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Recommended by The Wall Street Journal The first 4 bars use the A chord (I) like: Use the palm of your picking hand to mute the strings. Imagine you’ve learned some words and some grammar too, but you still think in your native language and translate it back. In opposite to Walker’s original, which was played in G, this version is in the key of C, usually played in the 1st pattern, 8th fret. Interviewer: At first the fluid phrasing with small intervals only, adding jazzy bends and major scale notes at the right place. Although this simple background together with the very basic main theme of only two notes doesn’t give much room for improvisation, Spoonful contains a great solo by just using the E minor pentatonic scale. And just play.” Stormy Monday Tab by The Allman Brothers Band with free online tab player. Yeah! At first the intro, listen to it and assign the chord progression. Instead of this the intro is continued to build up even more tension: Now moving to the next root note one octave higher: What’s important? Instead of playing on the two and four, I’m playing on the one and three and thinking, ‘that’s the off beat.’ No wonder people think it’s so good-because it’s wrong!” Cream tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including sunshine of your love, tales of brave ulysses, were going wrong, toad, sweet wine I still love to sit alone in a room and wrap myself up in that music. chords Strange brew ver. He was also among the first who played the guitar behind his neck and between his legs, twisting and dancing. The 7#9 chord is also known as the Hendrix chord (from Purple Haze, G7#9). Back to EC: the 2005 Cream reunion has filled magazines and websites, critics go from “a shadow of the former super group called Cream” to “that’s how a matured super group should play”. Crossroads (“I went to the crossroads, fell down on my knees”) was among the first Blues songs which EC played in a completely new way, mixing it with Johnson’s Traveling Riverside Blues (“I’m goin’ to Rosedale, goin’ take my rider by my side”) , he also sang the lead vocals. Let’s go back into the 60’s to learn a bit more about how to build up a Blues based guitar solo. The eagle flies on Friday, Saturday I go out to play. And this is where we want to take a closer look at – building up a solo architecture like telling a good story instead of the flashy “look how fast I can play”-style. Those two are the volume, this one is for that pickup and that one is for that pickup. Robert Johnson composed (or modified a traditional) this Blues classic and recorded it in 1936. Later versions of Crossroads lack a bit of that fire, they were slowed down to a slow Blues or even reggae style. It’s a bit overplayed, but the following licks around this note are nice, for example this repeating pattern at 5:40: After this summit he goes back to the V (G7) to prepare for the next vocal part. Meanwhile the concert is available on DVD, so it’s possible to extract the audio part or to watch it in a loop, which makes it easier to transcribe. 1. At the end we have a chromatic chord shift, normally leading to the beginning of the vocals. I don’t mean he hasn’t played great, but he hasn’t had to play the demanding role in Cream, where he just can’t stop or take a break ever! Well that happens to everybody but … but you know like … I’ve got the advantage to be able to sort of play that out … on the guitar by being sort of ahm … fairly aggressive in the way I play not the way I use it. The next interesting and often used theme is at 0:29, walking down one octave to the root note E: The solo starts at 2:23. Now – they tried it, but “it didn’t work”, in their own words. The Stormy Monday Blues written 1947 by T-Bone Walker is one of the most popular and most frequently covered Blues ever. There are different ways to play this, but| found this one to be the most accurate (and fun!). 3. I have to kick this to start it (EC really kicks the pedal). Sunday I … Once again there’s no need to learn it note for note, just listen how it’s structured to build up the tension and release it in the end. Clapton: (They Call It) Stormy Monday by Cream - Digital Guitar Tab. – Jack Bruce at the end of the song. Without mastering these two things really good the solo will not sound. Another characteristic of your particular playing is a kind of whining noise usually described as woman tone…, Clapton: The song ends with the repeating pattern from the solo (see above) and the final chord, Gm9 (x8878x). They created an amazing fusion of Blues and hard rock, and some of their most beautyful songs were covers.” You see that EC is playing with the licks, combining and using on different positions of the scale. The song was recorded at London’s Rye Muse Studios and was the second work of Jack Bruce and the poet Pete Brown together and also released as the second single after “Wrapping Paper”. We can’t play a classical Blues solo here, so let’s take a closer look at EC’s work. Clapton seems to be amused and a bit puzzled because of the stupid questions, but he shows some of his trademark lick and riffs on his Gibson SG along with some nice remarks about his playing. C9 They call it stormy Monday, but G7 Tuesday's Am7 just Bm7 as bad A♯7. We'll assume you're ok with this, if not, please leave this site or disable cookies in you browser. G7 C9 G7 Ab7 G7 They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad C9 G7 Am7 Bm7 Bbm7 They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad Am7 Cm7 G7 C9 G7 D5+ Lord and Wednesday's worse, Thursday's oh so sad G7 C9 G7 Ab7 G7 The eagle flies on Friday, Saturday I go out to play C9 G7 Am7 Bm7 Bb7 The eagle flies on Friday, Saturday I go out to play Am7 Cm7 G7 C9 G7 D5+ …

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