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BuzzFeed News interviewed three instructors based in California and Washington, DC, and reviewed nearly two dozen emails, which include ones from instructors sent to Equinox management raising their concerns as well as company responses and announcements, and Facebook conversations between instructors.

“One girl asked if I preferred they wear masks. She said she feels like managers have been “guilt-tripping” employees to come back to work because they were paid 75% of their fees during the shutdown. In addition there are also several amenities available at each gym including child care centers, juice bars, Jacuzzis, steam rooms as well as swimming pools. At the same time, they’re ready to provide you with the means to focus on reaching your goals. “I’m pissed,” the DC instructor wrote in a text message to BuzzFeed News. Contact Addy Baird at addy.baird@buzzfeed.com. “If there were to be an outbreak of Covid 19 at Equinox, given the current conditions, it will happen in the group fitness space,” he wrote. Your instructors. Equinox Fitness also provides the latest state of the art equipment for members, and they are of the highest quality and maintained by a dedicated staff. The messages show an overwhelming nervousness and frustration from instructors being asked to return to work before they feel safe — and to do so not only without hazard pay, but for a reduced wage. SHOP NOW. Addy Baird is a political reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Washington, DC. But despite the risk, Equinox is asking its group fitness instructors to come back to the gym and teach classes at a discounted rate, keeping the teachers at their 75% pay, rather than restoring their pre-COVID-19 rates. It’s something that’s been a frequent topic in a Facebook Group of Southern California Equinox group fitness instructors, screenshots of which were shared with BuzzFeed News by two employees. “[I said,] ‘You guys are asking the people at the bottom of your food chains to take this hit and bear the breadth of lost revenue, and I just kind of want you to know that like, I'm a poor person, and you're asking a poor person to now earn 25% less,’” she told BuzzFeed News. Recognize colleagues, redeem awards, and manage award approvals while on the go.

Not really,” one instructor responded.

“Better spacing at [Equinox’s] Hollywood [location], but does that really matter when [a] student sneezes?”. “Everybody was like, Okay, record scratch. Cancellation Fee (One Person) (All Clubs). Please let me know that we can return to work as a valued employee.”. Childs Associates, who were the previous owners of the club. Besides providing new equipment, Equinox also offers personalized training for all its members, meaning you’ll have an expert guiding you throughout your entire workout session. I'm obviously not going to do that,” she said.

The effectiveness of this program can be seen in studies proving that thrice weekly sessions at Equinox for 12 weeks increases muscle mass and strength, promotes lean body mass and improves aerobic performance. ", "I'm a poor person, and you're asking a poor person to now earn 25% less. Columbia University health policy professor Irwin Redlener said during an interview with BuzzFeed News earlier this spring that even if gyms spaced out equipment, there would still be a lot of close contact between members and staff, which could spread the virus further. Members of Equinox will also have access to the Three-Cycle System that is designed to keep you stimulated throughout the sessions, and you can be assured of quality training as their instructors all have completed the 150 hour education at EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute), the most rigid in the industry. Liz Levitan, a spokesperson for Equinox, said the DC employee had received inaccurate information.

“Now I'm working for $45 for five hours of work. Equinox also offers members first class personal training that won’t just get you in shape but also make you feel better about yourself. In addition there are also several amenities available at each gym including child care centers, juice bars, Jacuzzis, steam rooms as well as swimming pools. It's just so weird and greedy to me.”. One employee shared a notification they got from the company announcing that a member at the Beverly Hills location who tested positive had been in the gym the mornings of June 20 and June 22. FEATURED FROM THE DROP. So, no one wore them.”. “The member was primarily in the Group Fitness Studio, cardio area and strength floors,” the email said. I just feel like my workplace, Equinox, who I devoted three really loyal years of my life to, who I stuck by after some Stephen Ross Trumpy bullshit, it's like I just always felt so supported,” she said last week. Several other instructors wrote in the group saying they’d been the only person in their group class wearing a face mask.

Our world was shut down.”. “Everyone's kind of loosened up a bit, but I don't think that means that I can go into a sweaty, hot environment where, you know, part of my job is like touching people. “So we got 75%, but the [maintenance staff] … were not paid for three months, which I find disgusting,” she said. They both soon learned via email that they were among the furloughed group. Our world was shut down. Last Thursday, after gyms in California had been open for about a week, one member posted in the Facebook Group to ask how instructors have been feeling and whether they feel safe. Para saber mais sobre nossa política de cookies, acesse link. A member of the cleaning staff sanitizes gym equipment at an Equinox on June 18 in Marina del Rey, California.

Your dates. “This image that Equinox is feeding is so far and away opposite once you start sort of peeling back the layers. “Even on our best day — I'm somebody who is in really good health and I have really strong lungs because I exercise for a living, I take a multivitamin — but I also get sick all the time.”. Once you start getting to like the executive level, it is all, trust me, Trumpy, greedy, capitalist-y bullshit.” ●. As gyms reopen, he said, "if the virus actually ends up being still prevalent and we're not aware of who has it, who doesn’t have it, we worry about the safety of both the employees of the gym and the customers.”.

Menus and information for Purdue's residential and campus dining locations. The instructor now lives in DC, and when she was asked to come back to work she said she wasn’t comfortable. Another Southern California instructor, who teaches yoga and asked to remain anonymous so she could speak freely about Equinox, said she felt the way instructors were asked to return was handled poorly. Levitan confirmed the case, and said the company had only notified people out of “an abundance of caution” and hadn’t closed for cleaning because the gyms are cleaned three times throughout the day and once more overnight.

Each member of the club gets free towels and you will also have free shampoo, conditioner and other hair and body products. “With city and state governments in New York, New Jersey and the Bay Area unable to give us any certainty regarding reopening, we have no choice but to furlough certain members of the team in our unopened markets.”, In a follow-up statement after BuzzFeed News asked for clarification on the terms of the furloughs, Equinox spokesperson Samantha Bonizzi said, “As markets reopen, instructors have been and will continue to be welcomed back with no re-audition necessary.”. Three days later, neither employee had received any more information about if or how they could return to teaching when they felt safe. Apart from the main Equinox fitness center, the company also has two other brands, namely Blink Fitness and PURE Yoga. Those who sign up for Equinox will have access to numerous group exercise classes such as dance, kickboxing, sculpt, spinning and yoga among others. Levitan, the Equinox spokesperson, confirmed that maintenance staff was not paid during the shutdown. When you become part of the gym you’ll be able to work out comfortably as each club is spacious, and also those who sign up for full membership will be able to avail of their other programs and classes such as the aforementioned sculpting, spinning and Pilates at no extra cost.

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