boxing name puns

45. square off: prepare for conflict (from the tradition of boxers standing facing each other at the beginning of a match) I said: “No, but I’ll wrestle you for them!”. So the contractor asked how important the contents of the box were and the workers replied, "Two people have been fired for not listening to the plumber, just let that sink in". I was planning to buy my kids a jack-in-the-box for Christmas.

4. bob and weave: be evasive (as a boxer ducking to avoid an opponent’s blows) Greetings from China! 24. keep (one’s) guard up: stay alert (from the idea of protecting one’s face with a gloved hand) Boxing is as basic as it gets, and while I’m not a fan, these idioms certainly are descriptive and colorful. 35–36. A chicken was put into the penalty box during a hockey game. Waiter: Do you wanna box for the leftover? ... boxing puns boxing day puns boxer puns boxer dog puns box related puns boxing food puns boxer brief puns. He was also fired and a new contractor hired. 11. down and out: destitute (an analogy to a boxer who has been knocked down and remains motionless) ... ︎ u/average_name_of_user ︎ Sep 09 2019 ︎ report. Don’t know? I loved that box, but I knew I had to let it go. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? 44. spar: fight or dispute (from the term for a boxing maneuver, used in the phrases “sparring match” and “sparring partner”) Words based on fighting help a fella land his punches right in the kisser.

7–10. If A is for Ace and B is for Box then what is C for? Home Puns Art Work Sayings Sport Hobby Articles Search Shop Boxing Puns. The contractor turned him away despite warnings that there would be consequences. 16. duke it out: argue (likely from dukes as rhyming slang for fists; “duke of Yorks” was substituted for forks as slang for fingers or hands) I suspected my sister's butter had developed intelligence after she took it to school in her lunch box. Boxing Pick-Up Line: Are you a boxer?

Out of fondness, the workers warned him that when plumber comes, he should allow the box to go into the building. This contractor was a fun person, giving the workers breaks and buying them lunch. Crazy ex-girlfriends are like a box of chocolates. 37. put up your dukes: said by someone as an invitation to fight (see “duke it out”) Friend: “How do I get this thing in my car? The plumber insisted he was just trying to do his job and that it was imperative that the box go into the master bathroom. 39. roll with the punches: be flexible (from the idea of a boxer remaining in motion despite having received repeated blows) Waitress: Do you want a box for the rest of your food?

Arturo "Thunder" Gatti wasn't the most skilled fighter in the ring, but you'd be … I told my buddy that I was having a cookout and that he could bring whatever meat he wanted. You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! I added Paul Walker as a friend on X-box... Why would anyone fill a box with 2000 tiny pieces of cardboard.

Someone once told me they heard I was a poor squeeze box player ... My girlfriend is a geologist. I am opening a soap box derby themed restaurant. What’s the difference between a post box and a rhinoceros?

down/out for the count: defeated or overcome (as a boxer who has run out of time to stand up after being knocked down)

Is it okay if I just pay with my card?". Going through the box the elephant was ok. Waiter: Do you wanna box for your leftovers? Don't understand why, she'd always told me it's little things that count?

It’s almost as tall as I am!”, Me: “Guess you’re just gonna have to angle it.”, Friend and everyone in a 30 foot radius: -groan and facepalm-. Cleaning your cat's litter box is a lot like sifting gold except for 1 thing, When getting ready to leave the restaurant, our hot waitress noticed by leftovers and asked: “do you wanna box for that?”. What do you call a bunch of ducks in a box? 18. go down swinging: persist (from the notion of a boxer fighting up to the point at which he or she is knocked out) The contractor was adamant that whatever was in the box would not go in the building at any cost. He was also fired and a new contractor hired. 33. one-two punch: a combination or sequence of two impactful things The cop who had theorized the murder weapon was a box of school books found that he was correct! 31. low blow: a hurtful or unfair action or comment (see “below the belt”) The contractor turned him away despite warnings that there would be consequences. My waitress asked me if I wanted a box for my food. 1. bare-knuckle: fierce or determined (from boxing done without gloves) Click here for more information. Friend of mine at work won a fishing pole and tackle box at the Christmas party. 5–6. I asked him if he could hear the ocean in them, But he spends all his time on his dashboard, The contractor was adamant that whatever was in the box would not go in the building at any cost. 22. hit below the belt: act unfairly (from the act of landing a blow below an opponent’s waist) My dog ate an entire box of crayons by himself and got a horrible stomach ache. I just bought a box of burned out lightbulbs... My friend was talking about how he found a box of shotgun shells in his desk.

