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Others factions that you would likely find yourself connecting with would be Erudite and Candor. When it comes to funerals, the Dauntless have it immediately after they are pronounced dead because they want to acknowledge the death as soon as it happens. They are the faction dedicated to courage, bravery, strength, intimidation, and fearlessness. What Faction Am I in Divergent? ESFJs are very conscientiousness and considerate of others feelings. During Tris's initiation, it becomes apparent that Dauntless has steered away from its core belief of attaining peace through freedom from fear. Erudite does not believe in ignorance and believe it is the cause to all of societies faults. Fearless, undaunted, and brave. They would feel comfortable with the physical feats that Dauntless requires them to perform and would be willing to face their fears head on. ISFPs are very in touch with the physical world around them, making the daring and risk-taking Dauntless a decent fit for them. and must sit in front of everyone as they ask questions. Dauntless are those who are brave, seeming almost fearless. Lack of understanding leads to a disconnect... Dauntless Edit. If you do find yourself connecting with another faction, we believe a potentially good fit for the ISFPs would be Dauntless. Tris Prior was raised in Abnegation. Erudite are very intellectual and crave understanding, ISTPs have a natural way of understanding how things work and would fit well into this faction. Their hair is either practical and natural - such as in a ponytail or cut short, or in loud extravagant styles - such as bright colours or mohawks. ENTPs are very knowledge driven and may feel comfortable in the Erudite faction, where their main goal is to seek wisdom and understanding. Transfer initiates have to jump out of the moving train Dauntless members clothes dress in black. When the training methods were changed after Eric came into power, he decided that at the end of this stage, four of the lowest ranked initiates would be cut and made Factionless. ENFJ are also outgoing and could be considered strong-willed and brave, making Daunltess a likely option for them. Another subest believes in 'fear under control', or boldness, standing up and doing things in spite of fear. uniform with men, & women seen in long skirts, while their everyday In the final stage, the mental, there is only one test. ISTPs are also very in touch with the physical world and can be seen as very daring, making Dauntless a great faction choice for them. If you are Divergent we believe the most likely factions that you would also connect with, are Amity or Candor. Divergent person has ever gotten in an aptitude test is three. The dystopic society of Chicago is ruled by a council of fifty people, composed entirely of representatives from Abnegation, as their faction is the most incorruptible due to their commitment to selflessness. INTPs are very intelligent and knowledge driven. Most members wear glasses no matter how perfect their vision is, to give the appearance of intelligence. Erudite are very intelligent and favor wisdom above all else, they do not appreciate ignorance and believe in being fully educated, making the internal and intelligent INFP a good fit for them. Dauntless was a faction formed by those who blamed cowardice for Known for being confident and... 11 Taurus - Amity. They believe in selfless actions and attaining peace through the elimination of selfishness. The pit is where the Chasm is located; a large underground waterfall that flows into an underground river. On an appointed day every year, 16-year-olds select the faction to which they will devote the rest of their lives after they take a placement test. The ability to tell the truth without being persecuted for it, would make them feel completely comfortable. Four is then forced to execute Eric, a former leader, for his crimes against humanity. The room itself it a large room like cavern. Amity members are happy people, willing to serve, but, unlike Abnegation, do not come face-to-face with those they serve (usually). ISFJs would connect with this way of living, and would enjoy the peaceful and considerate environment. They don't recognize a leader but use Johanna Reyes as their representative. Its doesn't matter who shoots the gun but mostly who's lucky enough. INTJ are very intellectual and do not appreciate willful ignorance. Ultimately YOU decide what faction to join, regardless of what the faction test results are. