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Sandworms | The Jokerz (Dee Dee Twins, Chucko & Woof) | George, Ralph and Lizzie | Hexagon (Trigon (TTG) & Trigon (Original)) | League of Shadows (Decoy of Ra's al Ghul) | Two-Face | on Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: An Overlooked Classic – Netflix Review (Day 29), The 100 Greatest Television Episodes of All Time, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: An Overlooked Classic – Netflix Review (Day 29). Not only that, but Valestra's enforcers were later killed off one by one by a new vigilante named the Phantasm. So I'm sending you a fun gift... Now, ain't that a co-inky-dink? Game of Thrones Villains | Kano | If you enjoy these, please, like, share, tell your friends, like the Facebook page (, follow on Twitter @JokerOnTheSofa, and just generally give me a little bump. Reptile | A man named Carl Beaumont didn't pay them back for loaning them and Sal made threats. Jerry | Snow Miser | John Wesley | And now, Mark Hamill's reflected on the film's box office failure and his Joker performance. Full Name We're talking about the old man, and the spawn of his loins just happens to call! The LEGO Movie Villains | Spinel | He narrowly evades capture with the help of Andrea, who admits that she left with her father because he stole from the three mobsters. Plus, the final shot of the Joker laughing as he awaits his death by explosion is amazing, particularly since it’s accompanied by a powerful choir crescendo. He is a mob boss who ruled Gotham City with an iron fist before Bruce Wayne took the mantle of Batman. He’s met in the parking garage by a different figure, the Phantasm (Stacy Keach), who appears to be an embodiment of Death itself. Rodan | Talia al Ghul | Type of Villain Gremlins | Mrs. Cade | She intends to kill all of the mobsters as vengeance for killing her father, something that the Joker apparently did personally when he was still “normal.” Batman, who has also figured out that Andrea is the Phantasm, arrives as the Joker has her on the ropes. Two-Face (Batman vs. TMNT) | Making mob deals. Bane | Pure Ones | Possibly the greatest decision in the movie, though, was including the Joker. Jack Morris | Motaro | Noah the Elder | Thankfully, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is now widely available. Emma Russell | I.M. NygmaTech (Frogmen) | The two grew close, to the point that Bruce even asked her to marry him and thought about abandoning his quest to be a vigilante. League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT), Ubu (Batman vs. TMNT) & Talia al Ghul (Batman vs. TMNT)) | Myrtle Wilson | Master Little | Mr. Mole | Kludd | Batman is wrongly implicated in a series of murders of mob bosses actually done by a new vigilante assassin. Meanwhile, Andrea, who survived, leaves the country on a boat. He is i… Bob Smith | Leopard Seal | Marik Ishtar | (The first pages show us how she and the Joker cheated death in the movie (Batman & Robin Adventures - Annual #1: Shadow of the Phantasm). Neon Gang | The Top 20 Horror Movies Of 2019: Tethered Terrors (Part I). Lestat | Blue Jones | Lethal Weapons Villains | The animation was so dark that they frequently found it cheaper to buy black paper and draw the white parts over it. As the Joker's former boss, Valestra may have been the last person who knew the Joker's real name and identity. Wild Wild West Villains | Yu-Gi-Oh! Lord Henry Blackwood | Riddler | City Councilman Arthur Reeves tells the media that Batman is an irresponsible menace, then attends a party at the mansion of billionaire Bruce Wayne, Batman's alter-ego. Max | Peter Creedy | Max Eckhardt | Alias This film was their attempt to bring that creativity to the big screen and it should have been the Batman movie of the decade. Scut Farkus | Lenny | Orin Scrivello | Occupation Sebastian | Leo | Andrei Sator | | First, because this movie got screwed over and it needs to get all the respect and viewership it can get. Prudence Prufrock | Priya Singh, Shorts At the same time, Andrea Beaumont (Dana “I was Lois Lane” Delaney), one of Bruce’s oldest flames, returns. Hell, Siskel and Ebert missed it. It still holds up as being one of the greatest animated series of all time, and I put one of the episodes on my list of the greatest television episodes of all time. Bruce later discovers a photo linking Andrea’s father to the two dead gangsters and a third mob boss, Sal “The Weezer” Valestra (Abe Vigoda). This meant that they had eight months to make the movie. Vinnie Ricorso | Dusty | Mr. Sylvester | He looks more like. Pokemon Villains | Grover Dill | Reeves jokingly taunts Bruc… Dr. Mann | Andrea Beaumont is the daughter of wealthy businessman Carl Beaumont and his deceased wife, Victoria. However, the action figure of the Phantasm was packaged with the mask off, revealing the character's identity to be Andrea Beaumont, and spoiling the film. Shadow of the Phantasm is the annual issue #1 of Batman & Robin Adventures.It explains the aftermath of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm.. Mama Fratelli | Valestra offered the Joker five million dollars to kill Batman but the Joker was not interested. Robot Chicken Villains | Well, lady, I'm impressed, you're harder to kill than a cockroach on steroids. Lord Business | When Andrea meets him again at Bruce's house, she defeats him in a small sparring session. Cypher | Thrax's Henchmen | Mr. Swackhammer | [the Phantasm goes to Valestra's mansion, but instead finds Valestra dead, along with Joker's surveillance camera and a bomb]Whoops! Murderous Crime Lord. The Best Horror Movies To Stream This Halloween. I’m not getting paid, but I like to get feedback. Tom | Catwoman (Lego) | Two-Face | Carl promises to give the money in 24 hours and Sal agrees, on the condition that if it happens otherwise, he would "have Carl's heart in his hand".

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