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It will keep me nice and toasty warm in the Minnesota winters! It's a 55" long, 100% wool cloak. Starting with one of the straight edges, measure down it to the cut length and mark with a pin. You need to calculate the radius of that circle using Pi. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. Fold and press the bias binding round to the inside and slip stitch in place by hand, overlapping the short edges. Interface your facing pieces with light to medium weight fusible interfacing pressed to the wrong side. Stitch up your own swishy circle cape with this tweed cape tutorial by Portia Lawrie. To calculate the measurement here, measure around your neck to see what would be a comfortable size of neck opening for you. top. Should be okay. Stitch the cape together along these cut edges. Velvet will be more royal looking, wool more rustic, a heavy polyester somewhere in between. It will be worth pinning these seams first and trying your cape on in case you need to alter them slightly for a more pleasing fit and drape to suit you. Avoid stretchy fabrics, or fabrics that are too light, transparent, or wrinkle easily—unless, of course, that is the look you are going for. Red leather buckles can easily be bought online – ours was a bag buckle bought from eBay. The addition of the red leather buckle fastening picks up on the fine red line in the check, adds a subtle pop of colour, modernises the look and prevents it looking too… you know, Sherlocky. Your cloak looks awesome. I'm making a cloak for a cosplay and was hoping to find an easy to use tutorial! What would I go about doing this if I wanted to put a lining on the cape? Place the cape/capelet flat on the floor, outside/capelet up. Press the facing away from garment, then understitch the facing to the seam allowances for a neater edge. (Pictures of us wearing the cloaks: 1, end of the string on this point and have someone hold it there. Put the fabric flat, I was taught years ago to make the hole for the head a little bit forward when making a tunic. Put the chalk at the top left corner and the string along the Place the end on the point you made for As far as texture goes, that is completely up to you. I've been looking for an easy-to-follow pattern for making a 3/4 or full circle cloak. I've been looking for an easy-to-follow pattern for making a 3/4 or full circle cloak. It’s the perfect on-trend cover up. Fold the square in half twice to create a smaller square. For example, if you want your finished neck hole to be 43cm (17in) then that measurement is the circumference of the circle you need to cut. SAVE up to 78% on US shop price and pay in $$! Try 3 issues of Simply Sewing magazine for just £5. You'll need the ruler for this part. the edge. Poke out the corners at the neckline then press everything thoroughly. 2, 3). Turn the facing through to the inside of the cape. With the circle folded in half and all raw edges aligned, remove some of the fullness and add some slope to the shoulders by removing a wedge from the shoulder lines as shown. You'll need the ruler for this part. So many patterns are way too complicated. Cut the string down to 3". Start by cutting a square of fabric, the same length as the full width of the fabric. 60". Place the end on the point you made for the cape and draw a half-circle. Attach the strips at the edges of the neckline. We'll show you how to make your own cape sewing pattern – perfect for practising sewing with wool-weight fabrics. just over 5 feet of string, thread, yarn... You will need 1 Cape, 1 Capelet, and 2 Head panels. Cut strips of fabric to use as ties. I made a cloak using this pattern to be Red (from OUaT) at Fanime in San Jose, CA this year. Place the It's a 55" long, 100% wool cloak. Construction is straightforward and the shape itself is ‘no pattern required’ with just a bit of elementary maths needed (see what I did there? ty for making this, i wanted to buy an attack on titan cloak but now imma make my own :3. If I were to make a cloak like this, what fabric would be best/standard to use? Weight the fabric down and cut through all layers at once. Cut through just one of the folded straight edges from neck edge to bottom to create your cape opening. Draw these shapes as paper patterns and use them to cut your facing pieces from the remainder of your cape fabric. Mark the point the string ends. (You could also use pencil/pen). BLESS YOU! by marking a piece of string and measuring the string with a ruler). This is done in the same way as for the hem, starting from the anchored tape measure in the corner. Draw 2 hood sections. Is it the same for a cloak? OMG thank you SOOOOO much for this! chalk in a circle to draw the capelet. Place the 2 hood panels together with right sides in. Had to make a tutorial for the girl who is making our cloaks for Captivenia, and thought I'd share it with all of you! Wool like this will often need steaming and ‘clapping’ to get a crisp edge. It simply adds one long seam down the center of the back. This entails applying a good amount of steam and then, very quickly whacking the seam really hard with a tailor’s ‘clapper’ (a rolling pin works well for this too!). Cut the string down to 6". Thank you so much for posting this! I was short on time to find material, so I ended up going with an inexpensive crushed red panne as I couldn't find something in a brocade. Would've EASILY cost me $300 online or at the Renaissance Festival, but I snagged the wool on sale and made it for $100 (including the faux fur I'll put on). You are most welcome! Would've EASILY cost me $300 online or at the Renaissance Festival, but I snagged the wool on sale and made it for $100 (including the faux fur I'll put on). Have someone hold down the end of the Place the end This action has the effect of forcing the steam out of the fabric at speed which in turn helps it to stay flat. Perfect to go with my Renaissance outfit. No It will keep me nice and toasty warm in the Minnesota winters! neck overlap. Use a 5mm (¼in) seam allowance throughout. Decide how long you want your cape to be then add 2.5cm (1in) for hemming to calculate the cut length. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Repeat this process for the neck hole. Anchor a tape measure in that corner with a pin. Draw the same line on both sides, then cut along them. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Draw a line sloping from the neck edge to the bottom, making it 1cm (3⁄8in) wide at the top and 6cm (2½in) wide at the hem. Join each of the three facings at the shoulder seams and finish the outside raw edges. I'm glad you found it useful. I just made a 55" long cloak, and it looks beautiful. ).” For more warm and cosy sewing patterns, head to our round up of the best coat sewing patterns. However, I prefer heavier fabrics since they feel legit and give the fabric a nice flow. fabrics). Place the capelet Move the chalk in an half-circle to draw the cape. Open your cut fabric up and you will have a perfect circle with a smaller cut out circle inside and a single straight edge opening. stretch to be longer if pulled on (only a problem with strechy Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. capelet (30" down and 30" right from the top right) and mark it. string on this point. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. Basically just cut doubles of each piece, sew around the edges and flip right-side-out. capelet. Measure from base of your neck to the floor (either with a measuing tape or Cut the string down to 6". That helped a lot actually, thank you very much!! If you Stitch together then clip the curves. Thank you! I finished this in about 3 hours. Using the anchored tape, measure as a kind of pendulum, pivot the tape measure around in an arc and mark out a quarter circle with pins until you reach the other straight edge. We used Edinburgh large check tweed – brown from. i was wondering what you would suggest if I wanted to put sort of a mandarin collar on this instead of A hood? Iron flat and sew down if you want to keep it flat. measured over 65 inches, this pattern will be a bit short for you. sewing is needed but the cloak will be sturdier if sewn. Place the end on the point you made for the capelet and draw a full-circle. I'm going to add faux fur to the hood and front opening, as well. Do you find that it's a little long in front? flat on top of it, outside up so that the edges of the neck overlaps that

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