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He told CNN that homesickness is the “very thing that noculates against a future bout of homesickness.” When you live through it, you learn how to cope. And I’m a full-grown adult! Hulton-Deutsch Collection / Corbis / Getty, despite moving less often relative to earlier generations. So when we’re not feeling this in our new environment, we might start to miss home. If you need to, have a good cry – it’ll make you feel better. Often the best way to cope is to vent to your heart’s content. Acknowledge these feelings when they come up, because putting on a brave front and suppressing them is firstly: not healthy and secondly: bloody emotionally exhausting. Falling sick, like a sudden fever, headache, and lack of enthusiasm. But that doesn’t mean homesickness is or has to be a wholly bad thing—it can also be clarifying for budding adults trying to figure out their lives. Travel guides may give remedies to deal with nausea for bad travelers' but they never discuss homesickness though it is accepted that everyone will go through homesickness at some stage in their lifetime. It usually evokes experiences like watching your parents drive away after dropping you off at camp or restless first nights in a college dorm room. So I decided to celebrate the tradition by going to a restaurant, ordering whatever the hell I wanted, and completely stuffing my face with food (ah, what a beautiful holiday). We can experience it as a loss, and we’re not terribly good at coping with that feeling. If you’re feeling homesick, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. After a while though, the novelty wore off. I’m not about to turn you into a detached robot person, just offer some support, from one person prone to homesickness to another. I had a few adventures with my childhood best friend, Luke – we went to Berlin, Bruges and Vienna. Aside from just meeting new people and giving it time, one simple way to do this is to build your own new traditions. When a smell first wafts over to the nose, it is processed first by the olfactory bulb, which links two areas of the brain that are especially significant for emotion and memory: the amygdala and the hippocampus. Take a moment to reflect with love and warmth and appreciate the good times. Allowing yourself to feel a little sad is a necessary part of moving forward. But the truth is, even now, in my 30s, I occasionally get homesick. It could also be that the novelty of your new life is wearing off, and you’re looking at your old life with rose-tinted glasses. As it happens, I get to go home soon to launch my book in Australia, and I am so looking forward to it. The more you get used to being away from home, the better you are at coping. All Rights Reserved. Can’t do that in LA!” Which is true, but people back home had their faults, too, just like people anywhere do. She mentions a client who lamented wanting to “just go home” to live closer to her family. The grass is always greener on the other side of the country. Without your usual framework of support around you, feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety and insecurity can be all too overwhelming at times. Save 15% on the Escape Collection with code GETAWAY at checkout. Homesickness is normal, and everyone experiences it! – I find myself, recently, feeling homesick. It’s a numbers game. I Tried 10 Productivity Hacks. 2. When you think of homesickness, you might think back to the first time you went away on a school camp, or when you left home for uni – something you’re supposed to grow out of, right? It also allows space and time for university students to make strong social connections among their peers — perceived absence of social support was a strong predictor of homesickness, according to Thurber’s report — and gain much-needed independence. “Work on it and pinpoint the source of your homesickness,” says Dr Neo. After a year or so of living in LA, I started to get depressed. But in doing this, I was prolonging my problem. Many things can link us to home. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Homesickness occurs during a time of change and is a natural response to loss and adjustment, usually a normal process experienced by many adults living or travelling away from home. Getting a dog has helped. That’s echoed by 26-year-old Tess Funke, a dentist who moved from Kentucky to Arkansas. At work, at university, friends of friends, at parties, the list goes on. Copyright (c) 2020 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. Sign up to receive the latest and greatest articles from our site automatically each week (give or take)...right to your inbox. This isn’t summer camp, this is life! Remember, experience is one of the four factors that impact how homesick you feel. It becomes our security blanket in a way. