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But, back to Honeywell, I’ve always loved his arsenal. Not to mention the deepest bullpen as well. #Rays Neander said Brent Honeywell's recovery is going "really well" but the club just wanted to go with active players with the 60-man pool. #Rays Pitcher Brent Honeywell underwent a decompression procedure on his right ulnar nerve Wednesday in Los Angeles, performed by Dr. Neal ElAttrache. What else kills literally all characters except the big bad yet calls that a win at the end? I’ll take Buehler, Kershaw, and Price over those three. What does that even mean. But it’s legit. is he still planning on using that with the injuries? His command is excellent (2.0 … To me, Rogue One did the opposite and actually added a little extra flavor. Any time I have a legitimate excuse to binge watch Star Wars one day and bloat myself with an excess of Mexican food and homemade margarita slushies the next, it’s a good week. According to Juan Toribio of (the source of the headline), the Rays will not utilize the young Padawan at the MLB level before seeing him pitch in real-game action at the Triple-A level. What could be the root of the issue, and again, this is all speculation as I nor anyone I spoke to has seen his medicals, is his status as what many refer to as a “W pitcher.” No, this doesn’t mean he’s capable of racking up double-digit wins for your fantasy team, it means something else – although I am not closing the book on him becoming a formidable MLB starter whatsoever. But it’s just a very unique structure for a big budget film. Judging by the look of him, he could use some added cake in the diet. It’s not rocket science to see why, as Honeywell was hurt by a .365 BABIP from opposing hitters, far higher than any mark posted during his Minor League career. Whether and when he could end up on the MLB map is obviously depend upon quite a few preliminary factors. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. is a registered trademark of CBS Interactive Inc. site: fantasynews | arena: mlb | pageType: stories | . Due to a myriad of injuries, including Tommy John surgery and a fractured elbow during his rehab, Honeywell has yet to appear in the majors. Glasnow dominated over a short stretch last year but gothurt so it’s tough to predict what he will do this year. At this point in time, Brent Honeywell was supposed to be a key part of the Tampa Bay Rays rotation. As it stands today, he is the No. And, according to some scouts, the curveball is actually a smidge better than MLB Pipeline thinks, peaking at a 55 grade. However, Toribio notes the Rays will need to see Honeywell prove his health at Triple-A Durham before signing off on a return, and with the possibility the minor-league season is canceled outright, that opportunity may not ever be there this year. It means that during Honeywell’s delivery, his body forms an inverted W prior to releasing the pitch. For now, though, he's a long shot. 70-screwball!? May 8, 2020 at 10:54 am (link). 2) The Mandalorian 68, one spot ahead of Michael Kopech, in his Top 75 Prospects for 2020 Fantasy Baseball. The Itch says: Great old-timey name. Name five others who are better. Even though Honeywell missed all of 2019 due to his elbow injury in June of that season, there was no way he was ever, ever going to go from TJS to the MLB. Kershaw and Price may have good seasons, but they would struggle to be top 3 in the Rays rotation. I’d imagine so; it’s his highest rated pitch (65) in his scouting report. It’s very similar to what we’ve seen from guys such as Mark Prior and Stephen Strasburg: I need to preface this by saying that the “inverted W arm action” theory is by no means an accepted law of pitching mechanics, as many pitching gurus have debated both sides of this concept for years. ESB has always been my number one. Brent Honeywell, a former top prospect in the Rays system, can't catch a break with his right (pitching) arm. Look at his peripherals and you’ll see that by some measures Snell had as good if not better a year in 2019 as he did in 2018. In his 2018 Brent Honeywell outlook post, Grey remarked that Honeywell looked “pretty low energy” in his delivery. He’s a top-75 prospect in the game, no question, and with the potential to contribute in 2020, he should be on everyone’s radar, regardless of format: dynasty, keeper, re-draft, people playing in a league with their mom (guilty as charged), people who play with their seventh and eighth grade social studies teachers (still guilty), maybe even their old Spanish teacher (okay, I should really stop), industry expert leagues (still waiting for an invite, Grey) – really anything you can think of. Either way, he had successful surgery on February 27th of last year, so figure 14 months and he’s back *counting on fingers*  That gets him on the major league mound end of April, if you trust counting a thumb, which is so much more than just a finger, and if Honeywell were to go straight from Tommy John to the majors, which I can’t imagine in any scenario. The sky was the limit, as Honeywell had once been a consensus top 15 prospect in baseball. In his 2018 Brent Honeywell outlook post, Grey remarked that Honeywell looked “pretty low energy” in his delivery. And I love how no one is giving Chirinos and Yarbrough their due. Feels weird to have it fifth. The answer I got was fascinating. Before the season was shut down, Honeywell was already throwing off flat ground as early as January. What fun. If you play in any type of dynasty or open-world league, Honeywell has been part of your prospect vocabulary for probably five-to-six years already. You know it Mr. Mania. Long a lauded talent, Honeywell has been rehabbing for about two years now. 3) The Mandalorian Thats alot of if’s to be throwing out name a better 5 … If German wasnt suspended and if Severino wasn’t hurt and if Deivi pitches as well in MLBs as minors along with if Paxton was healthy and if tanaka pitches like he did 2 years ago and if JA Happ pitched his prime and add Cole… Id take that if a million times if we can use this if stuff.. Plus Yankees pen > rays, And im not close to being a Yankees fan, just a realist. Honeywell (elbow), who was in the midst of a throwing program before spring training was suspended, is still unlikely to make a return at any point during a 2020 season, Juan Toribio of reports. Honeywell hasn't pitched in a meaningful game since 2017 in Triple-A. And that is how this piece went from one of my typical, wide-ranging prospect breakdowns to one focused on a singular arm: Brent Honeywell, the young Jedi Knight, the man who can do things on the hill that no one else can, but has long been struggling with his own inner battle of health and spiritual clarity. 17). I thought that was a mythological offering, right up there with The Force and Earl Grayson’s legendary “stopball” from Maniac Magee. “Rotation is not that good”. To bring us back to the present, Prospect Itch recently ranked Honeywell No. Honeywell won't be ready for the start of Spring Training, and an overall delayed start to his 2020 season seems likely, but he began a basic throwing program in January with no ill effects and could give the … What if all of this is just unsupported speculation on my part? 3:37 pm ET, WATCH: Betts robs Freeman of homer in NLCS Game 7, Dodgers' Seager wins NLCS MVP after monster series, Braves make costly gaffe on bases in Game 7 loss, Arozarena wins ALCS MVP after 4 HRs vs. Astros, Jeter: Marlins pick to up club option on Marte, Marlins part ways with longtime executive Hill. It has been over two years since Brent Honeywell set foot on the mound in a game. Some pitchers are able to do so for 20-plus years before finally seeing it go. Those guys don’t have the high upside of the others, but they are very good pitchers too, especially for 4th and 5th pitchers (and frankly, one of them will lose their spot to McKay by June). There’s a lot I love about Honeywell, but admittedly, this has me worried. The Itch says: Like Grey said, his stuff is that good. Maybe it can only be done in a semi-tangential prequel like this? I had the opportunity to watch Honeywell pitch in person on several occasions at Durham Bulls Athletic Park in 2017 prior to his UCL injury.

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