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The chasm is the source of many suicides and though to jump off of the chasm is idiotic and cowardly, Eric sees the jump as heroic and brave, as shown when Al jumps after Tris refuses to forgive him for trying to throw her into the chasm himself. ESTJ are very strong-willed and sometimes demanding. An old Dauntless derogatory term for the Amity was "Pansy Cake" but it died out since they thought it sounded stupid. Dishonesty makes evil possible, Candor members value honesty, above all else. society. They provide sound leaders in Law. The initiates are ranked together (Dauntless-born and faction transfers together) throughout the process and the higher the rank, the better job options there are. In charge of security, their primary purpose is to guard the fence that surrounds the city. Also, as the people of Abnegation prefer not to show skin, exposing clothes are never worn. I shot for Amity but I don’t think I can be THAT happy. This Image Quiz Will Reveal Your True Hogwarts House And Divergent Faction. Beside this room is an observation room, where the Dauntless leaders can watch the simulation and the other initiates and can see the initiate in the simulation but not the simulation itself. However, the Dauntless leaders at the time of Tris's initiation were mainly aligned with the more extreme 'freedom from fear' subset, which called for more intense training methods. ade and maintained by fans to support the movies, books, and cast in their professional endeavors and to engage with other fans. "Bonus materials: Q&A with Veronica Roth". They dress formally, with suits & ties being standard The lifestyle of the always honest Candor is a perfect fit for the ESTJ. subject of expertise in Erudite. While Erudite and Abnegation  for government control and Candor and Amity fight over peace and deception, Dauntless are seen as the fighters. Candor believe solely in honesty and do not believe in lies, making the expressive ENTP well suited for their faction. Through the years, the Candor faction provided the people with trustworthy and sound leaders in law. How do you feel? Their morally incorruptible quality makes them the only reasonable faction to be able to govern the city as political leaders. The fear landscape simulation is the third stage of the initiate training and as a final test, the initiates are forced to live out all of their fears in a simulation. If you win against a higher ranked initiate, you receive more points and they will lose more points. Capture the flag is also played alongside the Dauntless-born at night and with paintballs. All-black clothes, tattoos, piercings, unnatural hair colours. As an ENFP we find it likely that you will connect with more than just the Amity faction, in this case you may be Divergent. Members of Amity are dressed in red or yellow, though their faction only dictates they wear some amount of the colours. The children of Candor are taught to speak their minds in any situation, making them a good fit for the INTJ as well. ISFJs believe strongly in upholding societal norms, but if they were Divergent we feel Amity would be another house that they connected deeply with. If you are an INFP and find yourself connecting with multiple factions, you may be Divergent. Dishonesty is rampant. Their style of dress is conservative, loose-fitting grey clothing so as not to call attention to themselves. I don’t think Candor is true (I do lie about things sometimes, especially to save myself from trouble) but Erudite works for me. Abnegation believe that selfishness is what harms society and devote themselves completely to serving others. They believe that charm is unnecessary, and politeness is deception in pretty packaging. INFJ are caring and sometimes very selfless. Members generally wear provocative or full black leather clothing (or other black materials), piercings, tattoos and are usually seen freerunning through the ruins of Chicago. They began guarding the fence five years prior. When members pass their physical prime, they are asked to leave in one way or another, either by death or becoming factionless. It is possible that as an ISTP you may find yourself connecting with other factions as well as Candor, this means you may be Divergent. In the Divergent book trilogy and film series, factions are societal divisions that classify citizens based on their aptitudes and values. 2,603 takers. The specialty serum of the Dauntless is the. The faction became instrumental in toppling the Abnegation-controlled government when Erudite made use of a simulation serum they had manufactured to control Dauntless members. The other factions we believe would be good fits for an ESFP are Amity and Candor. anything, ever again because the worst is already in the open. Erudite was formed by those who blamed human ignorance for the faults of But that doesn’t mean you could not be Divergent, as an ESTJ we believe another option for you is Erudite. The rest became factionless. The wrong is past. We believe that peace is hard-won, that sometimes it is necessary to fight for peace.". have a peaceful society free from conflict and sadness caused by wars This is where they get their nickname, Stiffs. The fast-pace of the Dauntless makes sense for the ENTPs desire to be constantly challenged. They greet each Amity is a faction that dislikes war and discord and believes strongly in keeping the peace. As an ENFJ we believe you would be most likely to find yourself connecting with Abnegation, Amity and Dauntless.

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