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Right now Armory already has. the fun of a project is the key to effective work ... up to a certain point; it's called the age of heroes and effectively it's more fun ... but it works for a while. There will be only one 'target', hence the move to C - only the game logic will be (if you choose so) in Haxe.<----But will the haxe be compiled to js (to be used with Armorcore V8) or cpp with armorcore interfaced with hxcpp GC ? That's quite impressive for a 0.1 release.

Just to clarify - Krom and ArmorCore will not be the same thing (that's why I renamed it from Kromx to make it clearer).

Look at UE - one can develop games almost for all platforms with beautiful (appropriate for hardware) graphics. February 23, 2020 at 4:56 am. Care to point out what was wrong? Epic Games show off the Star Wars demo with a RTX 2080 Ti it ran just fine and that was a year after they show off the demo on a DGX. 47. I say the focus seems geared towards those other targets mostly because libs that used to use hxcpp as a target, like haxebullet, have been changed to support the other ones more with js and webIDL as defaults. Menu Principal Accueil Forums Tutoriels Galeries du BC Forums Tutoriels Galeries du BC Have a question about this project? NME uses Webassembly it does not load or run as fast as WebGL ( see my PolyominoTriangles tetris tests from 2017, in Kha WebGL, WebGL haxe, WebGL Heaps, WebGL OpenFL - NME JSprime equivalent ). With Walmart not carrying most ammo, I’m limited as to where I can find cheap ammo. You will use blender to create the game, and just run the armory plugin. Move low-level parts of Armory (like iron) to C. This is to better take advantage of multi-threading coupled with Graphics5 API. I think that @luboslenco can realize now in retrospect that wanting to rewrite alone the whole Armory game engine as he proposes today, he would end up with decades old technology. Follow their code on GitHub. in the Unity community.

b) To attract more contributors please implement some "best practices" for coding. Will Armory take advantage of armorcore? It's designed with the C/Kinc in mind first + the ability to sidestep GC.

If it's cheap for you, fine, not for me and many others. If zui can only be used on the Krom/Armorcore target it wont be functional for native targets for game UI's. Armory game engine is being built ontop of blender. The only thing right now, is that it is full of bugs, and it feel like whole engine is holding up with duct tape. Thus Armory could get more fun and with ressources with Techstars as it is an acceleration program based on mentoring. ArmorPaint. I am sad that Armory is moving away from Haxe. I just hope this doesn't end up like Unigine, great benchmark with no games. It’s normal that the goal is to keep Armory viable long-term with a modern base ready for upcoming years… but as Armory is here since several years without switching to version 1, I can only ask you the question if, quite frankly, isn't this actually the classic target drift that will again unnecessarily delays first reliable version of Armory, drives up costs/time which you may not have enough to do and can even destroy your project. For instance I presume if Robert stopped working on Krom/Kinc/Kinx then Kha could be maintained and run on another target - same type of argument that users had against Haxe till other devs got involved. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. The other consideration you need more stability, porting Iron to c is only going to divert you from improving current reliability and stability, also it may absorb a lot of your time on complex stuff and not give you as much time for the visual graphics stuff you also love? Tuning changes in 1.6. Judging by the following: has how to make animations guided with NN inputs. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. So, I agree with @RobDangerous and @VicentGJ . The other question that arises is, how will zui fit into this ? Also, Armorcore couldn't be utilised on consoles since the only option would be to use jitless but that would have huge performance costs. Alot of people are using it outside the game space, like interactive real-time walk through of homes, product shots,automotive configuration,even still frame rendering,etc. Anyways, Lubos, I have more advice for you: Get away from that traditional versioning scheme.

Unity Forum. I can't seem to get any online samples of WebGPU working on my mac :(. I looked at Rust briefly once meh, Nim seems more interesting and looks like there may already be start of a Nim target for Haxe, certainly I would suggest using Nim over c if you want more reliable code base, it has good parallel support and speed. With 2020 already in full swing, I would like to outline some plans for Armory architecture in the upcoming year. You signed in with another tab or window.

With Walmart not carrying most ammo, I’m limited as to where … @RobDangerous moving forward with g5 however i guess gles2/webgl will be cut? Feel free to post questions and suggestions about development of Armory here. Nobody ever asks me for version 1.0 because I'm already at version 2020.1. It should be done asap once things settle down but right now it would be too much for me to keep up. Once running smoothly, older graphics APIs will be dropped. You have to understand modern game engines are used for many fields nowdays, look at UE4. I don't suggest to make Raytracing via Vulkan orsmth, I just said it's possible.

Maybe some of them can be solved even before the big migration, so we can finish our games and demos? No you can running real time ray tracing on a single RTX 2080Ti now, which is cheap at 1,200 USD. We want to make actual games with Armory, not just experiment with new shiny features.. and there will be always something new on the horizon, like . There are many books and online material on the topic, but what can I say from my exp: Reading clean code, is like reading a good book and I think is very important for open source projects. That is not cheap for casual gamers. - Manual - Forums. What about projects like zui, It will still stay in Haxe, right? SG Ammo is my favorite. Support for Multiple GPU is also something they want to add in the future. Follow their code on GitHub. UE4 is almost 5-6 years old and it is using up-to-date technologies, I wonder how we could speed up the development. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. In development! LoganD. It's up to Lubos to offer a real value proposition that cannot be dismissed in the next decade... but I don't see it today and I hope to be wrong as he's already achieved something surprising with Armory 3D and ArmorPaint for someone on his own. Thus this needs building a new type of data representation that Kinc and C are not prepared/made for that I suppose too. For specific websites, it depends on the ammo that you’re looking for, as a website that sells ammo may not have that specific one, but here are general websites: r/gundeals and wait.

There are no further details from Armory, Lubos the lead developer, nor Patreon. So bottom line, work on tracers but don't drop low-end lighting. If you have additional ideas which may improve the project further, please bring those up as well. check out the. There are even studios using for animated cartoons(I think Barbie uses UE4). Enlighten is among the best solutions in the world for GI and yet people still keep grasping for magic tricks.

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