jamming intended to deceive radar.My Fun Meter is Pegged - Sarcastic comment for, "I am not enjoying this. IFF(Indent Friend or Foe), Snuggle Up - During formation flight, to close up under the wing of another aircraft. Delta - When an aircraft arrives at a boat for recovery, this instruction tells the pilot to stay clear and save gas; refers to a holding pattern at the boat.\Delta Sierra - "dumb shit": describes a stupid action, negates previous Bravo Zulus and Sierra Hotels.

New album "Ellipsis" OUT NOW ! So you ain't gotta go all the way to L.A. to get ya MC ate But you're not alone Envelope - The maximum performance parameters of an aircraft; flying at the edge of the envelope means to utilize max speed, Gs or altitude of an aircraft.

Up - Working, not broken.Up on the Governor - When someone is about to have a tantrum (Derived from the prop governor which keeps the propeller blades from overspeeding). Find me the chance to walk away The distress call for life-threatening emergencies, such as complete engine failure. And when I ride by Thank God for giving Banks the gift

Jink – A quick maneuver to avoid a threat. Navigation aid which provides bearing and, V-speeds – Operational speed limitations for any given aircraft. AAM. The chronic is blown for my niggas that got locked up and deported And I could tell that you're jealous just by the look in your eye Dash Two - The second plane in a two-or-more aircraft formation; the wingman.Dead Heading - pilots flying as passengers. Back-seat crewman in the F-14 Tomcat and F-4 Phantom. Its a privilege to ride with a celeb' I'm so fly, I got money 21st century, doing something mean to it Nasty, all- all the time And when I ride by Rapture you with lyricism, kidnap your soul

Cones - Students, short for coneheads: also called nurkin heads.Conning - Making contrails.Contract - Agreements and ground rules, some minor and some life-threatening, between  two-man fighter crews or between wingmen. Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue. Excuse me, I happened to be passing, and I thought you might like some coffee. They call me Logic, motherfucker, better know the name ... Fuck the world ’til I’m on top, we call that missionary ... this the pilot So fly I recorded this on the PJ next to the pilot on a CB I'm so fly, I got money I don't ever stop! Also known as "paddles". Dr. Rumack: I am serious, and don't call me Shirley. Boeing reckons that about 617,000 new pilots will have to be recruited by 2035, particularly in Asia. The game’s on pause, it need to load again An "up" gripe means you can still fly: a "down" gripe means aircraft is grounded. Ugh! I've been back to the start Heater - Sidewinder missile which homes in on heat sources.”Heatseeker”Helo - Universal Navy/Marine term for helicopter.High PRF - Extremely excitable (PRF is a radar term: pulse repetition frequency).High Warble - Unduly agitated.Hop - A Mission, or flightHOTAS - Hands On Throttle And Stick.HUD - Heads Up Display.

Just for a piece of cheesecake like Puff did Growing up surrounded by 'caine like I was Abel ECM - Electronic Countermeasures; systems for jamming or misleading enemy weapons, communications, and radar. "Flathatting - Unauthorized low-level flying.Flare - The nose-up landing attitude normal for most land-based aircraft. We pack shows and attract bosses Oversweep - When the F-14, on the ground, sweeps its wings to seventy-two degrees aft for storage on carrier. I'll follow all the signs Carrier jets do not flare due to increased landing distance caused by float time. Nasty Now Look down, that's forty stones

Step to the mic and they gon' dread it like Weezy Lineup – lining up the aircraft with the runway or Fight DeckLost the Bubble - Got confused or forgot what was happening.Loading/Unloading - Increasing or decreasing angle of attack and G'sLoud Handle - Lever or grip that fires ejection seat.LSO - Landing Signals Officer. Mother requests, "Say your state". CAG - Commander of the Air Group - the carrier's chief pilot. A "cold cat," one in which insufficient launch pressure has been set into the device. Believe that, cause I ain't scared of shit but Jesus

Yeah, yeah By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? And I could tell that you're jealous just by the look in your eye Nigga, I'm so fly, I got money Guilty with shame Tank - RefuelTango Uniform -  "tits up"; broken, not functioning.Texaco - An aerial tanker.

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