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use and “Back home, people were friendlier,” I’d say. It was almost obsessive; it made me feel secure and safe. Even if you live for new places and experiences, the lack of familiarity can be surprisingly jarring. At the very least, homesickness is a testament to the power of connections to family and place. All you should remember is that homesickness in adults is a temporary phase, give yourself time to let the saddening time pass by. The reasons why adults feel homesick can come down to a bunch of different circumstances. Support services like beyondblue have advice forums and even numbers you can call to talk to real people about what’s going on. We grew up playing the same games and doing the same things. Oftentimes, homesickness is equated with kids at summer camp or college freshman out on their own for the first time. I’m gearing up to launch my first book in a matter of weeks. Some of us might really miss our mum and dad, our old group of friends, our family pets or just the general sense of home. Although, we adults don’t express much about how terribly we miss home and family when we are away, all of us know the feeling of sadness and depression within. longing for the “good old days” became problematic, shows nostalgia can actually improve your idea of the future. I hope the above points have helped you on how to deal with the terrible feeling of homesickness. You’re there, you’re secure.”, That “security blanket” is a crucial part of what homesick adults miss. “Recognize that none of this may feel quite like what you’re yearning for, but that is the nature of the modern 20s,” Jay adds. “It’s associated with insomnia, problems with appetite, difficulty concentrating. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. There was the dry, cool breeze, fun comedy shows, and the food was stellar. Inspired by Westpac. They experience it when they have to travel alone to some distant locations leaving their families and friends behind. When I moved here, I knew people, but they were all new to me. Read this article and find out…, “Homesickness is… absolutely nothing. What makes homesickness such a … And yet – and yet! Homesickness is caused by the brain’s desire for routines and attachment systems. “But with the just, she was painting that choice as a disappointment rather than as something that could be a positive step for her when the time was right,” says Jay. It’s important to form a new support network that you can lean on when you need (and vice versa). While it can feel soul crushing at times, it’s not the end of days – I promise there are ways to cope. When you are rid of these baseline problems that haunt you, you are freer and lighter to pursue life. A few terrible Tinder dates and a failed long distance romance later, I fell in love with an offensively handsome Englishman. It’s a very painful condition.” Adult homesickness: There is no medication for homesickness and neither are there preventive measures. Let’s deconstruct what homesickness is, why and how we feel it, and a few ways to help ease that gentle pining for home. Change often switches on our fight-or-flight response, and in turn, we feel homesick. This is how you pull yourself up. “Build a new life. It’s a mixture of emotions, where on one hand you are happy to move towards a better career growth, and on the other hand, you are sad about staying away from your loved ones. I just missed my old life. I know where to get the best Sunday roasts and the best routes for dog-spotting on Hampstead Heath. The Most Important Benzodiazepines List You Will Ever Need. Establish new rituals. And so, here is my plan. It actually comes down to the brain’s wonderous and mysterious anatomy. Keep homesickness on the happy side of street with the tips above. Since family and home is a synonym to emotions, it just takes a little more time and effort in coping with homesickness. “Maybe, even though they have relationships and friends and apartments, these still feel uncertain and temporary, which is the nature of the modern 20s.” Yet while 20-somethings might think their peers are eager to move around and slowly settle into their lives, stability and a sense of home—once culturally regarded as signs of a “boring” life—are actually becoming more popular among Millennials. The very idea that we could get on a train or a plane and be in a foreign country so quickly, having grown up with a great expanse of sunburnt country sitting between ourselves and most travel destinations, was an insanely lovely novelty. And don’t expect yourself to meet the right people immediately. A swirl of emotions such as nostalgia, anxiety, and longing, homesickness isn’t typically considered an adult thing. Go to a professional networking group, pursue some activity, or go to a Meetup group. In fact, Millennials, despite moving less often relative to earlier generations, are more likely than other Americans to pack up and head out the door. Now you can get the top stories from Lifehacker delivered to your inbox. The benefits of homesickness can go both ways, clarifying priorities about the future and encouraging immersion in a new place to establish new routines and relationships that can quell the feelings of homesickness. What makes homesickness such a universal phenomenon? Here are some tips on how to combat your homesickness as an adult.

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