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There must be one among the more than 15.400 series. Haig gives Hamilton an order he can’t possibly execute. Agent Hamilton: But Not If It Concerns Your Daughter, "The Making of Kalle Blomkvist: Crime Journalism in Postwar Sweden", "Hamilton går vilse i ett hopplöst manushaveri",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 14:37. The Carl Hamilton who appears in the movies and TV series made between 1989 and 1998 (Stellan Skarsgård, Peter Haber, Stefan Sauk and Peter Stormare) is based on the novels, with minor changes. The police investigation focus on catching those…. Agent Hamilton Astrid investigat Jakob Oftebro, Nina Zanjani, Krister Henriksson, Peter Andersson, Violence, Sexual references and/or sex scenes, Coarse language, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts. Carl Hamilton has just returned to Sweden after many years of secret education in the US when Stockholm is shaken by a series of terrorist attacks. Carl Hamilton has just returned to Sweden after many years of secret education in the US when Stockholm is shaken by a series of terrorist attacks. En anders helpt de community van 286.000 leden je graag. Drama. Astrid investigates Elena's death. 1 - 2. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. Carl Hamilton has been called "Sweden's James Bond", but the plot of Guillou's novels also has a heavy focus on politics and journalism. He also makes a short appearance as a minor character in De som dödar drömmar sover aldrig (2018) and Den andra dödssynden (2019). Film star Vince Chase navigates the vapid terrain of Los Angeles with a close circle of friends and his trusty agent. Because without Ads and/or Premium MySeries can not exist. Air Date: 2020-01-01 Duration: 86 min. Agent Hamilton is een Zweedse thrillerserie van de zender TV4. Hamilton and Sonja head off to her cabin and can finally relax, but a surprise awaits. [9][10], The inspiration for the main character Carl Hamilton was a left wing speaker that Guillou had seen giving a speech during a political manifestation in Stockholm in the late 1960s. Agent Hamilton Mar 4, 2020 SBS On Demand: Season 1: 9. Hamilton returns to Sweden, starting off his homecoming with meeting Sonja. Retired high-ranking Swedish officers are being brutally murdered, and the murderers are leaving traces to a supposed Nazi past. MA15+ Play. Episode 3. The Carl Hamilton who appears in the TV series Hamilton (2020), played by Jakob Oftebro, is a younger version moved to the 2020s, with very little resemblance to the original novels. Gebruikersnaam/wachtwoord komen niet overeen. Hamilton and the Swedish military intelligence are tasked with preventing stolen nuclear warheads from being smuggled out of Russia, resulting in a secret military operation across the Russian border with a very dark and very disturbing mission. The cover story for his additional time in the USA was that Hamilton was studying computers at University of California, San Diego.

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