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A short piece of gypsum board adhesively laminated behind the joints between each framing member to reinforce the joint. Sound traveling through the medium of air. Board for the Coordination of Model Codes; part of the Council of American Building Officials Association (CABO). Gambrel: A roof shape characterized by a pair of shallow pitch slopes above a steeply pitched slope on each side of a center ridge. Web section is made from bar or rod stock, and chords are usually fabricated from "T" or angle sections. A building or structure on the same lot as the main or principal building. A relatively permanent point of known location and elevation. When talking to an architect or builder, it can be helpful to know basic terminology and architectural vocabulary you may encounter. Resource consent – A consent issued by a Territorial Authority to use the land in a way that is not a permitted activity under a council or district plan. Palladian: Neo-classical architecture in the style modeled after the Italian architect Andrea Palladio aka Andrea di Pietro Della Gondola. Usually refers to the bolts at the bottom of the columns, wind posts, end wall posts and door posts. Bolts used to anchor structural members to a foundation or other support.

Joists – Parallel beams of timber, concrete or steel for supporting floors or ceilings, etc.

Sash: The part of a window frame that holds the glazing, usually moveable or fixed. Balustrade: A railing composition composed of upper and lower rails, balusters and pedestals. Chimney pot: A decorative terra cotta chimney extension usually placed above a brick or stone chimney. ”. A metallic material composed of two or more chemical elements one of which is a metal. Fenestration: It’s a blanket terms for the design, construction, and presence of any openings in a building. Building Code – The national, mandatory standards for building work. Identified by codes as either "fire wall", "party wall" or "townhouse separation wall.". Bonding agents that set hard when not exposed to oxygen. Frame/framing – The skeletal framework of a building to which roofs, floors and cladding are attached. Parapets – A low protective wall at the edge of a balcony, roof, bridge, or the like A deformed shank nail with improved holding qualities specially designed for use with gypsum board. Warranties – A promise, either written or implied, that the materials and workmanship of a building are without defect or will meet a specified level of performance over a specified period of time. ARH 314 and 315 Terminology: All definitions are reproduced from the required course textbook: Trachtenberg, Marvin and Isabell Hyman, Architecture, From Prehistory to Postmodernity: the Western tradition, 2nd Ed., Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall; New York: H.N. A horizontal angle measured clockwise from North or South.
Pier: A square or rectangular masonry or wood pier which supports a building and carries the weight of it down to the ground. Amendment – Changes to the plans and/or specifications on which the building consent was granted require an amendment to the original consent. Also, polystyrene, perlite and vermiculite particles used in texture finishes. Licensing Building Practitioners (LBPs) – A licensing system for the building industry covering designers and trades.

The certificate confirms that, to the extent an inspection was able to be carried out, the work complies with the Building Code. This includes aspects of siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal. Waterproof/waterproofing – The process of rendering a building element or building totally resistant to the ingress of any moisture. It is often carved or scrolled, and is highly ornamental. Ogee cap: A molding with an S-shaped cross section used on top of a baseboard or other structure. Variation – A change to the approved plans and specifications for a building project, occurring during construction. Subcontractor – A tradesperson hired to do specific work such as roofing, plumbing, wiring or painting.

Heavy, threaded bolt embedded in the foundation to secure sill to foundation wall or bottom plate of exterior wall to concrete floor slab. & Gregg R., Woodley Park, Washington, DC. A curved structure in which the internal stresses are essentially compression. Film-forming ingredient in paint that binds the suspended pigment particles together. Shed roof: A roof with a single slope and rafters spanning from one wall to the other. Motif: A theme or predominant feature of a design. A generic term describing a material that is a mixture of predominantly hydrocarbons in solid or viscous form. arch: a structure spanning an opening that is supported from the sides. Durability – ‘Durability’ is covered by Clause B2 of the Building Code. An underground permeable material through which water flows. Architecture: The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) – A certificate issued by a BCA at the completion of building work, confirming that the building work complies with the building consent. Producer statement – A statement expressing the author’s view that plans, specifications, or completed works comply with the technical requirements to satisfy some or all requirements of the Building Code – A producer statement will usually be issued by a recognised specialist, for example, an engineer, architect or competent contractor.

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