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Help keep the podcast alive this season by donating a dollar or what ever you can by clicking the link below, I welcome George Benson to the channel to discuss Chelsea's latest happenings. It's completely voluntary and you have no obligation to donate. Episode 3: Goals, EVERYWHERE! Yannick welcomes back Stamford Chidge of the Chelsea Fancast to the pod! @ChelseaYannick @FootballYannick @MrGeorgeBenson. A superb episode! The boys talk about the Watford win, Eden Hazard, team mentality, Higuain and discuss what is ahead for Chelsea Football Club. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick @MattLevy419. I have an iPhone, but I’m not sure that I can, in good conscience, endorse it. Yan talks about the recent 2-0 loss away to Arsenal and reflects on Sarri's comments as well as the team's current situation! A website threatening to leak nudes of Emma Watson has turned out to be an elaborate anti-nude hoax, but it has turned out not to be any better.

Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea. Rapper Childish Gambino (a.k.a. The boys also discuss players and general Chelsea momentum. @ChelseaYannick, Yannick sets off on his podcast journey talking about his beloved Chelsea FC. Against my better judgment, I am writing about Gamergate. He is also an Everton fan. Yannick on Chelsea - Baku and Beyond ft. Rick Glanvill. But unlike most corporate social media embarrassments, the company actually handled its screwup pretty well. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick  /  @WorldWideChels, Yannick and Louis (from 100% Chelsea) chat about, Twitter: @ChelseaYannick | @ojharbord. Yannick on Chelsea. Episode two. What word would the other producers use to describe you?

Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick welcomes to the podcast Chelsea fan Dan Silver who can often be heard on The Chelsea Fancast and The Chelsea Show on Love Sport Radio. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, After a difficult result to digest from Goodison park, Yannick answers your social media questions.

Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea Bonus: Love Sport Radio - Arsenal Show, A bonus upload for Yannick on Chelsea.

YouTuber Jonathan Mann has written a pretty solid pop song using only the predictive text function on his iPhone. It will probably be fellow producer PJ Vogt. PJ Vogt, With House Republicans revisiting the 2012 Benghazi consulate attacks, we revisit a 2014 segment about one of the attack's victims, Sean Smith, better known online as "Vile Rat.". Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea: World Wide Chels - Higuaín Hazard, Yannick welcomes back Sadik (World Wide Chels) to the podcast. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick talks about Chelsea's victories against MOL VIDI and Southampton, John Terry & Lampard, Eden Hazard & Madrid then looks ahead to Manchester United. Yannick talks about the midweek win in Europe, the draw away against West Ham, looks ahead to the Liverpool games and talks N'golo issues. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, On this international break, Yannick gets into the Ampadu hype, talks Kante and previews the Cardiff game! What would your cable news show be called? He talks about the club's recent happenings, the Community Shield game against Manchester City and the future ahead for Chelsea FC ! Yan covers our 3-0 victory over Arsenal at the bridge, previews the Newcastle game and answers social media questions (with all sorts of chat in between!). Hello one and all. Remember to check out my new football YouTube channel - Football Therapy. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick reviews the gruelling away game at Newcastle, previews the home game against Bournemouth and answers social media questions. Matt is a lifelong Chelsea Fan and radio host who returns to talk all things Chelsea with Yan. Episode 9: The Scouser Hazard, Yannick reviews our recent two games against Liverpool, looks ahead to our games in the Europa League and Premier League and answers your questions! The chaps extensively cover Chelsea's current issues in relation to the players, the coach and the clubs structure. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea. @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea. The chaps discuss the current issues at Chelsea FC and look ahead! Yannick welcomes back Jimmy and Andy from The Attacking Two podcast. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick. actor Donald Glover) claims his rap pseudonym came from a Wu-Tang name generator. He is on twitter here. The chaps reflect on a much needed 5-0 victory over Huddersfield and look ahead to Manchester City while discussing CFC generally. Yes, you can easily cancel or upgrade your pledge at any time. Yan and Louis look back on the win against Brighton and look ahead for Chelsea, the players, the fans and Sarri. Alex Goldberg's 'Byline Podcast' covers anything & everything Chelsea FC related, but also frequently branches out to the Premier League and European Football in general, featuring well known guests from across the entire football world. Alex Goldberg on The Byline Podcast, 3 weeks ago: "If I was to tell you Chelsea have agreed an £85m fee to sign Kai Havertz, £60m up front and it is now about how it's structured, would that be realistic?"
@ChelseaYannick. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick.

For more Chelsea content by Yannick, remember to check out the YouTube channel "Football Therapy". Subscribe to the TLDR podcast here., Yannick welcomes Sadik (World Wide Chels) to the podcast. Yannick looks back at Chelsea's 3-0 victory over Huddersfield Town, previews the upcoming game against Arsenal and answers your questions from social media. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process. He has spoken to the Fulham player in the past on his podcast, so he came on to share his view on the signing. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Just a short episode from your host Yannick. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea Episode 12: Boss Barkely, Yannick talks about Chelsea's emphatic win away at Turf Moor, Frank Lampard, Ross Barkley, looks ahead and answers your questions! Yannick welcomes back recurring guest Joe Tweedie to review the 18/19 season and look to the future for Chelsea Football Club. Alex Goldman, By Episode 15: To Pulisic? Californians Shame Their Neighbors With a New "Drought Shaming" App. In this conversation. Reddit responds to the distribution of celebrity nude photos on its site, but even its response is confusing. I'm delighted to welcome back Jimmy Funnel of WAGNH and The Chelsea Echo to the podcast.

Yesterday, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer announced updates to the way that Facebook conducts research. Twitter: @ChelseaYannick / @AlexGoldberg_, Yannick welcomes Louis Beneventi of 100% Chelsea.

Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick and Younes dig into Chelsea FC's issues and talk about the squad, the youth and the coach. We talk Chelsea, Manchester United and a whole lot more!

2020 © Anchor FM Inc. All rights reserved. A shot clip of Yannick's latest feature on Love Sport Radio. I will be returning for a second season of Yannick on Chelsea, as described in this mini season teaser, I have set up a Patreon to help me fund the continuation of the podcast. 3 minutes ago. Alex Goldman is a producer for On the Media and the co-host/creator of TLDR. to punctuate my rants. We also look ahead to the upcoming games and discuss the Raheem Sterling abuse accusations. @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea - A Sarri state of affairs. A great episode! Talking Chelsea ft. Alex Goldberg (The Byline) Myself and Alex Goldberg go over the win away at Norwich and talk all things Chelsea. Exciting! We talk about the club's difficult situation with Sarri, what we can expect from the club and what we would like from the club. Up The Chels! Yannick goes solo for a special international break episode.

Joining us for this show was special guest Alex Goldberg, who hosts a podcast called The Byline. Great fun this episode. Episode 8: Surely Kante be a problem? Twitter: @ChelseaYannick, Yannick on Chelsea.

SarriBall has arrived! Search "George Benson" on social and YouTube to find him. Callum is a football coach and analyst who has worked with OPTA and on other exciting projects. Episode 5: Popping Cherries, Yannick reviews our 2-0 victory over Bournemouth at home and answers your social media questions! What is your favorite thing about On the Media? You can also listen to the show on Friends Of Fulham. Talking Chelsea ft. Alex Goldberg (The Byline). To hear part two - subscribe to The Attacking Two podcast ( link below ). In spite of our belief that the internet is forever, there are very few primary documents online from the moment of the September 11th attacks. We hear it's pretty cool.

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