can lovebirds live in the wild

they're still babies! If you want them to be able to fly safely, you could get them a flight cage. They love to snuggle and will often preen their favorite people. What we do know, obviously, is that the life of a wild lovebird is much tougher than that of a captive one. If you want them to fly, let them out in your house, but I am pretty sure they will die in the wild. Get your answers by asking now. As long as they have enough space and toys to play with, they will be just fine. Since lovebirds can live an average of 10-15 years, it can be difficult to envision the future.

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Let’s start off with wild lovebird lifespan. Birds are social animals and they can come to love being with people.

Lovebirds are colorful parrots not native to this continent. Since they haven't properly socialized with birds, … Provided with adequate space, a stimulating environment, and appropriate nutrition, lovebirds can become cherished companion parrots. i bought two little lovebirds from the pet store cus i thought they'd look so cute in thier little white cage. the biggest the toughest or the smartest or what? Should all animals be free? Here's another thing to consider, your baby birds actually *like* their cage.

Still have questions? They will not know how to hide from raptors, they won't know where to look for food and water, they won't know where it would be safe to sleep at night, or to be on the outlook for raccoons, cats, dogs, or any other critter that would love to eat a tasty colorful little snack. Yes, animals a species over the course of hundreds, thousands, or millions of years. so now i wanna set them free. Another option would be to rehome them to someone who has an aviary, and they can live amongst other birds. Unlike with budgies, for example, the lifespan of wild species of lovebirds has not been studied that thoroughly. With their inclination to bond, lovebirds can form long-term relationships with people as well as other lovebirds. If you no longer want the birds, find a bird sanctuary and donate them there. Domesticated birds have no chance at life in the wild. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. If you let them loose outside, you are basically giving them a death sentence. Depending on where in the world you live, they may not have the ability to live through winter and their migration instinct may be gone. Plus Lovebirds are not native species to the USA so they will not be able to live in the enviornment outside. Because they are domesticated and raised by humans, they will NOT survive in the wild. Unfortunately, if you have kept the bird for a long time without a partner, introducing them to a new one is not easy. Aggression is easily aroused in lovebirds, however, and they may bite unless humans establish a bond with gentle handling. Is it wrong for humans to keep pets? probably not, these birds are bred to live in captivity. and they did but now, a week later, i feel so bad seeing the birds who are meant to fly, being stuck in a cage. I think this would be your best bet so that they birds are safe in your home, but also getting the freedom to fly around. They don't have the necessary skills to hunt and forage for their own food. How long do lovebirds live in the wild? Add to that, they are probably hand fed and domesticated. and dont animals have the instinct to adapt? Give them a chance at a good life. Find them a loving home. Is it ok to pick a rabbit up by the ears. They will not last one day if you "set them free". Baby lovebirds are not going to be able to adapt fast enough to survive in the wild here in the USA. No. Because they are domesticated and raised by humans, they will NOT survive in the wild. You should've done your research before getting any kind of bird. do you think they'll be alright on thier own? They will either die of starvation or fall prey to predators. They will either die of starvation or fall prey to predators. Letting them "free" is extremely cruel. What illegal pet would you love to have as a pet? It's safe. I have 5 rescued parakeets and they live in a huge flight cage so that they can use their wings and have plenty of room to move around.

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