", I told her I’d rather wrestle her for it instead. round: one of a series of activities or events (from the name of a period of time during a boxing match) 41. saved by the bell: rescued from difficulty at the last moment (from the bell rung at the end of a round in boxing) 42. slap-happy: see “punch-drunk/punchy” 43. He drives a mustang and was trying to figure out how to get it in his car. 34. pull (one’s) punches: hold back from using full force or full resources (as when a boxer does not use his or her full strength) If you are looking for great jokes and puns about boxing you are in the right place. The new contractor also wouldn't allow the contents of the large box into the building. 42. slap-happy: see “punch-drunk/punchy” I thought I broke my leg when I tripped over a box of Kleenex last night. We don’t know who it belongs to, but we’re looking into it. A. Pun Ching. I just threw away an entire box of animal crackers.

Awhile ago my roomate moved out, i was cleaning his old room when I stumbled upon a fake mustache in a box under his bed, when i asked him about it he replied: I was helping my friend move when I accidentally dropped his box of vinyl down a long flight of stairs. 49. take it on the chin: stand up to criticism (from the idea of a boxer receiving a blow on the chin without falling)

20. heavy hitter: an influential person or other entity (from the term for a boxer who lands particularly hard punches) Upon hearing this, the owner of the building got angry and hired a new contractor. 43. slugfest: a literally or figuratively combative event I thought I broke my ankle when I tripped on the tissue box. I told him it's for when I want to have a light snack.
48. take a dive: fail (from the slang phrase referring to a boxer falling after being struck) Will Glass shatter the box office or will it just break even. You'll also get three bonus ebooks completely free. drop/take off the gloves: abandon civility (from the practice of using bare fists rather than gloves) I just opened the box and found it is completely made of wood... A waiter once asked me: “Do you wanna box for your leftovers?”. People think just because I grew up in the ghetto back in the 80s, I should walk around carrying a big old boom box on my shoulder.

Available on: May I just pay for it with my card?”. The seal was broken and I had to throw out the box. I replied, “No, I hate violence.

she told me "give it away, give it away, give it away NOW" ! 2. beat (someone) to the punch: accomplish something before someone else does OC: What is it called when a mama cat delivers her babies in the cat box? punch-drunk/punchy: dazed or fatigued (from the notion of a boxer disoriented from receiving multiple blows) For watt it's worth, it wasn't a bright idea on my part. 41. saved by the bell: rescued from difficulty at the last moment (from the bell rung at the end of a round in boxing)

deliver/land a (knockout) blow/punch: hit The plumber insisted he was just trying to do his job and that it was imperative that the box go into the master bathroom. 'Cause I think I'm in glove with you. Today I finished off a box of Cheerios at breakfast, a box of Lucky Charms at lunch, and a box of Captain Crunch at dinner. 46. straight from the shoulder: direct and forthright (an analogy to a blow delivered using one’s full strength) Why did they bury the sick box underground? I enjoyed that one! Page of boxing puns and humor on the subject - films, names, expressions . This website is extremely helpful and interesting. Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took, and you name in the undertaker book.
Last week I was on the edge of a cliff, holding on to a box full of shredded cheese. I saw a great deal online for a 'Replica Rolex' for only $50. 30. lightweight: an insignificant person or entity (from the boxing and wrestling weight class) This is (practically) the corniest gift imaginable. I am glad to have this excellent website in my corner for my upcoming slugfest.

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